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    posted a message on Players quitting after 1.0.3
    Most people i know -- not a big number by any means (around ten) -- stopped playing D3 pre- and after the patch. I barely play myself anymore.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 | Hardcore MotherFucker
    From :28 to :40 .. i hope it was just your basic day-to-day video corruption and not something you put in PERSONALLY ( because if thats the case you need a good smackabeetch )

    Otherwise, good job.

    PS: Should probably still put a warning for peeps w/ epilepsy as suggested above
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    posted a message on I love the fact that WD is the least played
    There is nothing "powerful" about WD -- a bunch of half-assed skills with runes and a broken resource system.
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    posted a message on Athene got hacked? (LOL if not trolling)
    Give it a day or two, his army of drones will donate their gold to him; he will do a cast, make even more $$$ and life will go on.

    PS: Some babies with AIDS in Africa will be fed w/ his charity work.
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    posted a message on this company took advantage of error 37 lol...
    XXXL .. out of stock.

    Must be a lot of fatasses playin' D3.
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    posted a message on I cant wait til they nerf it abit to make it easy
    Cleared all Heroic Dungeons in the first few weeks when WoW Cataclysm went live, got server first lvl 85 with the rest (not all) of my guildies.

    Nothing was impossible. It required a brain and knowledge of your class -- something most of WoWs playerbase are now lacking due to being spoon fed for too long and riding with training wheels for extended periods of time.

    PS: When the eventual nerfs will come, they will not be drastic; i wouldnt get your hopes up for getting Inferno on "easy farm" status anytime soon and hopefully never as you wouldnt want endgame to be on "farm" mode.
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    posted a message on D3 HC Etiquette
    This only applies to D3 HC Multiplayer gameplay.

    If you ever come out of a bubble and decide to play D3 HC Multiplayer you need to know and preferably follow this list if you wish to keep your character alive and make a couple of friends along the way to your eventual death; if you cannot come to terms with the fact that your HC character will one day perish -- go ahead and roll a SC character instead, it will save us from another useless rage topic here or on BNets D3 forums.


    General Exploring :

    1. Do not go off on your own journey -- you are in a game with other players specifically to quest/kill together; you will most likely encounter a champion pack along the way which you will not be able to handle by yourself. You will then proceed to backpedal to your team who may or may not already be fighting a group of mobs or ANOTHER champion pack -- in the worst case scenario everyone will die, in the best case scenario hopefully you will perish before you can backpedal this train to your team. Let a melee characters lead, if there is none ask who feels comfortable being a leader of your group -- COMMUNICATE.

    2. Enter dungeons together -- if you find a random dungeon make sure the area around it is clear and no one is occupied with a mob before entering it; some dungeons are notorious for spawning a champion pack right near the entrance which is very easy to pull once you take a few steps in. Always enter together, if you happen to train a champion pack back to the entrance and exit before anyone entered make sure to announce it as that dungeon is no longer worth the risk of exploring.

    3. Do not click on Shrines unless your whole team is near it -- everybody wants the benefits of a Shrine no matter what it is. You do not deserve its buff all to yourself if you are in a game with other players, if its out of the way announce its discovery and wait for everyone to arrive before activating it.

    4. Do NOT start any SPECIAL events (this includes BOSS fights) unless everyone is prepared -- your team may need a minute to setup. It could be DH laying down traps or ranged classes moving into more favorable positions no matter the reason everyone must be ready.

    5. If you need to go AFK, sell items, go to town, etc. make sure to say so in party chat so that the group can stop and wait for you or go to town themselves.

    Champion Packs :

    1. Focus Fire -- if you notice a champ low on health focus your offensive skills on it provided its safe to do so.

    2. Kite -- use slows when necessary but do not kite away from your group if at all possible unless there is no other option, if such situation presents itself kite ONLY in the direction you have previously cleared or came from, minimize the chances of pulling extra mobs in the fight.

    3. Do not run over Health Globes mindlessly -- if you are at full health and the Health Globe is out of your way do not run over it specifically just to pick it up unless you see one of your teammates low on HP.

    4. Use your COOLDOWNS -- skills with a (long) cooldown where balanced around being used only at specific moments due to their strengths, a perfect time to use one or two is definitely during a difficult encounter with a Champion Pack (+BOSS).

    5. Do NOT abandon your team -- dont hang in the back providing no damage or help simply because youre scared to get closer; if such style of gameplay is to your liking play in a closed to public game and let your mercenary be your damage sponge.

    Party Chat :

    1. If someone is new and/or asks a question and you know the answer do D3 HC community a favor and respond -- you may save a life.

    2. If you find an item with good stats and plan to sell it on AH, link it in Party Chat with a price -- you may already have a buyer next to you. Do not forget 15% AH cut, do not be greedy.

    Treasure Goblin :

    This little guy deserves an essay, but to put it nice and short -- DO NOT CHASE AFTER HIM BLINDLY. You can somewhat control its pathing by getting infront of it, for example a Wizzard or DH can do it in relative safety to make it turn around or go in a different direction. In the end, your toons and your teammates lives are more important than a dead Treasure Goblin, if it keeps running away and its health is not dropping it will teleport away regardless if you catch up to it or not.


    Thats all there is to without getting too specific, the rest will come naturally with time. Be a good teammate and have fun playing with others.
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    posted a message on The endgame in Diablo 3 is pathetic, and disapointing
    Torchlight 2 awaits you.
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    posted a message on Character Deleted!
    He should go buy a lottery ticket if he managed not to get hacked -- yet.
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    posted a message on What's the point in playing HC?
    As soon as i unlocked HC I deleted that character; I will not taint my account with one ever again!
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    posted a message on Alt F4, TPs, Exits, etc
    D2 HC was more like Soft-HC.

    Mostly scrubs died in it, or rather .. those who did not abuse certain in-game mechanics and exploits mentioned above.

    So, who was the bigger scrub in the end?
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    posted a message on Wings!
    Hmm am I the only one who bought the CE for the Diablo skull/Soulstone for the sole reason to be able to put it "somewhere" and act possessed

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    posted a message on How Many People Will Die From Marathoning When Diablo 3 Goes Live?
    It will only take a blood clot to put you permanently in D3's Real Life Graveyard.

    Being in the army <insert w/e else> and being active for long periods of time w/o sleep is not the same as sitting in a chair for 24+ hrs, drinking energy drinks and snacking on junk while staring at a PC screen.
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    posted a message on World first 60/inferno clear
    Their pursuit is trivial and not even worth watching, unless theyre streaming WF HC Inferno clear.
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    posted a message on Save and exit???
    Sounds to me like you want to tailor Hardcore to your views .. which more or less match that of a Softcore player; why do you need all these outs? Seems to me you just want a couple of crutches in case the one youre limping on breaks.

    And as for all this glorious has-been talk about D2HC "PVP" .. i must have missed it, because "PVP" games that were specifically created and called PVP<insert random word> were filled with people running Chicken at 20% HP or bridge hugging SOBs. The other side of "PVP" was TPPK for the longest time.

    D2HC had no PVP -- glorified ganking of hapless noobs is more like it.

    D3 will have none of that rubbish nor will it be added later on; Blizzard will not make a mistake like that again.
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