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    Quote from Kallizk

    If you are serious i do not mean to offend, but it's: "Did he die?" or "has he died?"
    and keep the videos simple but fast paced.

    Or are you using the catchphrase "Did He Died?" which is a catchphrase generally posted by people attempting to troll in the comment sections of youtube videos depicting physical injuries or accidents, such as fail videos. Although the expression had its beginning as a troll-bait containing a grammatical error, it has been increasingly used in comments without any context, regardless of whether there’s a reason to even question if anyone might have died in the video, if that's is the case, fail trolling.

    I just like the way it sounds and for those that have watched my videos/stream it's how I normally talk :P

    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Welcome back, Prozaic mate :) looking forward to seeing those awesome guides of yours yet again.

    For starters I think you could make a patch analysis. You are great at finding out whether a skill is viable or not, and we've had some recent changes to a couple skills that might allow for some different builds (Disintegrate, Rapid Fire, Firebats). Guides about those would be awesome.

    I would also love to hear your thoughts on coop-focused skills. How much efficiency do they add to the party? How high is the coordination requirement for it to work properly (Cyclone compared to Exploding Palm, for instance)? Which skills should be swapped out for those (for instance, taking out Serenity for the Monks as survivability isn't as big of a issue in a party)?

    Also, I'm probably going to start playing D3 regularly again in the next week, so let me know if you need help with anything (coop build testing, funny clips where your ally does dumb things :P).

    I've got something in the works for the patch, probably the same as my 1.0.7 update but with focus on the bolded skills.

    Quote from ruksak

    You got crohn's disease because you didn't stack resists high enough, noob!

    Maybe I should have used them potions after all :*(
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    This is a rather unconventional post that is intended to explain in one way or another that I. . . iz. . . back!

    Kind of. . .

    Some of you might recognize me, but to refresh the memories of those that don't this is my channel and these are some of my guides. Long story short, I stopped posting videos abruptly after promising many more guides which is why I'm making this thread.

    Before I get to the point, an explanation is warranted on where I've been. If you followed my streaming, you probably know I stopped when I was diagnosed with Crohn's. I needed to shift my content to a platform that allowed for a more flexible use of time (YouTube) so that I didn't stream for hours each night. My Crohn's is rather mild, but it periodically makes me tired to the point that it wouldn't be fair to my viewers (or myself). So I adjusted my diet (fruits and veggies galore!), brushed up my video editing skills and moved to YouTube!

    Around my second guide I went in for a (now regular) blood test to "wrap up" my diagnosis before committing to a treatment plan. They were looking at my liver, specifically, to ensure it was healthy enough to tolerate various potential prescriptions. Lo and behold, my enzyme levels were elevated. There are a number of reasons this could be, but two ERCP's and many weeks later (I wouldn't stay under the first time) I was diagnosed with PSC. At that point I needed a break from everything to sort out how this would affect my life and what I needed to do going forward.

    For those who didn't click the links (or did and don't even. . .) Crohn's causes inflammation in my colon (large intestines) that can trigger a "flare" wherein I experience fatique and symptoms similar to your typical food intolerance. If poorly managed this inflammation can spread and lead to surgery/cancer. PSC is basically the same thing but in my liver where my bile ducts are inflammed. PSC is currently considered untreatable outside of a transplant when my liver (inevitably) fails. Put them together and I need to eat much more than your average bear to even hope to maintain my present weight as my body has trouble breaking down and absorbing food.

    I've come to terms with my situation and am adequately prepared to manage my symptoms thanks to an incredibly early diagnosis. Basically, I'll be periodically shoving tubes down my throat and up my butt to make sure my organs aren't trying to mutiny. . . joy. . . I was going to return to making guides before 1.0.8 hit, but my computer caught fire one night when I was (luckily) there to catch it. I spent the following weeks piecing together a new computer. I still have the burnt cables/HDDs so I should probably take pictures for show and tell ;P

    TL;DR: I have Crohn's (periodic russian roulette food intolerance-like symptoms), PSC (gives me the liver of a raging alcoholic and skinny jeans), my computer caught fire and I have a new computer.

    Real life srz bsnz out of the way, I want your imput on what to do with my channel! I could continue on with precisely the same style of guide, but I'm wondering if more of you prefer shorter/more frequent mini-guides in contrast to the longer/in-depth guides I have now. I enjoy making these builds to share with you, but I want to make sure you can tolerate watching them ;P

    Your thoughts/questions below!
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    A Multishot Guide. You'd probably drop Strafe for whatever else you wanted to use.
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    I agree, but for very different reasons. I don't mind that people want to make "helpful videos," but in most cases these videos are actually detrimental to the viewer.

    For example, I have yet to watch a budget guide in which I couldn't turn around and buy a cheaper and/or better set given my experience with the AH. I could make my own guide to prove this, but it would ruin itself as anyone attempting to repeat my steps would raise the price for others who are doing the same. By specifically telling people WHAT to buy rather than teaching them HOW to buy, budget guides are, in actuality, inflation guides.

