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    The key to your question is understanding the answer you've been given.

    "Farm as high as you can in under 5 minutes"

    Why as high as possible in under 5 minutes? 5 minutes is an estimate or a limit value, based on a lot of math that basically predicts the amount of Grifts per hour you'll run. Remember, the guys and gals that put out these videos/statements, are the ones playing for 7-12 hours a day, and the point is to maximize their rewards for time investment. Assuming of course that you'll spend approx 10 minutes per hour, upgrading gems, in town and doing all the rum drum stuff you do outside of Grifts (including bathroom/smoke/food breaks) if you Farm 75's in 5 minutes, you'll run an average of 10-11 Grifts per hour. If you increase the difficulty to 80, but see an increase of average Grift time to 6 minutes, you'll run 10 Grifts per hour, without taking any kind of break or assuming for town or gems, lowering your average to 9 Grifts per hour. As you can see, less Grifts means less legendaries and less experience.

    "But I increased the difficulty, doesn't that count for the experience and legendaries?" Not really. After you've run your solo 70, any legendary can be a Primal, meaning more legendaries, more chances.

    "That didn't answer my question." Don't rush me here, the increase of difficulty doesn't mean an increase in legendary drops, it does in a way, but only after 5-7 Grift levels. That means you can run a Grift 10 and get 1 legendary, and then run a 16 and still only get 1 legendary. You could run a 25 and get 3-4, and then run a 30 and get 3. There is no predetermined drop levels, just better chances. So the faster you run, the better chances you have.

    "So what if I turn down the difficulty, and run at 3-4 minutes?" That's always possible, but then you're averaging approx 18 Grifts per hour, but without the increased experience and drop chances. Also, that's a lot of keys to burn in an hour. Lowers your overall gem levels as well, as 1% does happen, and running 75's still gives you a 1% chance to 90. 70's have a 0% chance. It's all about finding that balance, and making it work for you instead of against you.

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    Honestly, it depends on what you're looking for, if it's just a build for bounties or overall a strong single character.

    The IK barb won't be a terrible start. Not only will you be working towards a meta build (possibly, but let's face it, Supp Barb will always have a place somewhere) but it can also weave in the Sage's set for faster early DB farming, and still has insane solo push. Overall, I think Barb has season 12 tied up, outside not being in the projected meta.

    Trag Necro isn't terrible either and leads to a projected meta spot, coupled with the zNecro speed support build, makes it also a great selection to get started with.

    DH, would be the build I would go for if it was just for bounties and nothing else. Without trying to sound like I'm bagging on it, UE DH would be the best torment/low GR farmer of S12, but without a meta, or support build, it won't see much in terms of higher GRs/Speed runs, projected, anyways ;)

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    Quote from head0r»

    the necromancer was, is and will be remembered as a fan service and a last bid for attention. the character didn't change anything worthwhile for a barbarian player, for example. you do the exact same stuff you did since the release of RoS, since greater rifts are just a mutator of normal rifts. challenge rifts are lackluster at best, a crafting UI is merely QoL which some games don't even bring up as a great feature. they just implement it.

    you start a new season, level your necro to 70 and rift all day. same old, same old. i could log in now, see 250 items in my mail box, STILL don't have a meaningful way to just keep the two best versions of one item, get fed up with that, check a char, join a game and rift the same stuff i rifted for so many years.

    it is a really sad state of a game, you cannot deny that.

    Did I miss something? They added (alongside the Necro class) new maps, new bounties, new areas, new tilesets for rifts, and class balance changes to incorporate not only the Necro class, but to also improve gameplay for everyone. Besides that large amount of content (yea, that's what it is), at least Necro came with interesting options, The last class they added hasn't been (and still isn't even in the upcoming patch) relevant since it's inception. (Crusader, in case you missed it.) While some folks have had fun with a LoN thorns build, and some with Blessed Hammers, outside of that it has no real place anywhere. Speed Grifts? Nope. Speed T13? Nope. What about a support for higher GR pushing? Once, and the Condemn build was still squishy.

