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    omg THANK YOU for highlighting this. I've been wondering about this for days but thought it was just me and wasn't sure how to ask anyone since I couldn't write in any of the boxes.

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    "Most toxic and hostile in all of gaming" isn't even close to true.

    As a random example, when people got banned for cheating in D3 they all posted saying they didn't do anything. When they got banned from Overwatch for cheating, they said it wasn't a big deal that they cheated and were going to sue Blizzard and petition the gov against them and hack them (and did DDoS them) and that it was illegal for Blizz to close their accounts and...

    And then there's CS throughout the years, WoW when people played it, LoL, DoTA... those console shooty games, etc.

    They also don't choose what to develop based on how nice their customers are.

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    Poll lacks the option others have said: all we need is a personal stash. One personal tab can store all four sets and a range of legendaries specific to that character, with additional ones able to go into the usual shared tabs.

    Right now I have every class and each one I'm not playing has a completely full inventory for their sets and special legendaries, and I have to keep one empty tab in stash to empty the inventory of the character I want to play into, and then do it all again if I want to play a different one. Just one personal tab would fix all of that.

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    WD! There may be classes that are faster, but very few which are both so fast and so easy. I much prefer the smooth speed of WD to the jittery dashing of Monk, DH, and Wiz, and Barb Crusader tend to have much slower startups and melee annoys me.

    For solo levelling 1-70, learn how to chain Haunt in Fields of Misery. 700+ kill combos give nice bonuses~

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    Move to China.

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    Even if you don't have seasons, your patch notes are essentially the same, right? 2.4 makes pretty much everything viable, so more than ever you can explore pushing whatever style of build you like, or playing a class that used to suck or you didn't bother with, etc. I've only played DH Crusader WD on the PTR, but they're all way more fun and have a much larger variety of ways to play them that actually work than ever before. Season or not won't change that aspect.

    Obviously I can't speak for others, but for me, a new season is more about coming back for a fresh start on the new patch with its changes than it is about the season. If Season 5 was starting on 2.3 again I wouldn't really care about it much. So you still get that aspect on console.

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    Quote from Bagstone»

    I really like that all of the conquests are something that you don't pick up "accidentally", such as the 6x 50 gems or GR60 last season. I also think the conquests and season journey goals are fine - not too hard, but something you need to work for a bit.

    What I personally dislike - though I assume it's an unpopular opinion - is that 4 out of 5 conquests are purely solo, and even the first can be achieved solo. I really enjoyed doing conquests last season early on, when they're actually challenging and you had to come up with a strategy for how to do them (such as the kill all bosses within 30 minutes). At least the Speed Racer is something that will be easier in a group and with coordination.

    I hope there's more competition for the conquests - some conquest leaderboards weren't even filled up at the end of the season.

    I like the conquests, and I think it's fine having ones that are basically group only (like Speed Racer) but I really dislike the idea of essentially being forced to group in order to complete the season journey (I know some did it solo, but not that many, I'd wager.)

    I get group players not wanting to have to solo because as a solo player, I don't want to have to group. To me, if I need to get some people to do one of the achievements for me, it isn't much of a journey. What they really need to do is make things that both types of players can complete (like how they do the complete x conquests, not complete ALL of them.)

    Or even better: your Season Journey could be an actual journey, not just a page of walled off steps. e.g. you'd pick a main class (or not) and then depending on your game mode or whether you pick group or solo journey, the journey would evolve with different types of quests, all leading to the same reward at the end. That way you could have challenging but achievable tasks for everyone without leaving a huge section of the player base out in the dark.

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    Despite the many patch notes and topics, I feel a few things might have been a little glossed over for the casual player. I'm talking more about Quality of Life style changes rather than super high end efficiency.


    + I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think the paragon tab now opens on the tab you just got a point in when you click the popup button.

    Greater Rifts
    ~ Elites are much more valuable to kill now (not sure if this is good or bad for high level rifts.)

    + Fewer crappy maps and less time wandering around alone wondering if there are any monsters to play with.

    + Legendary gems upgrade around twice as quickly as before (at least that's my experience on PTR.)

    + Pylon placement feels a lot more even.

    + Much lower health for solo/2/3man.

    Nephalem Rifts

    + Pylon spacing improvements.

    - Don't have GR density.

    - Keep the crappy empty, dead end filled cave maps. Commonly hit level 4-5 because of crap maps without enough elites to fuel the rebalanced progress meter.

    - no lower health monsters for solo.

    - No more kill streaks to keep you amused, making rifts feel kind of bland to me. Also no experience bonus from them. This is accentuated by how pronounced it is in Adventure mode now.

    - Potentially less experience than bounties now due to the action combat multiplier.


    + The new bounties seem cool - and are not location specific. I had the same portal event in two different places.

    + New Action Combat! I think the system is super fun. Just don't go near a rift.

    + The Pity Arrow appears way earlier now on a lot of the most annoying bounties (Find the Plague Tunnels!)

    + Keywardens on the map are highlighted with a purple arrow.

    ~ Objectives now take twice as long to channel for completion (releasing prisoners, etc.) but you can start them before killing the associated monsters now.

    - Act V still exists.

    Set Dungeons

    + Really fun cool concept.

    + Fun objectives.

    - Hunting down stray monsters for completion is aggravating.

    Did I miss anything? Do you disagree? These are the sorts of things I notice when I'm actually playing, but maybe others see things differently.

    Edit 1: Added info from JunoBug about GRs and Bounties.

    Edit 2: Added pylon placement from Midknite.

    Edit 3: Added some general things I remembered.

    Edit 4: Adding that the health change to monsters per player is only in GR.

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    posted a message on 2.4: The Little Things

    Achievements are also a point of progress that add variety to just paragon and GRs.

    The biggest point of the patch for me is that I can now play at least 4-5 different specs with every class that can play to ok GR levels of efficiency. Will they all be on top of the leaderboards? No, of course not. But despite only ever seeming to talk about top GR builds that they didn't even create and don't understand, most of the playerbase is not topping the leaderboards. Comparing that past patches have only given one new build for each class at most, this is a massive improvement.

    Could more be done for the game? Could more things be improved? Of course. But the changes that are coming make the game significantly better than it was before.

    Quality of Life is also super important to me, because it's always these aspects that cause me to quit the game until the next season+patch. Each time for the past few patches, the thing I hated the most that made me quit have been fixed.

    Saying cosmetics are meaningless just shows you don't understand the majority of players - if you want more development on the game, what you should actually want is purchasable cosmetics, because that'd get the dev team more funding to add more to the game.

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