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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Moar videos ;)

    Well since you asked so nicely :Thumbs Up:

    Going to admit, re-watching some of these has been kind of painful. Commentating while trying to learn a game for the first time is certainly not easy and I can see so many mistakes now. I'm also somewhat frustrated because YouTube is taking over 12 hours to render any videos lately. oh well, here's Exploring Hearthstone #2.

    Exploring Hearthstone Ep.2: Warlock Deck and First Match

    Video Description and Timestamps
    Learn more about Hearthstone:

    • Guldan (Warlock) Vs Garrosh Hellscream (Warrior) (00:40)
    • Exploring the Stormwind Board (CLICK EVERYTHING) (1:15)
    • Yes, I realize I should have attacked with my minions first (05:30)
    • Damage will bleed through armor to health (6:55)
    • Unlock: Corruption (13:27)
    • New Quest: First Blood (13:55)
    • Play Mode (14:08)
    • KageKaze (Warlock) Vs. Lpezz (Warrior) (15:10)
    • Red highlights to see enemy mouse overs (16:42)
    • Turn time limit (19:54)
    • New Quest: The Duelist (26:47)
    • Pack opening! (27:00)
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    I have been playing a bunch and recording as I go, so I'll be uploading my experiences as I unlock the decks. I only just unlocked Tournament mode so I'll look forward to trying it out. For anyone that wants to follow along, I got the first episode out of "Exploring Hearthstone" where I take the Mage deck through its paces and unlock the Warlock deck.

    Here it is for those who want to follow along. I might add that I really love how the title card tuned out, I think it looks sexy. ;)

    Exploring Hearthstone Ep.1: Mage Deck and Guided Deck Creation

    Learn more about Hearthstone:

    • Mega-manning it (1:13)
    • Mage Vs. Warlock (1:55)
    • Mulligan rules - choosing what to replace (2:05)
    • Second player gets one free mana (2:56)
    • You can click on the board and it DOES STUFF?! (4:45)
    • fetchez la vache! (5:32)
    • The chat wheel (6:02)
    • Gaining cards through leveling (15:52)
    • Unlock: Frostbolt (16:05)
    • The collections book (16:35)
    • Guided deck creation (17:09)
    • Card levels at a glance for custom decks (24:45)
    • Mage (Custom) Vs. Warlock (25:35)
    • Freeze on players vs minions (29:00)
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    I finally got an invite to the Hearthstone Beta and decided to record everything as I tried the game for the very first time. I haven't seen any footage of the game nor really read anything about it, kind of wanting to keep it a surprise. I'm happy I did, the experience was quite fun. What I have recorded for you here is the very start of the game, 6 matches that are the Tutorial part of the game. If you're interested in how it works or maybe want to hear what I think about the game and how it feels, please have a look. Feedback always welcome.

    Video Description and Timestamps:

    Learn more about Hearthstone:

    • Replacement for that other WoW card game (1:00)
    • My personal history with CCG (1:20)
    • Blizzard's knack for a good feeling User Interface (2:36)
    • Jaina Proudmoore Vs Hogger (3:20)
    • Easy to understand tooltips (4:14)
    • Visual indicators for basic gameplay mechanics (4:57)
    • Attacks can bypass creatures - Direct Player Damage (6:19)
    • Mana gain per turn and casting spells (6:53)
    • Damage on creatures maintained between turns (9:00)
    • Direct damage spell cards (10:00)
    • Spell effects when casting (10:18)
    • Arcane Intellect unlocked (11:33)
    • Jaina Proudmoore vs Millhouse Manastorm (11:56)
    • Hand limitation of 10 cards (14:17)
    • Novice Engineer unlocked (18:24)
    • Jaina Proudmoore vs Lorewalker Cho (18:34)
    • Game history tab (19:29)
    • Wolfrider unlocked (29:03)
    • Jaina Proudmoore Vs King Mukla (29:21)
    • Easy to see cards that can be cast (29:51)
    • Some Monkey Business (30:03)
    • Charge mechanic (31:03)
    • Abilities getting locked down by class (33:16)
    • Taunt mechanics (34:24)
    • Polymorph unlocked (38:02)
    • Jaina Proudmoore Vs Hemet Nesingwary (38:18)
    • Coin Toss - First Turn or Extra Card (38:38)
    • Hero Powers - Once per Turn abilities (39:38)
    • Polymorph removing card effects (42:46)
    • Direct Damage spells not affected by Taunt (45:37)
    • Creatures summoning other creatures (46:23)
    • Reckless Rocketeer unlocked (48:20)
    • Jaina Proudmoore vs Illidan Stormrage (48:36)
    • Player armaments (49:49)
    • Army eradication! (56:25)
    • Arcane Missiles unlocked (56:56)
    • New Heroes unlocked in Practice mode (57:09)
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    Quote from Ducha

    oooo HD!