    Why does the PTR come up so soon? A) Testing, "this is what we're bringing to the table, in case you're bored with your seasonal paragon grind" B) Time, the longer we have to test things, the less likely it'll be released with a game breaking bug and C) Downtime, they've said it before, and they'll say it again, the season is a race, a long drawn out race for competitors who want to go for the long haul, the less downtime between seasons, the better.

    If you're not enjoying the mindless slaying demons, or the repetitive tasks that the game provides, maybe you should try something else? I men, all games follow the same exact pattern as D3, just the rewards and style of play are slightly different. I enjoy D3 because it's a game where I can play with my friends, but I don't feel hindered when I play by myself, I'm not required to be in a party to play my character for what it's intended. I see D3 as a "plug and play" game, I plug in, I play, I unplug, and go outside. I'd suggest you change your perception of what it is that D3 is, and try to enjoy it or move on.
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    This old trivial pursuit... First things first, let's not get carried away, cheating is cheating is cheating. However, there are valid arguments to some uses of certain aspects of TurboHud. If TurboHud gave the option to turn off, or completely remove, certain options, it would be 100% better. Let's face it though, it's been such a long drawn out battle, that nobody really cares anymore, people get banned every season, some people don't. If I'm not mistaken one of the top Wizards from season 9 now has to use his, 4th account?

    The truth of the matter is that TurboHud makes things easier to see, whether it's the map hack, or the pylon predictions or even the reticles on the ground. While Blizzard has sort of appeased this 'need' to see things (Black Hole - Event Horizon is the most amazing thing in the game, but shhhh it's a secret) they still haven't addressed the issue that is, the game is running on a UI that is over 10 years old, and while the gameplay has evolved, the UI hasn't. I can't tell you the number of times I've been in a Grift with friends, outright died without knowing what actually hit me, and getting nothing but a "You were slain." message. What killed me? The UI can't tell me, if I ran TurboHud I'd at least have some idea of what it was.

    Anyways, old and outdated, people will continue to use TurboHud, and they always run the risk of getting banned.

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    The simplest answer is they are being DDoS attacked at the moment.

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    Quote from SpecKROELLchen»

    Well it seems like you did not read my post at all but just quoted it. I said we are asking for small changes, NOT game fixing changes. I am fine that diablo is a game that i played the first 2 weeks a season for many people (or lets say i accepted it a year ago).

    I also played D1 and D2 as well, but please.. D2 came out at a total different time. Imagine the possibility to look up the number one build after the first few days and just copying it...But please lets not speak about that.

    What we are talking about here are small changes, that can bring motivation to farm longer, again NO complete gamechanging patches.

    We ask for small meta adjustments to have some rotations or better balance.

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but what you are proposing are in fact game changing changes. Assimilating difficulties? I get that the difference between Normal and Hard is almost non-existant at max level, but it the leveling process it's a substantial increase per level. Take that into account and you come to realize that it's not just that you skip torment 1-2-3-4-5, but why you skip them. It's experience/loot vs kill time. Generally speaking, most builds have an item or two that can and will push them above and beyond T6 very easily. However, that's not true of T8-10, because not every build can clear T8-10 efficiently. Take Sage's builds that for the most part are T8-10 capable, and a few (mostly Wizard) that can push T13 fairly well. The proposed method would actually force those builds down to T6 or cause them to be less efficient, thus creating more cookie cutter builds.

    I think the lack of concept is evident here, with a side of whining about Devs not talking to us about changes they're making in 2.5. How exactly though, can you say they don't care, when they continue to ban botters, update the site, post update news, and are working on Necro?

    People have said from the beginning, Stricken is too powerful, yet Trapped is still a mainstay in almost every build. Stricken was the answer to gem options and it clearly loses to Trapped in the long run, as having a scaling by level multiplier generally will. Also, Stricken takes forever to stack, so there's that. Stricken is also the answer to the ever scaling RG health pool that is well into the G's instead of the T's. I remember a build that used to basically gather 75-80% of a GR, and then explode the whole thing so it could fight the RG for 8 minutes to just barely beat the timer by seconds, it was a genius build, and RG strat, but it also highlighted the scaling problems that GRs had. Stricken was the answer saying 'don't worry, the more you hit things with me around, the closer they'll come to death'. Which alleviated most of that problem while creating new ones.

