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    Quote from burninfate

    Quote from Yelworc_Wumpscut

    Hello, can you give us some more information. Level up fastest from 1 to what level? 13? 60? Obviously if it's 60, it's all guess-work.
    If it's 13, then once again it's not an informed decision because most players finish the beta (kill SK) at level 6 or 7. To actually level up to 13, you have to do SK runs over and over to get 4500 exp per kill as most mobs reward little or no exp because the content is too low level. Just like WOW, you have to be within a certain level range to get exp from things you kill. Maybe what you should ask is what class kills SK the fastest. Or what class finishes beta the fastest.
    Leveling high enough to solo or group skeleton king.

    Getting to and killing the SK (solo or group) takes about 1 hour (first time) give or take, doesn't vary that much with the different classes since it's such a short path. If you rush it you can do it faster though, but yeah. Just killing the SK isn't much of a speed test at all since it's just the very first levels.
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    Quote from BenAlpha

    This guy gets it. The rest of you forgot what is humor.

    That one guy is "the rest of you" :P?

    Anyway, I guess it would be kind of a funny prank... but in a

    kinda way.

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    Quote from Entity

    I bought the book two days ago and finished the entire thing, good read you should buy it if you haven't already. I am writing this article because I've ready every book for diablo besides the comics which I'll get around to reading soon enough.

    I have noticed some differing perspectives throughout the book and realized that Deckard is constantly implying that what he is writing may actually not be the truth. But that this is what he believes the truth to be.

    I'll start with the first thing I noticed, LILITH. In the Book of Cain, she is described almost as undead and bones with a human form in between.The pictures, hereand here0

    This is odd though because In the Sin war trilogy which is stated as Cannon by Blizzard she is stated as being "..Rather, it was taller and hideously scaled, with a mass of fiery quills for hair, quills that ran down the spin to...to a reptilian tail ending in savage barbs. Where the delicate hands had been were now clawed fingers--four, not five. Worse, the feet were like hooves, yet splayed, too."

    As we can clearly understand by this first hand description from Uldyssian Ul-Diomedes She was more reptillian and beast like rather than the undead images and descriptions given in the book of cain.

    The second is Rathma. This fellow is said to like like a pale human draped in an elegant dark black robe that seems to have a life of its own. now in The Book of Cain he is described as a lizard, or a giant serpent as seen here.

    This is quite confusing considering that The book of cain was supposed to tell us everything about Diablo universe, but instead seems to be going against earlier cannon. This is only stregnethed by the fact that Cain himself says he does not know what to believe and includes varying Authors and works from which he takes his knowledge. So should we believe that the Book of Cain is the definitive lore collection? I don't think so, So i think it is safe to assume that Some of what is written in this book can't be taken literally. What is your opinion on the matter?

    I think as you say it shouldn't be taken as the final truth. He does ask a lot of questions and many of his findings are speculative. It even says on the page with the serpent that it is the necromancers who has depicted Rathma as a serpent but Cain is asking if it's truth or just a legend.

    The art is probably just his sketches or copies of other people's works so it's not certain they are accurate. After all he is just a human, he can't know everything, he has just studied a lot about it.
    So yea I agree with you. The book should not be taken as the absolute lore colletion, but rather as is, a collection of knowledge gathered by a character in the actual world.
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    Holy shit this is good! I had to ignore your signature to click that +1 button.. :D

    Amazing lighting and I love how you incorporated several of the WD's themes into the same picture. I <3 that frog! Keep it up, the quality is amazing!
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    If you still aren't considering assembling your own computer then I'd also take a look at http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883227378 instead of the other one you linked

    It's almost the same, except the processor is a 2500k instead of a 2600k. The graphics card is a HD6870 though vs the HD6850 in the first one. So basically you trade a bit of CPU power vs GPU power. The main difference of 2500k vs 2600k is that the latter has hyperthreading which basically lets the CPU run double the amount of threads on the four cores. This is great for certain applications (such as movie compression, rendering and that kind of stuff) that can make use of 8 threads, but for games, which usually has very poor multi-threading capability you won't notice a difference. The HD6870 will be an improvement though. So solely for gaming this rig will have better performance. If you are into other stuff that you know uses many threads then the 2600k is probably the better choice though.

    I looked around on other sites as well but it's hard to find pre-built stuff that has good value for money. Almost all manufacturers save in on the GPU and it costs a shitload extra if you want to upgrade it.. And still they label it "gamer"..

    Anyway the newegg pack is pretty good except maybe that the PSU is from a generally unknown brand, but you should probably do ok with it. If you are considering building it yourself (or can find some other site that does assembly for you) then come again and we can help you put something together :).
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    Quote from youwillneverknow

    a tweet from a troll? Haha!
    take it with a grain of salt please!

    "Bashiok is a troll"-comment?
    "Arrow to the knee"-joke in signature?

    Classic example of bandwagoner, take it with a grain of salt please...
    Bashiok likes to "screw around" with people sometime, but he doesn't really throw lies in our faces :P. Although he sometimes says things that out of context may seem like contradictions/lies/announcements...
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    Quote from Greenjoke

    Well, at this point it's clear they are messing with the game. Last year they slipped up and admitted they had been given more time to work on game systems because of the korean delay. So now that they've been screwing with runes and everything else they actually do have to put it back together again. So you could honestly blame the current delay on them reiterating a reiterated reiteration.

    Either way it's definitely good news and I'm glad we can move forward.

    That's the point of iteration. Reitarate means to repeat the same action many times. People say it like it's something bad but it's how Blizzard makes games.. it's been working well so far imho.

    But yeah, good news nonetheless. Now as someone said above we'll either get a release date soon with all the conspiracy kids going "I was right it was Korea!" or we get nothing for a while and the same people will go "It's still Korea but now they are pretending like it wasn't!"

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    Quote from FatManza

    Nice thread! Gifs are awesome. One of the reasons google plus is better than facebook gp's gif support. Anyway, here is my addition (I think this was once a Diablo Fan's sig).


    That's Proletaria's signature :P
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    Since everyone was so excited (:P) about new wallpapers for the 15'th anniversary of Diablo and we didn't get any I figured I'd hop on the task.

    Put together three with the new sneak peaks of Inarius, Tyrael and Diablo that were shown (and then removed?). Just the basic Blizzard frame around it. The quality of the screenshots are not perfect since the video wasn't full hd, but it's acceptable imo :)

    Wallpapers are available in 1920*1200 (for the cool kids) and regular 1920*1080 for you others. For you non-widescreeners.. just crop off the edges :P.

    All the wallpapaers with different resolutions can be found here:


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    That is one adequately efficient computer you have there!

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