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    posted a message on Wizzin' It Up with the Wizard
    I don't recall Kurast Docks wp being that hard to find, It was always in the same static place. The Rogue wp was the one that moved every other game :P
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    posted a message on Share your favorite music artists and albums!
    Biosphere is amazing. I've recently gotten into Hybrid and Way Out West. I just absolutely adore hybrid's I Choose Noise album.
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    posted a message on Item Database on Diablo III Site
    What bugs me is that besides the basic armor sets, all class armors and weapons go through the same Triple repeat in looks that d2 had, one for each difficulty. Alot of the legendaries as well only have the basic icon for their item type. It makes me feel that this database is incomplete somehow.
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    posted a message on Looks like it's gonna rain...
    That sounds ridiculously fun.

    I really cannot wait to play this game :D
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    posted a message on Character Resource Page
    Quote from pikke

    Maybe Hatred could be black streaked white and Discipline white tainted black?
    Is the zebra black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
    Seems too similar an effect to be distinguishable halves.

    The white and black theme sounds good, but a black bar is very hard to distinguish amounts at a glance.
    Candy Cane seems the best color combo besides Red vs Blue up there
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    posted a message on so ehrmm.. are these the new WD shields?
    The DH can dual wield pistols. Woo boy are WoW hunters gonna be mad :P
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    posted a message on Why do people feel the need to pick sides with everything?
    I don't pick sides. I compromise.
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    posted a message on The need for a "selffound" mode
    If you want to do this, simply do it yourself and set your name to be [Selffound]Tiresias. Distinction achieved.

    Hardcore came with diablo 2 as a different style of play for those seeking greater risk in their gameplay. This different mode will not accomplish anything but make it so you have to farm gear yourself, and make it take three times as long to collect all the good gear for your preferred spec. No extra risk involved. All this mode will do is separate and alienate parts of the playerbase into elitist squabbles.

    Lot of work on blizzard's part just to fuck with the community.
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    posted a message on j/w what you guys think?
    I have my doubts, but I am a calm and reasonable person, and will reserve my judgements until I play the game. Of course, my personal opinion holds no inherent weight amongst hundreds of thousands, so I will not post and let the angry minority vocalize their discontent with no counterbalance of posts that say "Good Job game maker guys!".

    I am incredibly glad Blizzard understands me.
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    posted a message on A possible solution to the no-skillpoint gameplay
    Another solution would be that there are passives that work as synergies, like an arcane power increase that's incredibly attractive to those with 4 or 5 arcane skills, or a simple synergy system that increases skills that support each other.

    Although I believe the skill system could work without those, and the inherent abilities of the skills plus your personal preference can work as a synergy system, making it so you provide the build coherence with how you play, instead of simply listing these benefits on a skill.

    To use a d2 example, glacial spike and meteor had no direct synergy, but they seem incredible for freezing a group then utilizing your meteor to max effect on that frozen group, which is excellent synergy. Speaking of which, I like that so much I'm going to go try it :P
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    posted a message on Idea about D3 future
    The reincarnation thing is very confusing, please elaborate on that.

    The first suggestion sounds like an expansion from WoW. New end content only available after completing the entire un-expansioned game, with new levels for it. That's not very like diablo. The new act per difficulty with an increased level cap seems like it would work alright, adjusting from lvl 30norm-50nm-60hell to say, 40norm-60nm-70hell. This has it's own problems in leading you into nm at 10 lvls higher than it's balanced for, which would have to be rebalanced.

    I can't think of a good way to expand diablo's content -_-
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    posted a message on The Three Dificulties
    It always felt like training, you know? Go thru normal, learn the story, experience the environments, then go thru nightmare and really get down to business, maybe discover something new. Then by hell you've perfected your methods and skills and can use them to their full extent on an incredibly hard challenge, with a sense of incredible satisfaction upon completion.

    I know diablo2 didn't have any differences in the story, but it'd be nice if the harder difficulties rewarded you with a little more in-depth perspective on it.
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    posted a message on Favourite Video Game Setting?
    Post-Apocalyptic is great, but my favorite setting has been from the star ocean games. Advanced space and future technology, but visiting planets that are pre-middle ages in advancement up to aliens that are way better off than you. It's an incredibly variable setting that allows for complete nature environments to full magic-tech areas.
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    posted a message on Starcraft Universe
    Too bad the uploads to SC2 custom maps are limited to 50MB. Really good rpgs are usually way bigger than that. I know The Black Road from wc3 was about 150-200 MB and it was enormous. With all that custom work from the editor, I hope it can be more than one raid per game. I really like that epic experience.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Lore Question
    I like to think it's the demons that became the best demons at performing their namesakes, just like angels have embodiments of traits like justice and wisdom and order, those being the most adamant angels at upholding and performing their name sakes.

    It's also probably safe to assume that since they are referred to as leaders in hell or heaven, they developed plenty of handy skills besides their namesake in order to be an effective leader, but their names remain that prove they are the best at what they do (bub).

    The "prime evils" title seems more like referring to them as the leaders of hell, rather than a collective of all demons that are the best at their namesakes. I don't think Squeakomon, Lord of Annoying Fart Sounds is a prime evil, for example.

    My point being: They were just one of billions of random demons that showed a knack for what they do, and clawed their way to the top.
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