    Nobody forgets the Asian servers. VyrRasha's? Came from Asian servers. Helltooth/Aracyr's Firebats? Asian servers (although, this one wasn't really all that hard because it was 'replace Helltooth with Aracyr's and go') How about Support Monk/Barb, Gen Monk... Hell anything that's been meta for the past... oh... 9 seasons? Asian servers did it first. That's a real problem too. There's nobody left on the US servers who actually takes the time and puts in the effort to math this stuff out anymore. Everybody just copies what's ahead of them, and at the end of the day, somebody always tries to take credit for it. Even though it's not the "meta" build exactly, using the VyrRasha's setup and using a different Lightning Skill to proc the Mandald Heal is still the VyrRasha's build. What about changing one of the most iconic Wizard farming builds to include the Mandald Heal? Yup, still the same build, it just does more damage with it's Signature than it used to... I bet I could find 3 builds that are the exact same on here in just a few minutes, it's hilarious. The truth is though, most of them have come from the Asian servers, and most people who post guides are just decrypting the information in front of them. Except Quin69, although his voice drives me crazy and his slang is horrid, he legit deserves props for testing, building and using some of the best and most original Monk builds ever created. I think the only build he stole from the Asian servers was the Static Shock Monk that got swiftly nerfed into the ground after it crashed the servers a billion times.

    Think before you speak; do you really think that Blizz will cater to you while at the same time alienate people who play on difficulties that you're attempting to eliminate? Don't forget, a lot of the difficulties were adding to add more 'challenge' to end game players who wanted more while they were key farming because T6 just wasn't hard enough anymore. Then they kept going with that trend since the complaint was made again about T10. The simple truth is that you will never be satisfied, and to give in to every single demand immediately would be ridiculous, and wouldn't cause you to be satisfied but to find the next thing to complain about. PTR 2.5 has some major QoL changes, which should tell you that while they aren't adding anything to the game in 2.5 content wise, they do care. Even if Primals aren't what you want them to be, it still shows they care enough to add them. This isn't being spoon fed either, I realize that they'll throw D3 a bone every once and a while to keep players interested, sometimes they'll even try to pull the wool over our eyes. Fact is they care enough to try that as well, so it's not that they don't care, but where else can they go that satisfies everybody?

    Paragon Problem. Who does it affect most? Why? Possible Solutions? Pro/Con Solutions list. Repeat.
    Difficulty Settings. Who does this affect most? Why? Possible Solutions? Pro/Con Solution list. Repeat.
    You can repeat the same steps for every single problem you perceive in D3, and you'll find that 9 times out of 10 Blizzard has had one of the better solutions. An example:
    Paragon Problem. Who does this affect most? High-End players top50/class and Mid-Tier players attempting to scramble to leaderboard.

    Why? Primary Stat is the only farmable upgrade after 0.1% gear, stands to reason that in perfect gear, player with more primary stat deals more damage and therefore will be better. (Also note; can farm more paragons faster because of paragon advantage.)

    Possible Solutions?
    Paragon cap. Pro: fair and equal playing field, reduced botting. Con: an eventuality that will have the same effect as Gear capping, causing long term players to find something better to do, imbalance classes/players that prefer Maximum Resource/Vitality to Main Stat as a paragon option, After reaching Gear, Skill and Paragon caps there is no reward for playing the game.
    Reduction in Primary Stat gain. Pro: causes each paragon point to have a more impactful choice, each Cald's to mean more, and each Gear capped item to mean more. Con: not enough to cause players to shift focus, possibility of polarizing the playerbase.
    Reduction in Primary Stat weight (Primary Stat means less and Ability Skill Runes mean more). Pro: causes each ability to deal varying damage increasing diversity, less focus on just paragon farming without making it irrelevant. Con: (without changing every skill based on AS and Damage) causes more 'cookie cutter builds' in that each Skill Rune will be different and players will still choose the best and most powerful ones.
    Force all Ancient items to roll with 2 minimal stats (this was actually suggested by a player once) Pro: Nothing. Con: Everything.
    Increase legendary affixes to dwarf paragon power. Pro: Items have more relevance, paragon farming not as effective as item farming but not irrelevent. Con: RNG in a time frame causes disparity amongst competitors, they who get the best items wins as opposed to who uses the best items best, gear capping still possible so doesn't actually alleviate the problem.

