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    posted a message on BIS Amulet stats in 2.1
    Pretty straight forward actually (IMHO) for most "great but not world best" eq loadouts 750 stat is probably somewhere around 6-8% of your total main stat

    10% CC is usually around 1/5th (20%)

    100% CHD is around 1/4th (25%)

    Elemental is probably 20-25% of your Elemental bonus

    and the sockets will grant unique abilities which are build changing and can probably never be done without again....

    About the only thing mainstat has going for it in the background is the additional defensive capabilities but it represents an even tinier fraction of either Armor or All Resist.

    The poll that REALLY needs to be answered is how much would you give up for a new eq slot that could take those sweet sweet legendary gems....
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    posted a message on Hc character delete in 2.1?
    Well - I'm sure they'll be playable, but I'm equally sure that if I had a HC character that I valued I wouldnt be playing it for at least a week after 2.1 hits the live servers. All kinds of nasty "we're not sure why you're one-shotting yourself with that skill..." type bugs tend to find their way in to the "final" build.

    Playing a HC char on patch day is tantamount to character suicide.
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    posted a message on How to make Death's Breath Useful
    I made a post 3 months back or so - I feel the same way about DB's - there are things about them that I really think make them a useful "currency" to be spent in the game: You must find them yourself, they can only be acquired by playing the game, being in the zone and actually (for the most part) participating. Sure there are a few ways you could limp along behind someone clearing for you on higher T levels but by and large getting significant numbers of them is a simple as playing.

    I've probably got almost 2500 stored of them in my play time - I'm sure there are many people who have multiples of that number. Seems to me they should be used for something.
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    posted a message on New AFK Farming Spot 300mil+exp/hr and Legendaries
    Quote from Galedorn

    almost certain nobody is getting banned for this, its not really an exploit its more like clever use of game mechanics, it will be fixed as the other afk methods before and the afk'ers will find something new and blizz will fix that, and the dance continues and anyone getting butthurt over people using it get over it they are only cheating themselves its a singleplayer game with a coop element nothing anyone else does has a bearing on your playing of the game
    I couldnt disagree more - every time they "fix" one of these things it hurts the people who actually play the game - which is EXACTLY why we have white mobs that arent worth any xp, dont drop anything and are completely useless objects - there to be "killed" only if theyre actually in your way from running from point A to point B or you need 100 of them to complete a bounty.

    The game is not being patched in a vacuum where they only "fix" the code for those exploiting bugs. Every change they make ultimately affects every player and we've already been shown that the fixes typically remove something from those playing the game.
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    posted a message on New Paragon discussion.
    Quote from Jamoose

    I got a total of 148 paragon levels but it sucks because it's 72, 47, 13, 8, 4...

    So yeah my account wide paragon should be like 80 i guess?

    I'm going to believe the first 100 will "cost" less experience than a p100 costs right now - even if it was straight up the same and only gets more expensive from there you'll probably be in the 80 to 85 range. The 13, 8 and 4 probably dont total that much xp but the 47 is some decent xp.
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    posted a message on Game is so short.. Why?
    Quote from Ronninrogue

    finished it in 5 hours without rushing, doing side exploration & looting barrels ect

    No... no you didnt.
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    posted a message on Playing D2 recently....
    So I've managed to make myself a 85 softcore sorc for mf runs since the ladder reset and I've noticed some things I am HAPPY will (most likely) not be in D3:

    1)Trash mobs that die, emit a poison cloud that your follower basically MUST walk in to which poisons you for the next 5 minutes - this of course happens 5000 times in one area.

    2) Curses which last almost as long, making you (or your merc) practically 100% likely to die to the next archer group you run across which basically necessitates a trip to town - for the ONLY way to get rid of it.

    3) Ninja looters on boss runs

    4) Duriel

    5) Hauling valuble stuff back to town to insure I have enough cash to res my merc... who just wandered off and got himself poisoned,cursed and killed.

    6)Being worried that I might ruin my build with a misplaced skill point or stat (the limited respecs ARE very nice though - too bad it took them a decade to get them into the game)
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    posted a message on Aesthetic only items
    Quote from Verity

    Quote from Fizpez

    Things like this used to be cool "for the fans" kind of enhancements, given away for nothing more than shits and giggles by developers - now.... ugh.

    If you've ever played the flash game "Upgrade This" you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that some developers would like to monitize EVERYTHING about the game - want a prettier working interface? 20 cents please. How about the ability to save? We can add that for just 2 dollars more.... better sound? A new texture pack? How about some additional gameplay? New voice overs? cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching....

    Day zero DLC's and the bug ridden crap that often gets launched show how little some (not all) developers actually feel about getting it right and providing value with the launch - they've been dialing in exactly what we will pay for and how much for decades now - it has ALWAYS been pushed toward shorter single player games, multiple DLC's and fewer "free" post-launch goodies. About the only thing that haven't been able to successfully charge for is patches - but don;t think they wouldnt love that as well.

    That's the thing though with Blizzard. They don't do that stuff. Yeeeees they have expansion packs and yeeees they have some microtransaction-ish things like pets and mounts for WoW but seriously, that is purely aesthetic. You do not gain anything gameplay-wise for buying them.

    In addition they constantly give away free pets for anniversaries and other events.

    I personally don't mind it and yea, we'll probably see them in some way and shape for Diablo 3.

    Yeah I wasn't targeting Blizzard in general or really at all - however the pressures of the business community are relentless - better rates of returns have lead to some very short sighted, "get the quarterly numbers up NOW so I can get my bonus" thinking. A company that only has a net profit marging of 3% is branded a failure and closed/sold because, hey why take 3% when you could go for 10 or 12% - never mind the company made money, employed people and offered something of value to the world - 3% just isnt good enough.

    When "rate of return" is the only measure by which anything is judged we end up with the things we are already stating to see from business.... its sad.
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    posted a message on Tom's Hardware
    Just a link on their Blizzcon play impressions - no vid.

    Tom's pVp
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    posted a message on An interesting idea to fix skill swapping
    A) They don't WANT you to have all the skills at once, they've said so a dozen or more times.
    B) They're balancing the game against characters with some nominally limited set of skills.
    C) If its possible to switch on the fly it becomes macro/bot-able.

    They want you to be able to try new builds (ala respec but easier) but NOT be able to use all skills at all times or even even on an encounter by encounter basis. In short going back to town is a pretty painless way to do this. I'm actually surprised that they havent made the skill swap cost gold - it would make a good gold sink for the game.
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