    Okay, it's REALLY in HD this time, for reals (tested and verified and if it isn't I give up <_< ). In my effort and haste to save the thread before I had to leave I forgot to update the YouTube URL. Sorry Folks!

    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Just so you know, it was flagged by our "antispam" measure for some reason, and automatically hidden/deleted. I will bring it back, but you can just keep using this one as well.

    Also, great work, man - keep it up (was listening all this while I browsed the forums :D awesome background commentary). Can't wait to see your content on RoS.

    Well that's odd, but certainly explains things. The old thread was somewhat cluttered with with beta videos so keeping this one up to date might be better, but I do thank you for bringing back the old thread from the dead.

    Glad you liked it, I'm really looking forward into digging into RoS if I can get into any beta they might have for it. I'm not sure how lucky I'll be since everyone around me is getting Hearthstone beta invites and I'm still in the dark. hehe

    Quote from Elendiro

    aaaw yiss, love your videos man! :D

    Thank you very much, Cheers! :cheers:
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    Notice: This post has been reviewed and granted approval by Daemaro.
    Notice: I will post my latest releases as replies into this thread as usual.

    Post Updated 12/15/13

    For those who don't know me, I am KageKaze. I create guides and tutorials on YouTube for several games and even have a newer "Diablo Digest" podcast for D3. I take a look at the current news for Diablo and try to break it down into into easily digestible bits and throw in my own thoughts about what current changes to the game mean for not only us, but for Diablo and Blizzard as well. Aside from that I do Analytical Playthroughs (okay so it's just a glorified Let's Play) on games and betas
    UPDATE: I would like to say while I love Diablofans, this new forum editor is really weird and it took me a lot of time to get this to look nice :P

    It's official, I hate the new post editor.. please see the latest reply to the thread for the latest videos for Diablo 3's PTR.
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    Couple suggestions. First, it would be a good idea to post a write up of some sort, at least some kind of synopsis about what you're video is about. This is helpful for those of us who are reading from places where videos are blocked and it also helps pepole to determine if it's something they want to watch or not.

    Second is you really don't explain the build you just kind of show it off. you say "no life steal" but your health goes up. I'm assuming life on kill, but you don't outright state what your build is about. I happened to be watching your video from my cell pone since I'm at work and it's hard to read in game text, that's partly where the confusion lies.

    So unless I'm oversimplifying things, the answer to the topic seems to be "yes" but you need a good amount of DPS and/or life to make something like this work.
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    I'll admit I'm confused as to this Torment difficutly idea. I'm keen on them just going back to "Normal, Nightmare, Hell" like the previous games and just making Hell the new inferno. I suspect they're concerned that this might confuse people if they removed inferno outright so they want to keep it and merge nightmare/hell. On top of that, there's so many references to inferno and how it works that it'd be much more work finding all the strings that reference Inferno and suddenly change it to Hell.

    Knowing blizzard this is also a marketing thing to keep from having to say "the revamped hell" so they can instead say "all new difficutly mode" even though it's just a rework. Speculation speculation. Blizzcon would have to be a month away...
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    Quote from miles_dryden

    I've seen others on this site make the following counter-argument, and I happen to agree with it: why do we need an incentive to play ladder? Shouldn't the ladder itself be the incentive? In D2 the ladder was kind of pointless since everyone who took it seriously hit level 99 in the first week and then it was pretty much locked in for the next several months. But with Paragon being unlimited, the race will continue the entire season. The drive to beating everyone else and staying at the top should be enough of a reason to keep playing ladder for those who are interested in it.

    Certainly this is fine if that's what people want, I just don't think a majority of D3 players are going to care about the race. It'll probably just be between the most hardcore of players. Not that there's really a problem with that, it's just not something I would care about if that's all it is. If I want to make a new character for fun I'd do it regardless of a ladder being in place.