    It's really not a complicated process. You also have to be able to discredit your ideas as well, and try to reduce the impact of the cons in the idea. It's a process, and most of this thread isn't well thought out. The OP sounds like a bad one-night stand answering machine message -sorry I have to- "Hey Bliz! Haven't heard from you in like, 2 weeks, just checkin in to make sure you're still, ya know, interested in my &^* $%$^ @##%^*&. Call me!"
    Seriously, as an avid gamer, Blizzard is probably the worst for talking to it's community (not because they don't do it, but because they do it.) They talk to the community through "Community Managers" that have about as much power to influence the game as the Admins on Diablofans do. That aside, they continue to promise things that they couldn't possibly deliver on. If anybody remembers the WoW Wrath of the Lich King promo, you'd know what I'm talking about when I say the words "Titan's Path". Was a huge selling point for WotLK, and yet it never made it, in fact it didn't make it in Mists of Pandaria, or Warlord's, and we have what's left of Titan's Path in Artifact Weapons, in Legion, a full 8 years from when it was announced in the saddest form it could have taken. Community Managers also have extremely limited information, so 99.9% of their answers to questions are just watered down crap that they absolutely have to say. "I'm not sure about that, I'll forward this information along and we'll try to get this sorted out for you shortly." -3 hours later- "Hi, how can I help you today? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, let's see.... I can forward your information along and try and get this sorted out for you."... I'd much rather they say "I don't know. I'm not on the development team and they haven't told me the answer so I really can't answer that question." By no means am I insinuating that they don't have a tough job or that I don't respect what they do, but a straight answer is always better than the run around. Not expecting an answer, much better. The fact that Blizzard is open with the community says a lot about the image they want to convey, but it also opens the door to "is my question not good enough to get answered?" and "does my idea not have any merit?". It's a terrible place for a company that makes games to be in. It's like a popularity contest to see who gets answered and who doesn't. It causes people to be caustic for the sake of being noticed. It's created this monster that is forum trolls. I post here on Diablofans because I would never expect in a million years that Blizzard would listen to logical thought out arguments when they developed LFR in WoW and removed MMR from HotS. They have turned into the Oprah of gaming companies. You want it? You get it!! It's actually quite sad to see. Diablo, while it has some of the best lore and storyboards of all Blizzard's games, doesn't generate income. They can't think of ways to generate income that will be impactful and cause people to re-think the game they once played on Inferno to Diablo without making the game P2W. It will likely be the first of their line to fall, as WoW doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon, Hearthstone and Overwatch appear to be amongst the top of their genres, and Starcraft still has competitive play. HotS very well may be a rip off of LoL, but it's holding it's own against it's mirror image quite well.

    TL;DR: Stop. Just stop. You're not making any sense, and people are beginning to notice. You ask for game changing changes and then say they aren't game changing. Changing the number of difficulties, 'the meta', these change the game... As it would affect about what 80% of the playerbase is playing. ;)
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    Quote from benifios»

    In this guide we will be looking at tips and tactics when fighting Rift Guardians. This guide is mainly focused on 4-man parties, however some of the tips might be viable for 2 and 3-man parties and even for solo play. It's worth knowing how each of the bosses work so we can take full advantage when fighting them.

