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    Quote from Zlurk

    I am curious as well. What's the topic of discussion? o.O is it that you can't place your skills wherever you want as easily? :(

    You can. Elective Mode. Though I won't lie, the UI for elective mode is pretty poorly done.

    It's probably because everyone had convinced themselves runes were going to operate a certain way, while Blizzard was saying "not done yet", and now everyone is mad it didn't happen the way they wanted.

    Personally, I think the rune system is good. I'd rather get runes through natural progression rather than random drops. There's enough randomness as it is.
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    posted a message on is it just me or this is getting more like bad joke?
    Quote from LordRayken
    Like... It sounds like they fucking have an expected launch date with that attitude! What's going on at Blizzard.

    I'm not sure why people seem to think that Blizzard just comes up with a release date at the last minute, or that think if they have one, they need to immediately tell everyone. Blizzard isn't Walmart, the customer isn't always right here.

    Of course they have an expected launch date (though, it probably resembles more of a launch "window"). I'm sure Blizzard has had *several* meetings in regards to when they're going to launch.
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    posted a message on Swtor a disapointment D3 Heeeeelp!
    Quote from ManlyBeard

    The voice acting and zones looked cool. The combat is smooth for a WOW clone. But just from watching him play reminds me of how antisocial MMO's have become - for fuck's sake, they have green phased sections of zones that are basically solo dungeons. I saw him running past players and no one was interacting with each other. He did die and get rezzed by a player named Inuyasha. (Lol)

    The problem is you are preceiving them as "dungeons" or as something that needs to be compared to say, WoW. They are story areas used to segregate class stories while maintaining a streamlined feel with the zone itself. There was nothing hard about them, nor was there supposed to be. And you could invite people into them, if you wanted to.

    And let's be realistic, when you play MMO's do you interact with everyone you run past? If you find MMO's to be becoming "anti-social", that's your own doing :) They're as social as you want them to be.

    That said, don't get me wrong. SWToR was a steaming pile of trash.
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    People need to stop just reading and assuming what they want to believe.

    There's absolutely nothing indicating he was "let go", that he left because of "delays", or that he was even remotely unhappy. Maybe he was given a better offer somewhere else? Maybe his wife has a career and got relocated? Maybe he's tired of game production, and wants to produce something else? Maybe he just didn't like his job? Maybe he had an affair with a co-worker, and got the fuck out? :P I know everyone here assumes working for Blizzard would be all smiles and rainbows, but I doubt it really is, especially as a producer. I can't imagine the stress and pressure that some of these people need to deal with. And for what? An ungrateful community that does nothing but tear their meaningless Twitter posts apart, and form their own baseless conclusions like displayed here? If it was something controversial, Blizzard wouldn't have allowed a potential PR disaster to unfold over Twitter.

    Senior positions are based on experience, not necessarily the time he spent with the company. Who here is even certain he was involved in D3 from the start? You can enter a company as a "Senior".

    I could go on, but my point ultimately comes down to this. Stop with the conspiracy theories. A guy left a company for reasons unknown, with nothing indicating they were negative (or positive). I'm sure thousands of people in America a day, quit their jobs. Nothing to be surprised about.

    I'm not trying to be offensive, nor am I "mad bro", but how some peoples heads work just baffles me beyond belief.

    It seems to me there may have been a conflict in the workplace, and he was asked to leave, with dignity.

    Case in point. Based on what? Your overzealousness and impatience for a game that you want to come out sooner than later?

    Fact is, not *everyone* at Blizzard is as interested in the games they develop as you are. Not everyone cares so much, that they would quit their job because of the direction a project is going. People leave jobs. Oh my.
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    posted a message on Any news from Game Rating Board in South Korea?
    Quote from Harison07

    Korea GRB finally gave a rating today!


    Korean-speaking guy confirmed its true:
    I speak fluent Korean, and yes, it has passed.
    The folks in the comment section of that article is going NUTS, understandable.

    No RMAH for Korea though, them's the breaks I guess.
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    posted a message on Development Article Soon, What's NOT Delaying the Game, Zarhym on "The Big Meeting"
    Quote from Greenjoke

    apparently nothing is delaying d3 release. it's magically happening with no explanation.

    Don't be thick. He was referring specifically to the Korea "theory".

    The game isn't done. Simple as that. Get over it. etc.
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    posted a message on South Korea bans late night gaming for under 16 year olds.
    Quote from Veggie50

    If those 10-11 year olds are staying up till 2 am, I believe this law may make some sense.

    Kids are punished enough as a result of bad parenting, this "law" just compounds it further.

    This of course is ignoring the obvious difference in culture. I'm not condoning 11 year olds walking around at 3am, but it's ultimately a result of the parents.
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    posted a message on Firebats Skill Runed, Beta Key Contests, Leveling Curve, Interview with Leonard, and Book of Cain Drawings
    Quote from Johnnyxp64

    you are joking right? what is here to be confirmed?

    this is a print layout machine that print books, and there is no dought this is NOT a "fake" picture!

    whats the point of waiting on confirmation?


    I work in promotions, as a graphic artist and print designer. I have access to machines that could easily replicate this using standard pieces of art found all over in the internet and a handful of minutes using Photoshop, some of them even in an acceptable resolution for such a print job (though, it would be unneeded for something like this)

    So I wouldn't be so quick to assume that someone with too much time on their hands wants to stir the pot a little.

    so wrong dude SO wrong.

    true and real diablo players know their lore well and then play the game!
    i always read the manual stories to get in motion and then hit the play button!

