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    posted a message on Deleted account

    You should probably post this on the blizzard forums for better attraction from those who can help you out.

    if you still have the login details you should be able to recover. Not sure about transition though.

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    posted a message on Primal COE stats

    Use something like d3planner to see what the stat changes would be, or fiddle with your paragons and do the same.

    (start by subtracting enough int, chd, etc to effectively simulate the items. Use that as your base and then change your ring and adjust the paragons to simulate the changes in stats.) this won’t work for all stats, but might give you a decent feeling for the effective change.

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    posted a message on GoD + Aughild's ?? Vialibity?

    Hi all,

    Was thinking if it would be viable to swap in 2 pieces of Aughild's + RoRG into the new Gears of Dreadland's DH set?

    This build would need to replace the Elusive Ring in cube along with the Wraps of Clarity and then one of the GoD pieces (chest most likely for me, with a primal shoulder piece recently added).

    It would mean giving up a lot of defense from both Wraps and Elusive in order to gain some +30% damage and som damage reduction from the Aughild's.

    I tried searching for builds like this, but didn't find any. Have you fellow hunters tried it?

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    posted a message on Season Journey Tracker

    Season 21: (snatched from Asia servers)

    • Chapter 1: Urzael, Belial
    • Chapter 2: Maghda, Zoltan Kulle
    • Chapter 3: Queen Aranae, Siegebreaker Assault Beast
    • Chapter 4: Ghom, Malthael
    • Slayer: Diablo, Izual
    • Champion: Rakanoth, Adria
    • Destroyer: Cydea, Asmodan
    • Conqueror: Skeleton King (<30 sec)
    • Guardian: Butcher (<15 sec)

    @Bagstone - as always, thanks for your great support for the D3 community!!


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    posted a message on S21 Season Journey from PTR?

    So, the Conquests for S21 should be these: (not confirmed, but based on PTR videos and other sites)

    • Sprinter / Speed Racer (HC)
      • Complete Act I-V in under 1 hour. Can be done on normal, but still takes practice.

    • Avarice / Avaritia (HC)
      • Bone of the Hoarder to decent high level, a few +gold find, and then run around in Adria's map, or just hope for an open rift map.

    • Speed Demon / Need for Speed (HC)
      • 2 min T10 Rift.

    • The Thrill / Super Human (HC)
      • GR45 with no sets. Equip a Legacy of Dreams gem and walk in the part park for many classes.

    • Curses! / Stars Align (HC)
      • Restart until you find the proper bounty - Peat something.

    Personally, I'll probably end up doing the last four and skip the 1 hour speed run.

    I'll try to find more about the other Chapter bosses etc as well...


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    posted a message on S21 Season Journey from PTR?


    Realized, a day to late, that I never screenshot:ed the Season Journey steps from the latest PTR for Season 21.

    Did anyone document which bosses we need to kill at what steps in the season journey as well as what conquests we can expect?

    It would be a great input to Bagstone's awesome tracker: https://d3resource.com/journey/index.php

    Please, if someone has a complete list and the time to write it down (or link to a reliable source)...


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    posted a message on Unlock master without beating campaign?

    @Porkcarrot, this might help you get that experience with a minor trick;

    1. Find someone who has completed the campaign, specifically the last quest in act 5.
    2. Have them start their campaign mode on that last quest.
    3. Then join their party and follow through that last one quest.

    Your account will now be flagged as having completed the campaign, but without having spoiled all the stories for you. Adventure mode is unlocked, and just do one grift to enable doing the weekly challenge rifts etc.

    It's not a complete solution to what you want to achieve, but a step in the right direction perhaps...

    N.B. This does work on PC, but I've not tested it on consoles as I only play D3 on PC.

    Good luck,


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    posted a message on 2.6.8 new set items available already??

    Not useless as they contain a huge bunch of blood shards for gambling :)

    I know that it’s ages since we had seasonal specific gear (something I liked btw), but wasn’t sure about the timing of the new stuff.

    Guess I’ll try and get the new sets now then to prepare for S20.

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    posted a message on 2.6.8 new set items available already??

    With 2.6.8 released and live on non-seasonal;

    Are the new set items for barb, wiz etc available as drops/ gamble from Kadala? or do they start dropping on Friday at the season starts?

    Sitting with a stash tab or two with unopened bounty/challenge caches and was wondering if it’s worth opening now or if I need to wait until Friday...

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    posted a message on 2 monks, a barb and a dh hitting 4-mans

    Hi all,

    While quite a long way from the optimal 4-man meta, I'd like your help on how we could get a decent 4-man show going based on what we have and enjoy playing as.

    Here's the roster we have to play around with;

    * DH-for-life - Impale or UE. Loves the play-style of both DH builds.

    * Barb-for-life - Currently playing whirlwind, but no stranger to going zBarb if that's what's needed. Also has a UE-DH if necessary, but does enjoy being in the thick of things.

    * monk, crusader, wd - really enjoys the new monk set, and only has that build covered atm. Well versed in crusader from long-time hc gaming. Might be convinced into playing wd if asked really nicely.

    * monk - seems to enjoy monks this season, but also has some knowledge on crusaders (hc) and earlier found wiz being fun. Not likely to swap into another class this season, due to time constraints.

    Player 4 (monk only) is the one playing the least of us, with the other three roughly equal on how much we have available, so a 3-man fall-back is nice. We've easily done 2-man gr100+ in like 5mins currently - no specific augments except from seasonal journey one, decent weapons, but not any loads of paragons either (all below 800 still).

    The aim isn't gr150, but more like 120:ish.

    How should we try and form our group to be reasonably efficient and have fun while clearing some higher grifts?

    Advice on composition and roles would be appreciated greatly,

    /Prisnagka (the dh)

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    posted a message on Optimal screen sizze


    If You apologise for the joke. (Immortal is not my focus game)

    joking aside, I have no idea, but would assume that the game adjusts properly to whatever device being used.

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    posted a message on D4 Release Date Game; Wisdom of the Crowd Experiment

    April 1, 2021

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    posted a message on Let praise ourselves 70GR Primal

    Got a nice Karlei's Point


    on my alt account...

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    posted a message on GR70 and primal - suggestion

    One year (and some change) later, we might finally get this suggestion :) - at least partially - first GR70 per season & account will drop a primal (unless removed from the PTR 2.6.4)

    PS. Sorry for the necro of the thread, but it was fun to see that it might come to life eventually...

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    posted a message on S15: Just bad RNG or?

    So, finally, after quite a few cube rerolls of Yang's, this one popped :)

    Still thinking what I should reroll - will likely sacrifice AS and might put CDR on it, as I'm a bit low on that from other gear atm. Can change it to AOE later I guess...

    Primal Yang

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