    This is precisely why I refuse to make purchasing guides for any of the build guides I put out. In the end, the only thing a budget guide really does is raise the price of everything it covers. I also partially blame budget guides for the horrible availability of certain items on the AH. Someone makes a guide saying "this item is worthless" causing many who blindly believe it to stop picking up that item. Daibos and Staves are perfect examples of this even though they are completely viable for specific builds built around them.

    The same goes for those making build guides labeled "Best" or "Most Efficient [CLASS] Build!" Not only is this false, it's dishonest given that there are multiple builds for every class that excel at specific things. There is no one build for any class that is the best at everything. Even the WW Barb loses out to a HotA Barb in certain situations.

    So while I'm not annoyed by the abundance of guides, I am disappointed by the often misleading content they contain.
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    Quote from Chewzilla

    I feel like impale is clashing with multi, I'd rather reposition with strafe and let multi do all the aoe. Strafe does nice damage when you are down to 1-2 mobs, and multi is infinite for 3+. Dark cloud or sentry could easily take it's place. But I'm glad strafe/multi is getting some love, my favorite part about the build is that they are both pure weapon damage, cold soj literally slows everything around you.

    At times it can, but Sentry isn't as good at handling Jailer as Impale is.

    Quote from Khuro

    I use a somewhat similar build for slaying low MP monsters in high MF gear because my std engineer build has a large ramp-up time,
    The differences are the spenders: I only use strafe as spender (with bouncing grenades), chakram: shuriken cloud (10 hatred/120s) and rain: 20 beasts. (free)
    I do MP1 without trouble with 56k dps (and a cold SoJ), I haven't tried higher MP, though. The only problem I have is against jailer monsters, because while jailed, I can't do anything (I tried exchanging gloom with cloak, but it did not satisfy me).

    Yeah, as mentioned above, Impale is one of the few solid answers outside Vault/SS for handling Jailer with a DH
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    posted a message on My take on the Sleet Storm build (with Demonic essence run)
    I have a Sleet Storm Guide if you're looking for advice on your build. I noticed you made a video about Hand of Ytar, which I have a guide for as well. I won't link it, since this is the Wizard forum, but you might find either useful. I recognize your name from one of my other guide threads (WD I think?) so I believe you've seen some of them already.
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    You actually DO get full credit for every Bola Shot, now.

    Here's the proof.

    It appears that this was fixed in 1.0.7
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    posted a message on [GUIDE] Thunderstrike Gameplay + Build Videos
    Just posted the next guide for a Multi-Strafe Demon Hunter
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    posted a message on [GUIDE] Multi-Strafe Gameplay + Build Videos
    I'm back with another guide! If you missed my last guide for a Thunderstrike Barbarian, you can find it here:

    This build uses Suppression Fire and Punishment to fuel MultiShot and Strafe for extended periods of time while Impale provides a source of single target burst damage for sturdier packs or bosses. The build is flexible in that it can handle ranged, melee or mobile combat with plenty of rune options for further specialization; all without relying on generators. This version focuses on the lower MP levels, but shifting to a strafe-centric build will afford you the survivability needed for handling higher MP levels.

    Feedback and/or criticism is welcomed and appreciated as always :D



    Build Calculator - http://us.battle.net...hVgZ!beX!bZZZYY

    Gear Set - http://d3up.com/b/1004

    You can find my channel at www.youtube.com/ProzaicMuze
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    Quote from Xenocow

    Quote from Bagstone
    It's difficult enough to balance the existing affixes right now, more effects/affixes make it even more difficult.

    Not really difficult.
    They just need to take a deep look and get rid of all the crap affixes/suffixes.
    Like Int on a 2H weapon, or Dex on a Wand... Storm Crows with Str. etc.

    Its a simple patch, and the game would become so much better.

    It pains me whenever I see people saying "get rid of the crappy stat rolls/affixes" when half their listed examples are simply wrong.

    A Staff is a 2H weapon. It can and SHOULD have INT. The only primary stat you can make a reasonable argument against is Dex because dodge isn't as universal as the Armor from STR or Resistances from INT.
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    posted a message on Prozaic's Patch 1.0.7 Build Guide Update
    Just released a short video covering the Patch 1.0.7 changes relevant to my build guides. Thankfully, nothing was horribly broken, but there are a few noteworthy changes for those of you using any of my guides.


    If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I release suboptimal/quirky/weird build guides each week for all of the classes. I Emphasize fun and variety by purposely using less popular abilities/runes with the goal of making them viable options.

    You can find my channel and other guides at www.youtube.com/ProzaicMuze
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    posted a message on [GUIDE] Bola Shot Gameplay + Build Videos
    I was concerned adding all that info might bog down the viewer, but it seems to be one of the more well-received portions of my guides. Glad I was mistaken :D
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    posted a message on [GUIDE] Bola Shot Gameplay + Build Videos
    The next guide is the Multi-Strafe Demon Hunter (Multishot + Strafe), but the build after that is likely to be similar to what you're lookin' for. I've had lot of requests for pure knives/traps.
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    Did you use my exact build or one of the variants from the thread?
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