    It's not wrong. We live in an age of instant gratification and self entitlement. You'd be surprised how few people actually care "deeply" about lore, compared to how many want to "LOG ON AND GET LOOTZ LOL"
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    posted a message on Torchlight II cover art revealed
    Quote from bleakparta

    Would you believe that @ Runic Games Forum some people were offended by the cleavage shown on the cover? The magic word "sexistic" was mentioned a couple of times. Jesus... What's wrong with people? Who doesn't like a pair of nice-sized boobs? It's beyond me.

    Sexuality in America is perceived much differently than it is in Europe.
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    Quote from GhostLoad
    Just to make it clear, marijuana doesn't actually help glaucoma at all, it just relieves (temporarily) some of the pressure in the skull. Why smoke weed to not solve your medical issue when you can take medication prescribed my a doctor to actually do your eyes some good?

    Here's a great example of the ignorance surrounding pot.

    You know prescription drugs also don't help glaucoma at all, right? Both pot and prescription drugs are nothing more than a temporary treatment, so what's your point? Because prescription drugs are so depended on, and socially accepted that it's okay to be ignorant about it?

    You should do some research on prescription drugs sometime, or watch TV and listen to the 3 minute commercial on <insert prescription drug> where 2:45 of the commercial is listing the side effects and issues that can be caused by them. Let alone the slowly progression organ damage (mostly, stomach) that can occur by using prescription drugs too much (appropriate point to make for an ailment like glaucoma where you'll be taking them for the rest of your life).

    Then do some research on pot and come back and tell me which is better for your body.

    Simply put, prescription drugs are more harmful than most controlled substances, *especially* pot. But everyone turns a blind eye towards that fact, because unlike controlled substances, you've been convinced that they're good. Some of them can be helpful of course, but in this example I'd much rather smoke a few joints to temporarily ease glaucoma than take prescription drugs for the exact same effect. Pots effects are also immediate, unlike a pill.

    This is assuming that you aren't abusing the hell out of it. Pot is smoke. It creates tar and residue inside your lungs, much like a cigarette (albeit, contains significantly less toxins). It's not like pot is "healthy for you", but moderation is key like anything.

    Let's just go ahead and legalize everything and let the fucktards do hardcore drugs & kill themselves. Darwinism at it's finest.

    What a dumb comment. Why would anyone legalize everything? At least pretend like you're not a narrowminded fool without a shred of common sense in this discussion.

    Go do some research on any country where pot is de-criminalized to the point of social acceptance (I say that, because there isn't a single country where it is truly, fully "legal". No, not even Netherlands), and compare drug crimes, abuse and related deaths per capita... you'll quickly see that most, of not all nations have significantly less problems with these than countries where it's outright banned.
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    Quote from DragonJunkie

    dont like the smaller avatars :(

    I do. Hopefully next up are obnoxiously large signatures (no offense lol)

    Site looks good, though I'm not sure if the color scheme works quite as well as mmo-champs does (since the layouts are very similar).
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    posted a message on Making 60k a year can i afford this car..?
    Quote from Moxx

    Why would you spend money like that on a fucking car? It's value is cut in half the moment you turn the key. Absolute waste.

    Exaggerate much.
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    posted a message on SteelSeries Diablo III themed Headset now available
    Quote from Frozenkex

    if anyone here is looking for sound quality rather than good looks, you should think about something from sennheiser or beyerdynamic ^^.

    I paid $350 for my Sennheisers about a year ago... and I'll never go back to anything else. These things are incredible. Only thing I would prefer, is the cable didn't have a volume/mute control on it. Just adds 2 more contact points that can twist and wear away, for something I don't use.
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    posted a message on Poll: Would you change your sex for 5 million dollars?
    Quote from venom1stas

    Imagine your first menstrial period on your change. You gona shit yourself so much and wish you never ever done that.
    No I wouldnt do it, if the question was to start life as a new person of opposite sex + 5$ million maybe its worth a thnk. But getting a replacement body would freak me out too much

    I don't think you understand how sex changes work. You don't get a working female reproduction system which you would need to have a menstrual cycle.
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    posted a message on Oblivion about exp. A serious concern.
    Quote from Eggtchup

    Didn't they say that it would be harder to reach level 60 in Diablo 3 than it was to reach level 99 in Diablo 2?

    Pretty sure the exact opposite has been implied. Blizzard has said they expect people to be level 60 by the time they finish Hell (assuming typical play). If not 60, you'll get the rest while you farm Hell to prepare for Inferno. This idea may have stemmed from the community, due to the fact that 99 wasn't entirely time consuming given the various "cheesy" ways to level up incredibly fast (cow level, rushes, etc) in D2. They've hinted that rushing won't be as effective in D3 (and I believe beta testers also confirm that carrying a level 1 with a level 13 results in a significant exp loss, but I could be wrong).

    60 will be mandatory to even begin Inferno. And Blizzard will want as many people getting 60, and at the very least attempting Inferno due to the fact that the majority of RMAH transactions will occur there (and believe me, Blizzard will cater to their bottom line, before appeasing the masochists that think Hell/Inferno is just for them). That doesn't mean Inferno will be a cakewalk, but they aren't going to put a seemingly endless wall up to get there like 99 was.

    Simply put, there's no way Blizzard would make 60 more difficult or annoying as getting 99 in D2 when the final difficulty, and their cash cow depends on people being 60.
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