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    console will never have season sorry kids get a job and buy a PC :) and learn the real way to game :)

    Sorry kids PC will never have a fully customizable RPG that is only limited by your imagination. :D SO BUY SOME DICE AND BRING THE MOUNTAIN DEW .... its time for D&D! :D
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    I decided to start as a wizard this season and use the DMO set to farm up a bit. I like the play style but I was wondering if it could still push this season? I haven't got to put much time into him yet but here is my character Xander. Not sure how I can tweak my build, survivability at first seems low but picks up quickly and I feel almost invincible (on T6) highest rift I've been in is 47 I think and my damage seems lacking. Not sure if I need to got for Compass Rose, Traveler's, and COE. Or if I should go for Focus, Restraint, HFA. I'll lose the DR while moving but I'll get the Damage increase nearly permanently. Any suggestions?

    Also: I'm not a fan of the Energy Twister build cause I believe the corner trick is a little cheesy, although at times taking more skill than I have.

    (Picking up Pieces of Firebirds, and Tal Rashas on the way. Just in Case ^_^)

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    So am I the only one to read this and ask himself, "Why is this post numbered?"?

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