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    posted a message on Aussie Players 3007 after patch 1.06etc
    Just a heads up that after the 12/12/12 patch Aussie players are all experiencing 3007 connection issues.


    Blizz has commented here but it was as usual unhepful...

    Anyway nothing more to add at this point in time sadly. Hopefully a fix will be sorted asap.


    EDIT: Seems it is a DNS issue - if you alter your DNS to google DNS servers you can log in.
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    posted a message on Act 2 Inferno Gear/Stats
    I would say one of your problems is the lowish block chance.
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    posted a message on Hall of Shame - ilvl 63 edition

    Painful. Very painful.
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    posted a message on Theoretical Exercise 1: Double-Rune
    I reckon this could be fun but instead bring back the old find a rune system and implement it with this.

    OT: Not sure what I would do.
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    posted a message on Need Advice
    Do whatever gives you the most enjoyment is my opinion.
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    posted a message on Magic Find solution. No swap, no nerf, no BS.
    The problem with not allowing changing gear in combat is that this would mean you couldn't change weapons either to go sword and board if needed....also i thought they said that there was no such thing as 'in combat' in d3... Which came up with the whole skill switching issue.

    Personally I like mf on items as it makes you need to think about gearing more so than just going for highest dps or survivability stats. I don't particularly think swapping should be allowed just before you kill something... It is just a way of gaming the system and isn't fun.
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    posted a message on What level were you after finishing the game on Normal?
    Quote from Accolade79

    I was going to start a similar topic but maybe it can be answered here.

    What is the expected/recommended level for each act of each difficulty level?

    Sorry if this information is readily available but I don't seem to be able to find it.

    Normal = 30ish
    Nightmare = 50ish
    Hell = 60

    Those are the expected levels for the end of each difficulty. You will have to extrapolate based on those numbers.

    Of course your ability to kill things will also be determined by your gear too.
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    posted a message on What have I got wrong?
    Quote from Storm68

    Hey guys,

    I'am up to the Belial fight in Nightmare mode and seem to be really struggling.

    I've bulked up on Int. thinking my dps will go through the roof but that doesnt seem to be the case.
    I watched the fight on Youtube and the guy in that had similar Int. but his dps was roughly the same as mine but with half the Int.

    A mate of mine has a little more Int. than me but has double the dps.
    These guys are all around the level 43 mark same as me So I'am really lost to where I've fallen down.

    I have 1237 Int. with dps at 1365.
    My other stats are :
    Strength 50
    Dex. 353
    Vit. 150
    Armor 801

    So the only thing I'am seeing a difference with is Vitality but I've purposely kept that low for Energy armor/Force armor when it comes time to get it.
    From what I've read on other forums its the way to go but I'am starting to think maybe I've gotten that part wrong.

    I chose to have a lot of health regen in my gear as well and use Galvanising Ward with Storm Armor/Power of the Storm so I dont struggle there.
    By increasing my Vitality for now will that increase my dps?

    I dont know what other stats to look at to see where I'am going wrong.
    In theory my dps should be a ton more.

    Thanks for any help.

    Weapon damage on the mainhand is essential... Int helps but the biggest jump you will get is by equipping a really nice MH weapon.

    One other comment... Force armour has been nerfed... Just letting you know before you go too far down that path.

    Good luck. I personally think Belial is one of the hardest bosses for a wizard.
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    posted a message on Hell diablo dropped only blues
    Wasn't that mechanic designed for 60+ players? This to me sounds like an unintended thing... Won't be surprised to see 'bosses were not giving a rare item in nightmare or hell difficulty when killed for the first time, bosses are now correctly giving a guaranteed rare the first time you kill them on each difficulty' in the next set of patch notes...
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    posted a message on No reviews = warning sign?
    When a game has been in development for 6 years, comes from a well known and reputable company and has just had a reasonably succesful beta one questions why people feel the need for reviews before its server opening.

    Even if every reviewer trashed this game or wrote perfect reviews it is unlikely to change the likelihood of anyone who has followed this game for such a long time from buying it. Those who haven't followed it may want reviews... But they can wait for at least a week or so after it is released surely since they are obviously not that keen to play.
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    posted a message on Familiar Runed Pet Graphics, Jay Wilson Interview with AtomicPC, The Art of Diablo III, Blue Posts
    Quote from Ruppgu

    Monsters in Act 1 are level 61, in Act 2 - 62 and in Acts 3 and 4 - 63. And each of those have Tier items that ONLY they drop - so a total of 3 Tiers in Inferno

    I just saw this.... so.... did they change their mind or was Bash lying to us when he said you could find the best gear in late hell (just low drop chances). This pretty much completely contradicts that saying that monsters before Act 3/4 Inferno can't drop the last tier.

    I'm not complaining, I think that the people that can clear the hardest parts of the game should be rewarded but I'm just confused because it's a complete 180 from what Bash said a few weeks ago.

    I am more interested in whether they will limit peoples ability to buy these items from the last stages of inferno... Otherwise this will be where the money is... selling act 3/4 inferno items to people who haven't managed to clear it but want to pretend they have...
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    posted a message on Familiar Runed Pet Graphics, Jay Wilson Interview with AtomicPC, The Art of Diablo III, Blue Posts
    Little bit disappointed with the familiar graphics... was hoping for something more like the little bat monsters that were around in the original diablo... ah well.
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    posted a message on Tenth reveal
    Quote from Molster


    read the first comment on the news post. I post what it says in the article, it is confirmed as the 10th

    Don't read the comments in the news post sorry... Mostly find they are filled with yeah or wooo, etc.

    Sorry for wasting people's time.
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    posted a message on Tenth reveal
    What is the bet that the 10th reveal is actually the diablo short film...
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)

    Wizard build using magic missile as an energy builder, arcane orb as the standard room clearer for easier sections, meteor for areas needing a bit more oomph. Force push to clear things from around you, familiar to give your damage that little bit extra and energy armour for those times when it is impossible not to be hit.

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