    If Blizzard does feel the need to add some incentive, then I really hope they don't use D2's method of having the 'best' gear be ladder exclusive. This kind of thing goes beyond encouragement and makes people feel like playing the ladder is required, even if they aren't interested in the race. Sure, you COULD play non-ladder and be just fine, but knowing that you'll never get the best gear in the game is a bit of a downer and being forced to start from scratch just to have that opportunity is really frustrating.

    Agreed, This is the opposite end of the spectrum and a cause for concern. So we basically have two extremes here. On one side a ladder with no incentive to play it outside of a personal goal.. on the other side a ladder with incentives that make it feel mandetory. They'd have to find something in the middle to get people to want to play but not feel cheated if they still played their characters off the ladder.

    The exception to the above would be if the ladder-only items actually starting dropping in non-ladder after the season is over. Then they add a new wave of exclusive items to the next season, while people who play non-ladder now have some new items to hunt for. Essentially, the best gear is available to everyone, but non-ladder players have to wait longer for it than ladder plays, which I think would be acceptable.

    An alternative would be ladder-exclusive content that is purely cosmetic or 'just for fun'. It would add a bit of prestige for the people who play ladder, but wouldn't make people feel like they have to start over every season just to keep up with the gear.

    That's not a bad idea. It gives them cause to keep creating new items and keep adding them to ladders. Once the season ends everyone gets a chance. The only issue that might cuase is of course the new items would have to be interesting and it might not be easy to keep making new items. If the seasons were long enough they would probably have enough of a lag time to do it, though.

    The cosmetic or 'non-essential' reward idea is also a good place to go with it. I could see that working.

    The problem that I see with the current paragon system in that regard is that letting you choose exactly which attribute you want to upgrade each level is kind of pointless since there are really only 2 choices: your primary stat or vitality. And even then, pretty much everyone is going to pick their primary stat since that provides dps as well as a small boost to defense. The other categories have more interesting choices depending on what kind of build you want to do or whether you favor utility over efficiency.

    I think a better system would be to keep the current pattern for boosting attributes each level (3-2-1-1 for Primary-Vitality-Secondary-Secondary) and ALSO give you a point to put in one of the other categories of your choice.

    Yes the other stats are more intersting and thankfully they take a long time to cap so they're not overpowering. I think the reason they are tying it into base stats is because they want to make the paragon level unlimited. A +1 to a primary stat (or even a +5) after a long grind won't terribly offset things and it still keeps the skill choices interesting. I just don't think keeping things like crit or movement speed without a cap working well, it would just end up with the same problem we have now, people will maximize that stat and it kills the balance of skills again.
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    Quote from maka

    Yo. I'm still listening to it, but came here to say that you're right about that Travis Day ladder 'announcement'. I guess it just got lost within the myriad of information that's coming our way via datamining.

    Yeah, strange isn't it? I saw it on Diablofans' main page as I was researching RoS and was surprised it just showed up as a blue post overview.

    Now on to the discussion piece!

    Also, I disagree with you when you say that there really isn't any difference between the D2 and D3 levelling experiences when it comes to the order in which you got your skills. Sure, you couldn't pick Frozen Orb at level 1, but you could pick Fire Bold OR you could pick Charged Bolt OR you could pick Ice Bolt (or Frozen Armor or Warmth). So you have a point that it wasn't a free-for-all of skill choices, but at level 2 you had your pick from 5 different skills. I believe that's MUCH better than what you get in D3: Ray of Frost or......Ray of Frost.

    Certainly you could choose the order that you unlocked skills as you went, but if you had a build in mind you typically would pick the same skills if you were to rebuild. You'd ignore the stuff you didn't want so most D2 players would either save their points or only buff the skills that would buff the final ability they were going for. It wouldn't be uncommon at level 4 to not spend a point so you could put 2 separate points into abilities at level 5. So instead of a choice you're doing nothing and waiting.

    On top of that, there would be a few levels in between that the only thing to do was to pump a skill point into a skill to make it hit harder. No additional affects no special procs, just slightly more damage. I think I would rather take D3's method of giving me 5 skills for 3 slots (with all those skills being useful) and having to decide how to build even if they are the same skills than having to sit on points or put them into the same skills I already have.