    Before taking a look at each boss, let's clarify a few very important things:

    1. The communication is very important.
    2. Blinding flash makes bosses move around so you will want to use it as little as possible.
    3. Ground Stomp is very important skill during the boss fight. It helps you keep him stationary and most of the times even prevents him from changing his position.
    4. Supports Monks must not use Blinding Flash when skipping and changing positions and must try to hit as little enemies with Cyclone Strike as possible because of the DR (Diminishing Return - Crowd Control Resistance) because it makes it harder for the Barbarian to hook them.
    5. If you play with Wizard, some of the tips below will not be fully applicable, but he compensates for being a ranged class.
    6. Do not ever rush with taking the Pylons when fighting as Boss. Wait for the best moment (for speed runs it depends on how geared you are), wait the health of the boss to drop below 50-60% and even less when pushing for higher GRs.
    7. Make your decisions about how to proceed with the Boss fast. How to change his position or yours. Remember that you may not have enough time to change positions over and over.
    8. Try to have control over the fight so you don't fully rely on the RNG. Below are some useful tips about how to do so.
    9. Make the most of the Oculus ring bonus.
    10. When taking a Pylon you should time it with the rotation of Conviction of Elements if the DPS uses one. Especially important for Wizards upon entering Archon form.
    11. Gen Monk doesn't need monsters spawned from the Pylon! This is very important to remember.
    12. Watch out when taking the Pylon. The boss may teleport to the player that went to take it.
    13. Hardcore: If you don't think you can survive, it's better to leave than lose your character. Blooadmaw, Voracity, Orlash, The Choker

    How to proceed:
    Monk - There must be Inner Sanctuary at all times and Blinding Flash must be used as little as possible. It makes the boss move around and you don't want that. Use it only if the Gen Monk is about to die.
    Barbarian - must stay close to the teammates, activate his buffs as soon as they are out of cooldown and help with Ground Stomp (it helps stop the attacks of the Boss and stun him for a short time). If there are issues with the survivability, he should also focus on picking up the health globes.
    Witch Doctor - If you are doing speed runs, he could be looking for Pools of Reflection for more XP upon closing the rift. For pushing, he must stay near the support monk and help with what he can.
    Gen Monk / Wizard - Your only concern is to kill the Boss.


    Desired positioning - in a corner. Another approach would be with your backs against a wall (and you must be close to the wall). This will prevent the Boss from charging to you. Try to stay stationary as much as possible.
    Difficulty - Overall it's a pretty difficult Boss. If you fail to do the tactics above, you will most likely fail your rift.


    Monk - There must be Inner Sanctuary at all times and he must use Blinding Flash as much as possible.

    Desired positioning - Almost any position would work as long as the laser beams are not an issue for your survivability. Otherwise, in a wide area.

    Difficulty - Not the easiest boss but far from difficult.

    Infernal Maiden

    Barbarian - Try to intercept her teleport with the Ground Stomp.

    Desired positioning - It's best to be in a narrow place because this will reduce the distance of her teleport and she will return back faster or it will be easier for you to change your position.

    Difficulty - Average

    Man Carver

    Barbarian - You must stun him before every charge so he doesn't run away.

    Desired positioning - It's best to be in a narrow place because this will reduce the distance of her teleport and she will return back faster or it will be easier for you to change your position.

    Difficulty - Easy boss if you know what to do.


    Desired positioning - For me, preferably in a wide zone. Your goal is to spread the illusions because if they all start attacking with their Lightning Breath at one place, it becomes really bad for the DPS.

    Difficulty - Overall a difficult Boss especially for Solo.


    Desired positioning - Again, a narrow space or a small room would be the best. The Monk must be in front of the DPS heroes and shield them with his body. If you have a Pylon for taking watch out for the Boss charging on the player that is taking it. The teleport animation begins with the Boss spreading his arms and at this exact moment the Monk or the Barbarian must blind/stun him. Otherwise, he will teleport and you will lose time. It's worth mentioning that when he charges you while facing him, he will deal less damage than if he charges you in the back - same as Rakanoth who is essentially a copy of him.

    Difficulty - Easy boss if you manage to complete the instructions from above.


    Desired positioning - Narrow space so he doesn't move around much.

    Difficulty - Rather preferable boss for group play. He is not that hard for solo either.


    Desired positioning - Doesn't matter.

    Difficulty - Overall easy boss.


