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    posted a message on Stash tab for non-seasonal players
    Quote from Mad_Tom»

    Due to my work and family schedule I very rarely manage to play seasons in a group. So I do it solo, and stash tab is not a problem.

    Would I play season without the "stash tab bait", not sure though.

    Play it for the cosmetic reward, gotta collect 'em all!
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    posted a message on Is it that difficult? A Shoutout to the Blizzards

    Holy crap. Grammar nazi will have a heart attack reading that. Also, definitely drunk lol

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    posted a message on Would you play season 7 (or any season) if no stash tab given?
    Quote from Demonmonger»

    I want to ask the op and those who say no a simple question.

    Would you play this game if loot drops were nerfed to .00001 meaning you can play 200 hours without an upgrade?

    Because it sure seems like that is what you guys prefer the way you comment.

    Yup. Been reading the same kind of "Loot drop is too high!" comments here as well and I cannot agree with you more. Seems like many are unhappy that other players who don't spend as much time farming are getting the same loot as them (although the stats are less than ideal and we gotta keep looking anyway).
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    posted a message on Show Off Your Transmog!
    Quote from Echo_lake»

    Support lyfe.

    Killing demons fabulously I see! My first thought was about Brazilian Carnival lol
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    posted a message on The sad part about meta is

    Easy fix, remove all corners from map! XD

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    posted a message on Fake accounts and forum bots!

    I watched a friend register here on Dfans a few weeks ago and Captcha ran her through 5 or 6 screens of picking out rivers and storefronts, etc.. so I was impressed with the amount of hoops you have to jump through to register.

    Some bot posting 16 pages worth of ads (that you couldn't buy anything from if you wanted to) feels a lot more like a denial of service attack rather than any genuine attempt to sell black magic spirit pandas or w/e they are advertising atm.

    This would be a good time to check some security logs and see what else they have been up to... The raptors are testing the fences and it's time to beef up security in the park. ;)

    May be the black magic spirit panda can help fend off the raptors XD
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    posted a message on Missing from patch notes? ET ?
    Quote from Thornagol»

    I expect to see something like this though:

    "Energy Twisters spawn new energy twisters on each hit of an enemy. Energy twisters spawned by energy twisters can spawn energy twisters."

    Yo Dawg! Heard you like twisters, so I make the twister spawn twister while twisting, and the spawned twister can then spawn more twisting twister!
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    posted a message on GR120 4P 13:38 (EU #1 NS) with Crusader !
    Quote from Enslaved2184

    Quote from udomsa33

    I sometimes wonder what it would be like if all 4 peeps go all out on DPS build with no support. How far could they go? XD

    With few of my friends.. 4 dps as 1x 700, 2x 600 and 1x 400 para DPS team on the 9th day of the season, grift 75. We had 3 IK/Rae barbs and one UE DH lol.
    I guess we could do higher now, since 2 of us are over 1k para, and rest is about 800. But even on that 75 run we had major lags, and only DH used any area effect with marked for death... Can't even imagine what would happen with any WD build in our team, lol
    I remembered seeing some vid a long while back with 4 wiz teaming up. It was a sight to behold how hard they got slaughtered by some vortex Mallet Lords elite pack XD
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    posted a message on GR120 4P 13:38 (EU #1 NS) with Crusader !
    Quote from SpecKROELLchen»

    Thx for sharing your run. It is nice to see that the cruisader has a place in 4p. And indignation Blizzard system is not his fault and they showed an alternative to monk. what is your problem?

    Indeed. First time seeing a Crus in 4p group. Finally something new. And...sometimes you should just ignore certain kind of useless negative comment. It is not worth your time.
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    posted a message on Why people are so obsessed with COSMETICS?
    Quote from Bagstone»

    Quote from Shapookya»

    people like to look good, is it so weird?

    Yeah, I think it's weird. Judging people by their look... really? I usually don't transmog unless someone asks me to, and if they do, I mock them by creating the ugliest transmog possible. I remember that overneathe or zero (one of them, don't recall who) didn't want to play with me in the RoS beta because I refused to transmog my character. Their loss! :P

    I like the Tyrael wings though, and I found a pet chest which is kinda cool, so I'm using that. But I wouldn't pay a dime for that, and I couldn't care less if I lost either of that... if I could trade that against a stack of Death's Breath it'd be gone instantly :P
    Dude, if I'm gonna save the world I'm gonna do so in style :D
    Or as Tilnan the Collector put it "You don't want to look like a peasant, do you? Why not purchase some of my dyesand give yourself a little color?"
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