    Now to be fair, this argument is a bit different than what I originally stated above and had in the video, but these were some of the problems I had with the tree. Sure there are skills you probably won't use in D3 as you level so they feel useless but nearly every one of those skills has some use or reason.

    To further play devil's advocate to my own argument, I really did like the way Torchlight 2 did things compared to D2. you had 3 skills to choose from at level 1 compared to Diablo 2's approximate 5 (based on class, sure) and each skill could be bumped to do a little more damage, but if you put in 5 points (or a tier) then you might unlock a proc or additional effect. I don't think TL2's added effects were near as varied or cool as D3's but it was something that you could look forward to by investing into the skill. They also made sure you didn't have to do that since skills also were based on weapon damage so you weren't gimping yourself (too much) by buying all the skills if you so desired.

    I think it shows that a skill tree with the right modifications could be good, but I also think D3's method is just as good. We're basically trading builds from point expenditure to limited slots. It's one of the reasons I like talking about this subject: There's no one obvious way to do it right. I think that's also my way of saying thanks for always having interesting counterpoints, Sir. :)
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    Greetings and salutations once again Ladies, Gentlemen, and fellow Diablo Fans.

    I'm back with a new Diablo Digest video podcast this time focusing on Paragon 2.0 and all the details of the system since it seems to be a hot topic. For those who have been following the news it's nothing new, but I have seen a lot of questions regarding it and wanted to get as much information into one place as I could. This includes the information regarding how Ladders will work with Paragon 2.0.

    Worry not for there's more and plenty of discussion and some hot topics to cover, so let's begin with a synopsis for those who cannot watch at present.

    With Paragon 2.0 we've been given some information by Travis Day how Ladders would work with the new system. This little bit of news seems to have been glossed over by many as if it was only natural, but this is the first time it's been mentioned with specifics. This leads to something that concerns me about Ladders, is Blizzard going to do it right?

    Ladders are a great way to get people to start over again and replay, but Ladders usually have some kind of system in place that entice people to play it. What made Diablo 2's ladder work so well wasn't just the race to the top it was the Ladder-specific items that you could find along the way. Things you couldn't find if your character wasn't part of the active season. A good example of this is what Path of Exile has been doing, they've been making challenge ladders that add new gameplay elements and surprises. It could be about anything, but there really needs to be something unique to that ladder to get a majority of people to want to play it or it's just a character reset just for the sake of resetting.. which I guess works for some people since there are player who like the "Prestige" thing in other games. I'm hoping Blizzard keeps these things in mind when they crate Ladders again.

    Paragon 2.0 is going to introduce allocateable skill points into the game again. Of course this is only for high level characters, but I half wonder if there's even a point to it. The next topic is about Attribute Points and Skill Trees. A lot of people like to claim they disliked the removal of both of these elements and it looks like Blizzard is at least willing to acquiesce to Attribute points for Paragon. I'm not really sure this is needed, really the benefit of these points isn't going to amount to much by end game when you unlock it. The secondary stats are pretty minimal (crit, crit damage, etc) unless you have maximum paragon points into them (Paragon level 800). However, I don't think they could have made these points be more than they are because then it would be too strong, especially for hardcore characters who thrive on the razor's edge of life and death. Skill points have been done well before, I like to use Torchlight 2 as an example just because they put a few different gameplay mechanics on some of the stats, they also made it so gear unlocks by level not just by what stats you had, which was a failing in my eyes for Diablo 2.

    The video goes into my thoughts on skill trees and points a bit further. For the sake of discussion here I'll just say that I don't believe the argument that having skills unlocked by level rather than by a skill tree offers much of a difference in gameplay choice. I've seen it argued that if you start a new character then its always the same skill progression, but if you had a skill tree, wouldn't it still be the same progression? You can't unlock high tier abilities until you go through the low tier. I submit to you that the Skill Tree of Diablo 2 just provided the illusion of choice when leveling. The final product might be different, but that doesn't change the leveling (or ladder) experience as you go.