    Barbarian - You can try stunning him before he jumps. This may cancel his attack and slow him down. In some cases this could be very helpful if it matches with the Cold rotation of COE of the DPS monk which will help him do more damage.

    Desired positioning - Almost every time you will need a narrow space. If you manage to stuck him, he will start jumping on one place but for this you will need an experienced support. Important: if you stay stationary he will return back to you.

    Difficulty - Rather difficult boss for both group and solo play.

    Bone Warlock

    Monk - In some cases when he is about to teleport you can use Blinding Flash to cancel his attack.

    Barbarian - You can try stunning him before he jumps. This may cancel his attack and slow him down.

    Desired positioning - Narrow space so he doesn't move around much.

    Difficulty - Overall a difficult boss because he stays stationary and the monsters he spawns prevents the bonus of the Bane of the Stricken to stack.

    Cold Snap

    Barbarian - You can try stunning him before he jumps. This may cancel his attack and slow him down.

    Desired positioning - Narrow space so he doesn't move around much.

    Difficulty - For my friends and I, this is the best boss for the current meta. The cold monk deals a lot more damage. There are no monsters being spawned, however for solo play the freezing affix could be a little challenging.

    Crusader King

    Barbarian - You can try stunning him before he jumps. This may cancel his attack and slow him down.

    Desired positioning - I don't think there is any good place. Just try to cancel his teleport. It won't work every time but when it does, you will earn more time.

    Difficulty - One of the worst bosses you could get.


    Barbarian - Try stunning him before he teleports. Also, keep distance from the Fallen Lunatics because they could kill the DPS.

    Desired positioning - It's best if you manage to stuck him and surround him. This will prevent him from teleporting and moving around.

    Difficulty -Difficult boss because of the monsters spawn and his teleport. If you fail to immobilize him you will most likely have a hard time.


    Desired positioning - Narrow space would be good. Watch out for the falling rocks and his cleave attack. The Barbarian could try and stun him or freeze him with the charge.

    Difficulty - Rather difficult but not the worst one.


    Desired positioning - I prefer a wide area because of the little monsters and the tornadoes. The Barbarian must freeze the little monsters when they start spawning so the Monk can do more damage. The Witch doctor could also help kill them.

    Difficulty - Rather easy boss for both group and solo.


    Desired positioning - Wherever. This boss is pretty easy over all. After he spawns a Turret it's very important for the DPS to NOT be close because he needs to stack his Stricken. The turret should not be left alone but remember that the Barbarian must stun him and freeze him in case he is about to charge. In case there is a Pylon for taking, watch out for his charge animation and try to cancel it with Blinding Flash.

    Difficulty - Overall easy boss.


    Desired positioning - For group play, the best place is a wide area so he doesn't move around too much. For solo play, melee classes will have a hard time with this boss.

    Difficulty - For group play he is rather preferred because he doesn't move around too much and he doesn't spawn monsters. For solo, rather easy boss, too.

    The Binder

    Desired positioning - Not much to say about this boss other than GG. The second easiest boss. Just stay next to the support Monk and everything will be fine.

    Difficulty - Easy boss overall but because of the monsters he spawns, the Stricken doesn't stack that much. Easy boss for solo, too.


    Desired positioning - Try to stuck him in a narrow space. He always moves backwards and this is your advantage. If you manage to stuck him in a corner or a dead end you could easily surround him and he will not go anywhere.

    Difficulty - The level of difficulty is above the average.


    Desired positioning - This beauty is the worst boss you can possibly get. Try to stuck him in a narrow space so he only teleports a short distance. The teleport is random without a pattern. Surrounding him will not affect him in any way. The Monk should always have Inner Sanctuary available that he can use at any time because you will need to reposition a lot. Most of the times you will fail your rift when pushing and for speed runs killing him will take some time.

    Difficulty - GG, GG, GG, GG ,GG ,GG ,GG NO RE!

    Sand Shaper

    Desired positioning - Very important for the Barbarian to NOT use his charge or Ground Stomp. Must keep the charge and use it to cancel his teleport animation when the he raises his hands.

    Difficulty - Above average.


