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    posted a message on Movement speed is amazing!
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    try 34% its even better hehe, u really start to feel fast with another 12% on it

    That's an illusion. MS is capped at 25% from gear :)

    It's not an illusion. MS is capped at 25% from gear not form skill . You do get 34% movement speed increase . That's also the reason WW barbar run extremely fast
    You just repeated exactly what he said, but with more words.
    No, he didn't. seenUzehr implied that you couldn't go over 25% increased movement speed (hence the "illusion" part), which is clearly not true.

    He clearly said it's capped at 25% from gear, which is true. Reading comprehension folks.
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    posted a message on Public Test Realm Patch 1.0.5 Notes for 9/27
    Wow, big change. Sell those legendaries while you can and hold off on buying any for awhile.
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    posted a message on Loot is still breaking this game
    Quote from Kit

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    OP, I agree with you. I remember reading something on an old addon for WoW that would allow you to see what loot was going to drop when you went into an instance, so you could just reset the instance until you figured out what you wanted. Further study showed that differing the Party Leader in a group provided blatantly skewed loot rolls for each person. Something like that, I haven't played in years.

    Everything in this paragraph is incorrect.

    There were addons that showed the drop tables for instances: in WoW, each boss only had a small loot table with maybe half a dozen items that were unique to that boss. This information was always available on sites like thottbot and later wowhead and Curse's own wowdb, the addons merely made the information available to you in game without alt-tabbing.

    There was certainly never any addon which circumvented the random number generator and told you what drops were going to drop before they dropped. And you certainly couldn't "reset the instance until you figured out what you wanted" - it just told you that if you wanted this particular sword you needed to kill boss X in instance Y, and that if you did, he had a 17% chance (or whatever) of dropping it.

    As for "further study showed that differing the Party Leader in a group provided blatantly skewed loot rolls for each person" - absolutely not. Simply did not happen.

    You're 85% right, and 15% wrong.

    During Burning crusade, you could use atlas loot to link items that hadnt dropped on the server before - and if they were linkable, that meant they were in that raid ID. This is why once sunwell came out, atlas loot would warn you that linking an item the server hasnt seen could disconnect you (because the "exploit" had been fixed).

    This was WIDELY and VERY PUBLICLY exploited by server first guilds. The average (or even majority of) players would gain no benefit out of this - since by the time they attempted content, the loot would already have been on the server.

    You not hearing about it, doesn't mean it didnt happen. It did. A simple google search can show you the same results - which is something you should always do, before telling people they're dead wrong.

    Hehe, this is absurd. I bet you still believe it was possible to hijack session IDs in D3.

    I'm not going to say the op and others are wrong as rng affects everyone differently. But to say that the vast majority of players agree with that stance is disingenuous at best. It's nothing more than an overreaction that dilutes the point. There's no need to make things up to try and push your viewpoint.

    I'm also enjoying those that still compare D3 to D2. D2 was a lackluster game on it's way to a quick death before changes were made and the expansion released. It's pretty easy to spot those that played D2 from launch and those that came along later. D3 is FAR far better now than D2 was four months in.
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    posted a message on Upcoming Change to Trail of Cinders and Patch 1.0.5, +x% Elemental Damage Mechanic, Diablo III Web APIs, Inferno Booster Pack C
    Quote from Tybudd

    Bullshit, how you gonna try to say that it was a bug, the damn patch notes noted 1500%, that's not a damn bug, maybe a mistake, or maybe they didn't realize that the majority of DH's would take advantage of this, but don't call it a damn bug!!!!!

    I normally don't get mad but that's a damn slap in the face!!

    Read the entire post and THEN reply.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 was created as a marketing tool for World of Warcraft
    Quote from LordRayken

    I will not respond to anyone making troll claims about conspiracy keanu or conspiracy theory or x-files. You are being purposefully ignorant of a gaming company that delivered a horrible game.

    The business world is not conspiracy and anyone can see Diablo 3 was created as a secondary product behind World of Warcraft.

    To anyone who claims the WoW annual pass was put into place to get people interested in a game with a much smaller fanbase;
    The annual pass gained them 1 million Diablo 3 players. It sold 6 million copies (with a large part of that number refunded quickly after launch). It's quite clear the Annual Pass was created as a way to pad subscription numbers by utilizing Diablo 3.

    There is no conspiracy here. Financial success does not mean game success.

    A little math:

    Around a year of 2 and a half million subscriptions to WoW will garner Blizzard more money than all of the sales of Diablo 3.

    Yay for tinfoil hat claims. Heavy on a drama but light on common sense and facts. Quality entertainment!
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    posted a message on Developer Blog - 1.0.4 Systems Preview
    Quote from Novalith

    Quote from Roger

    But nerfing monsters and buffing skills/items/MF will just make the game too easy, isn't it?
    IMHO, I think striking the sweep spot of easy vs hard is almost impossible, as it varies from person to person.

    True, there's going to be a wide skill variance in any game. Ultimately not everyone is going to be happy so they'll try to make as many people happy as they can, as that'll bring in the most cash.
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    posted a message on Developer Blog - 1.0.4 Systems Preview
    Quote from Ruppgu

    I somewhat understand the whole "omg they're making the game too easy" group but I think you guys need to get some perspective on the issue.

