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    posted a message on Two Player builds for S12 / S13?

    Skimming through the S12 EU 2-man leaderboard (SC) briefly, it would seem that there are two main configurations present:

    • Inna Monk + Fire Wiz'
    • Support Necro + Rathma Necro

    There is the sporadic Crusader in there as well, but for the top 200 or so, the above combinations seem to be the most prevalent. It's worth noting that the majority of those players have well over 2000 paragons, some even upwards of 3500, something that's quite hard to reach without excessive gaming I would say. (Personally I tend to look at people with 1000-1500 paragons for my benchmark, and even that requires some focused gaming in the season.)

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    posted a message on GR70 and primal - suggestion

    Been thinking about this for a while - ever since primals was introduced actually - but wouldn't this be an awesome idea to:

    ==> reinforce the idea that Primals are great fun and rewarding


    ==> having a primal drop when you first complete your solo GR70. The primal should be of the same type (random which slot) as you've got equipped !

    Thus it would be really rewarding, since it would be an item you actually used and would likely keep, rather than getting The Grandfather or some Gladiator Gauntlets (incidentally the first primal that dropped in the clan this season).

    Your thoughts?

    PS. to be clear: If you have say Vyr, Tal Rasha and Nemesis on, you'd get one of those equipped items but primal, with random rolls on them, or perhaps even with same stats as you currently use :)

    PS/2. Another thought is to add a Cube recipe to reset rerolls on items...

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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Wizard)

    So, I just managed a GR72, though I've been close on GR73 as well (missed with 50seconds on a good run, some 20 paragons and 2x leg' gem enchants earlier). I find myself wondering if I've rolled the gear I have in the best way possible.

    You simply have to play with the gear you get, but sometimes a second opinion on what to make of it, can help a lot.


    Appreciate any and all good advice on how to get further. One obvious thing is to get the Halo up to 6% CHC, but the rolls haven't been in my favor on that one (it took like 30 rolls just to get from 5% to 5.5%, and then I went low on mats for a while).

    Also, if someone would like to estimate what GR-levels I should be able to manage with this build, it would be awesome input as well.



    PS. I run this without Unity, and actually use the same setup for 2-play with a barb. Done GR73 there, and we can each hold our grounds, whilst clearing separate packs. My current issue is that I feel like I should be getting more dps out than I manage to get. On good density maps, it's a breeze, but they seem to be soo seldom...

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