    Lastly I talk about game difficulty, but I'm out of time to type for now. I'll edit and post a response with this subject when I get to work because I love you guys. <3 Edit below

    Lastly, there's discussion about difficulty. Specifically I wanted to get into the statements made by Wyatt Cheng and how the rapidly bobbing health bar is a bad thing. I'm in full agreement with Wyatt's statements, the idea of being Near Death or losing health and having to be careful doesn't really seem to exist when you get to the end game. While leveling it seems to okay (unless you turn on MP) you have moments when you can run around with 50% or so health and feel like you'll be okay as long as you're careful. The higer the "difficulty" gets the higher your chances of just dying outright. I'd love to see health matter. If health matters we can start to see mechanics where you can stay a low life and get some kind of benefit until you heal up. I think there's even a legendary affix blizz is working on where you will crit when you're low HP. This kind of thing won't work with the way the current life generation and instant death mechanics work. Good play should be rewarded, but making mistakes shouldn't be such a Razor's edge that makes you die at the slightest error. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what changes they have in store for monster damage values now that we've seen soem datamined HP regen values go down.

    Whew that's a lot.. it was an hour long podcast.. hopefully it doesn't scare everyone off. Thoughts? Feedback? Tickets to see the Blue Man Group? (aww you shouldn't have)... oh just have at it, you know I love to lurk and read comments ;)

    Click the button for Timestamps and Major Topics covered
    Video Recorded Sept 26 2013

    Interview with Wyatt and Travis:

    For Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls news:

    Topics that are included in this broadcast:
    • Paragon 2.0:
      • More data-mining from Reaper of Souls (00:50)
      • The original reason for Paragon Levels (1:40)
      • Converting Paragon to an Account wide reward (2:18)
      • No level capping for Paragon 2.0 (3:07)
      • Paragon split between Normal and Hardcore (3:20)
      • Removal of current Paragon Level benefits (3:40)
      • How Paragon Points split into categories (4:00)
      • Limits (caps) to non-core stats through Paragon (5:20)
      • A look at some of the upper limits (6:20)
      • New data-mined stat caps for Reaper of Souls (7:55)
      • Paragon to add to caps or to open up gear slots? (9:40)
      • Paragon Points distributed per character (11:40)
      • What will happen to existing Paragon (12:35)
      • You can respec your Paragon Points (13:32)
      • No Paragon lost for HC character death (14:04)
      • You cannot gain more XP by playing a Paragon 100 character (15:45)
    • Ladders:
      • Ladders coming to Diablo 3 with Reaper of Souls? (16:20)
      • Low Paragon 2.0 will work with Ladder Seasons (18:50)
      • Why Ladders work so well in Diablo 2 (20:50)
      • The Path of Exile Ladder example (21:20)
    • Stats and Skill Trees:
      • Stat points and character "customization" (24:50)
      • The problem with Diablo 2's stat points (25:40)
      • The problem with adding Stat Points to Diablo 3 (26:30)
      • Illusionary choices with Stats and Trees (27:47)
      • Better stats: The Torchlight 2 example (28:42)
      • Another alternative: The Path of Exile example (30:15)
      • How Skill Trees can go wrong (30:40)
      • Travis Day on Diablo Skill Trees (31:40)
      • Individual skill points not compelling (35:10)
      • Something to look forward to each level (38:10)
      • Do skill trees really change skill progression? (38:55)
    • Difficulty:
      • Wyatt Cheng on the rapidly changing Health (41:20)
      • The difficulty wall of old Inferno (43:10)
      • Wyatt's second point on Health issues (44:05)
      • The rationalization of Glass Cannon as a popular build (44:47)
      • Finishing Wyatt's post (45:28)
      • Combat flow and tactics with rapid healing abilities (47:50)
      • Whirlwind Barbarian one of the showcases of the flawed difficulty (50:00)
      • Changes coming to Life Steal and Life Regeneration (52:30)
      • Excitement about changes, but maintaining some skepticism (54:10)
    If you missed the previous Diablo Digest you can find the major discussion posts here:
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0 and Trading
    Quote from elvy

    I get the distinct feeling that jwylie311 is trolling/baiting.

    Funny I feel the same, but I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt... and I'm bored while I edit my next episode of Diablo Digest so it's something to do :)
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    Quote from jwylie311

    Put a "subject to change" clause and it's all on the buyer. Then after that, don't make ridiculous changes, try to keep the game constant enough and not make poor decisions that need to be dramatically remedied. Don't make big ass mistakes, Blizzard.

    Subject to change doesn't provide 100% protection nor does it prevent people from thinking you tricked them. It's merely a cover your ass clause that can be overturned with the right argument and evidence.

