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    Quote from Unrealsiege

    Delux and CE are totaly insane prices, 20€ for a pet, transmog things and a few pictures in starcraft, and 40€ for a mousemat a beautiful book(one of the few things I enjoy) and a dvd which normaly just stays in the box. Oh almost forgot you also get 3 more chars slots and stash slots.
    The deluxe and CE aren't suppose to be frugal. They are there for the die hard fans or collectors who are ok with spending extra money if it gets them something unique.
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    I can try, but I'm no expert either. Which one did you want? Here's the first one I saw.
    the other two

    They don't look too bad to me, except one of them where the arms were cropped out (since they went all the way to each side of the image), at least they look ok on my computer screen.
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    Azmodan has 138,425,408 health and he killed him in about 51 seconds.
    138,425,408/51 = 2,714,223dps = 2.7 million dps
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    that's so crazy
    also, as his diabloprogress page shows, it's the final countdown
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    It finally happened. I was just doing my normal full act 3 clear, then BAM. I see a legendary two-handed axe sitting there on the ground. I pick it, hoping for ilvl63, and when I open my inventory and see that icon art, I am amazed.

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    Right click to move items to the trade window? problem solved
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    posted a message on Wheres the best place to gold farm?
    At level 30 you don't need the AH. Just play through the game and check vendors once in a while if you must. You can also use the Blacksmith but just don't make 30 copies of something just to get that Vit/Dex combo. I would suggest not using the AH until inferno, or hell act3 if you must. You'll end up spending too much time there...
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    Let's think for a moment here.
    There are thousands of players farming inferno, and because of this there are a plethora of mediocre items, which become worthless (i.e. 800 dps one handers).
    Then you come along and have troubles in inferno, and go to the AH. The first thing you look for is a weapon, and you see that 800dps one hander for 10k and buy it. Wow that was cheap, amazing.
    Then your go on your merry way and purchase a whole set of armor very cheaply, but in comparison to your previous armor it is godlike.

    Now you set out to farm, trying to make some money for high end items. You farm for days on end but you just can't find any good items, what gives? All you find is crappy items that sell for <50k, yet you've played so many hours. The reason you aren't finding upgrades isn't because you are super unlucky, it is because the base that you have started at, and that you must upgrade from is already at that mediocre level, not the crap level.

    The point I'm trying to get across is this: The reason you aren't finding upgrades is because of your use of the AH and because the AH is filled with cheap, mediocre items that thousands of farmers find every day. If you try to progress through inferno without the use of the AH whatsoever, I guarantee you when that 500dps one hander, which you would now call crap, drops, you will be overjoyed that you can finally upgrade your 300dps Hell weapon.
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    . . .
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    posted a message on Hall of Shame - ilvl 63 edition
    After reading this I went ahead and did an Act 1 run to see what I'd get.
    After finding 54 rare items, only 1 was ilvl 63 sadly, but here it is.

    It isn't quite as bad as yours, OP, but it does have a worse name.
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