    Hehe, perspective on what? The fact that the game isn't really that hard (save for a nasty champion pack)?

    When you are properly geared in Inferno, the champion packs HAVE TOO MUCH HEALTH. It takes forever to kill packs in Act 3 before you outgear it. Once you hit a point of gear, Inferno SHOULD be easy. Your character SHOULD feel like a god. That's what made D2 fun (for me at least). D3 was pretty lame because even when you got better gear, you'd kill stuff faster but you wouldn't feel very powerful. I think the HP nerf will help quite a bit with this. Do you really expect the game to remain difficulty after you have end game gear? What does that mean to people that are trying to progress with normal gear?

    Then just fix the champion packs. It doesn't take awesome gear to make Act 1-4 of Inferno trivial with any class. With great gear, which is still easy to get, you DO feel like a god in Inferno.

    Simply reducing the HP won't make the game that much easier for people that aren't overgearing the content. Stop crying.

    Oh the drama...
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    posted a message on Developer Blog - 1.0.4 Systems Preview
    Quote from dizzum

    LoL @ people saying "it's so easy as it is!"

    Try saying that without the 200mil worth of gear you bought from the AH.

    I was lucky enough to find a pair of boots that I got 8mil for. I spread that wealth to boost up the three 60's I have.
    I'm still struggling in A3 inferno, and have to continue to farm A2.

    Maybe you get lucky on your drops, but I've found -3- legendaries since release, all of them low level.
    I don't play the AH to flip items and max out on gold or anything, so the most I'll have on average is around 1 mil.

    Sure makes the game a hell of a lot tougher :P

    So I take it you've missed the hundreds of videos showing people beating the game despite spending only 1 million gold on gear?
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    posted a message on Developer Blog - 1.0.4 Systems Preview
    Quite disappointed in the changes. There were certainly some things that could use improvements, but nothing they changed needed to be changed. It's nothing more than a nerf patch for the vocal minority that didn't want to put the time in (or just didn't have the skill) to beat the game.

    Prior to release, it was great to hear them proclaim the game would be terribly difficult, but I think everyone knew this was coming. Especially after seeing so many people whine about how hard it was.

    I'm still hoping they have some better ideas coming down to improve game-play. If not, these nerfs will push even more people away from the game.
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    posted a message on WD: do you think we will be dissapointed with 1.0.4?
    Quote from Vomica

    do you think we will be dissapointed with the class changes comming soon™.

    will the mana as a resource really be fixed?

    Mana as a resource is fine.

    will vision quest be balanced?

    Vision Quest is fine

    will our useless passives be fixed?

    Our passives are quite useful

    will our pets be viable?

    Pets are viable....to a point. It would be nice for them to live a bit longer in Inferno but I'd be fine if they didn't change them.
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    posted a message on Bossing like a boss - 380kdps fastest inferno wd boss kills
    Quote from Kblavkalash

    Now your dps is nice, but your build would fail in farming and you know that ;) Your mana is over after several bears, it's just enough time to kill bosses in that time lol.

    Funny. I run the same build, less resistances, less damage, less mana yet have no issues farming in any part of Inferno with Bears. Plenty of folks can say the same. Just because YOU can't do it doesn't mean it isn't possible.
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    posted a message on 150K DPS WD ACT 3 INFERNO STREAM
    Quote from Kblavkalash

    look at his gear, it's pure damage gear, nothing else. He won't be able to use just bats/bears because he has not enough mana regen also he can't use just bears because he has 0 resistances.

    You don't need mana regen or any resistances on gear to use bears/bats, especially with that much damage.
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    posted a message on What I think would fix the WD the most
    Quote from hemlockrogue

    Frankly the class is a mess, which is a shame because potentially it should be the most fun class to play.

    The class is fine.
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    posted a message on Witch Doctor LoH Firebomb bug
    Quote from italofoca

    D3 mechanic is so inconsistent and buggy. Why does LoH work with this bomb, rain of toads and energy twist but doesn't work with GotD and Acid Cloud ? It's all bugged and arbitrary, some skills are meant to be used and others doesn't.

    LoH works just fine with Acid Cloud. That's usually the primary attack in a LoH build.
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    posted a message on Diablo Hack Causes over $10,000 worth of damages
    Quote from coolstorybroz

    Quote from bidmal

    Lol, any1 still believes in those tales about hacking AH?

    Hex editing client files has worked since launch. You just have to know where to look, which is what has been exposed lately. How do you think there were stores of hundreds of mils of gold being available from third party sites less than a few days after launch? Hint: it wasn't bots.

    No it actually was bots. They were around in beta as well as on release day.

    All of these hex editing and session spoofing reports are complete bull. All we have are people lying trying to get page hits on their site like the op. If such a thing did exist Blizzard would have shut the servers down by now, which is what they did in Asia. Or we'd see at least one small piece of proof.

    People, it's time to stop believing in the absurd and use some common sense.
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