    Because it's a good spec, they should bring other specs in line over time. How does that affect the AH? We are talking about it relating to the AH.

    The downfall seems to be buying these very specialized items, and I think that's a risk that people need to be responsible for.

    Of course it relates to the AH. The WW barb build doesn't work without the right type of gear (trust me I tried). How do you suspect everyone got that gear? You seem to think that talking about popular specs doesn't include the AH. ANYTHING you discuss about builds, especially if that build needs a lot of one type of stat can be brought back to the AH.
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0 and Trading
    Alright, let's talk about "their own fault" since that seems to be a point you're sticking with. People buy gear with money, blizzard changes the skills that would make that item useful. Person gets mad and claims that Blizzard pulled a Bait and Switch on them. This brings buyer's remorse and the player might try to seek action against blizzard. Would they win? probably not, but let's assume this happens en mass..

    Players feel jilted by Blizzard now those players are very angry and are out money. Do you think they will continue to play the game? Do you think Blizzard, legal action or no, would ever want to make their players feel like they had just taken their money and ran? It's about image and making the customers feel welcome and that they want you to play. To just screw over millions of paying customers wouldn't be conducive to that.

    I just want to go ahead and say I personally don't care if the AH stays, I don't use it, but I recognize that it washes Blizzard's hands of having to deal with people feeling remorseful about a purchase. Blizzard themselves have admitted to how often the AH comes into discussion when they make any changes when it comes to skills and builds and I'm honestly glad it won't anymore. If it frees up Blizzard to make really cool changes for the health of the game, then so be it.
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0 and Trading
    Quote from jwylie311

    I don't think it's the norm to completely drop everything you've been working on and change spec /build / class when a patch augments a playstyle.

    I am a witch doctor player for the most part, and I have little interest in the other classes. If witch doctors become the weakest overall class, I wont simply reroll and I have very rarely heard of people rerolling in similar situations COUNTLESs times. I think a few people DO reroll, but not majority.

    This could be rerolling classes, item builds, strategies. People like to maintain what they are familiar with it it's at all possible.

    A lot of high end players tend to gravitate to the path of least resistance. We're talking Min-Maxers here. If you think people don't change classes or specs just because another spec becomes dominate then I don't think you remember WoW very well.

    In World of Warcraft, people would change specs all the time just to get a 1% better theoretical DPS. If a patch nerfed a spec, most raiders jumped ship and moved to another. Yes not everyone did it, but it happened enough.

    If Blizz put out a patch that made one very specific set of gear or one specific class super over powered, do you think that a bunch of people wouldn't scramble to play that spec and class? Hell why do you think there's so many whirlwind barbs out there?
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0 and Trading
    Quote from jwylie311

    The point is, without an in game auction house, Blizzard does not endorse it and doesn't have to balance the game around it.

    I still don't see any examples of game-changing occurrences that related to the AH whatsoever. If a self-found person abused attack speed when it was overpowered, they got nerfed too. If someone spent money on a clearly imbalanced mechanic, that's their problem. They DID nerf attack speed, so they are clearly willing to do it, they just want to direct the anger of people who abuse broken mechanics to another place.

    I mean, tell me a change they couldn't do because it would upset AH users too much.

    If they don't like the idea of meddling with things that people spent real currency on, then they should remove the RMAH, not the normal AH.

    Critical Mass and One With Everything are two very prominent abilities that haven't been touched because people have bought gear to make them work to ridiculous levels. These passives are amazing when geared correctly and thanks to the AH it's easy to gear them right, but it can pigeonhole the players into needing only specific gear which means finding interesting upgrades is very difficult.

    They've spent months telling us how they want to fix OWE but they haven't been able to because they acknowledge that it would be unfair to everyone that spent their cash into it. Ever since IAS Blizzard has been gun shy about changing loot affixes because they dont' ever want someone to buy something and feel like Blizzard just pulled a "Bait and Switch" on them. You haven't seen any examples of game changing occurrences because they aren't making those decisions due to the AH.

    Yes a self found person could have found the right setup and gotten lucky, but a self found person didn't spend hard earned cash. Truth is, a self found person probably wouldn't have bothered with OWE (at least to the degree it was used) because it needs such very specific gear that it wouldn't be thinkable unless you got very lucky.
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