    Desired positioning - This boss doesn't move around and is easy but it's worth noting that the gas clouds only increase their damage when you are standing in them. They don't move or increase in size but they will stay for 2 minutes and disappear when he dies. If you have a hard time surviving inside the gas gloud, you must relocate.

    Difficulty - Overall easy boss.


    Desired positioning - Doesn't matter. You don't really need a Pylon for this Boss. In the current Meta it will be a little harder because the Monk is a single target damage dealer and he needs to stack Stricken. Overall you must try to prevent him from using his Digger ability. Stay closer together.

    Difficulty - Easy boss.

    The Choker

    Desired positioning - If you can stuck him somewhere would be great. He moves backwards but he also can teleport. You takes a lot of coordination and effort to kill him.

    Difficulty - Difficulty level: high

    I edited it to make it more readable. Too much copy and paste. This reads more from a zBarb point of view than anything else, a TL;DR version would be, if you're a WD you leave the Grift for the RG, if your a Gen Monk / Wizard, you kill the boss. If you're a support, here's the changes you need to make during the encounter. This thread has a lot of information (copy and pasted) but it's missing the general things as well, something you could've put a little more time into. For example; as a DPS should I be concerned with the Flame Circles left on the ground by Teth, Carver and Ag? Do the supports just heal me through 99% of everything thrown out, or do I have to have a brain? Again, I felt like I read this through the viewpoint of a zBarb, as they are the only class mentioned with notable changes for the most part. I'm also slightly concerned that the only notable information you have on Blighter is that he's easy... If you get him in a push rift, he literally can one-shot your support monk through Inner Sanctuary, he hits incredibly hard. His line attack can be stopped by dodging it, instead of stunning him, that would be something to note.

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    posted a message on Was it worth all the complaining? Primals
    Quote from Hellgate2038»

    I have no idea what you're talking about and I'm not sure you do either.

    Now, with v2 the right stats must roll...in v1 a 30% stat boost would sometimes negate rolling a stat you didn't need at all.

    V1 primals were way easier to get a guaranteed upgrade considering the ranges for stats were higher than a perfectly rolled ancient, so I am sorry sir, but your logic is flawed.

    Actually, your logic is flawed. By design, Primals were meant to have higher stats, and ergo would "always" be an upgrade. However, the way in which they increase stats on Weapons changes them from 'a cool thing to have' to mandatory. With v2.0, at least they're a cool thing to have and not mandatory. Also note that 30% stat boost never negates having the wrong stats. If your build is predicated on having high CDR and your Primal rolls without it, you HAVE to roll for CDR, meaning if the (weapon) rolled with Area Damage Life Per Hit and say Attack Speed, and your build doesn't proc Area Damage, you don't care about LPH, and Attack Speed is somewhat decent, you can't fix the item. You'd roll the AD into CDR and be running around with a stat stick because it's Primal, not because it's good. In the other hand, 10% Damage on a Primal makes the weapon range even higher, and in most cases today, an Ancient item is good and all, but you also want 10% damage on it if you're really trying. These are arguably the best reasons that Primal v1.0 was a horrible idea. It's not fun nor is it entertaining to run around with a super uber weapon, when there is an item that makes your build work 10x better, but Primals deal more damage.
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    posted a message on What new primal ancients actually are (and why that is nothing)
    Quote from TrueColdkil»

    Getting to the point: the whole discussion Primals v1 VS Primals v2 is completely bogus. The relative power provided by v1 is around 2-3 GRs on a paragon 2k character - so extremely low also given the rarity of the item.

    I'd agree here with the exception of the weapon slot. The boost in damage from the damage range alone is an easy 6-7 GR levels, 10 if you're good and like fishing. The fact that every skill multiplies (and subsequently every multiplier afterwards) from your weapon's damage range means that increasing it increases your overall damage output exponentially. I believe the math is something to the effect of 100 damage range = 1000 main stat (could be 2, it's been forever since I've actually looked at it). That's quite a bump.
    Primals v2 have on the other side next to zero impact and are pointless to hunt for the most part until you really want to "finish" your character.
    While your overall statement here is true, shouldn't that be what we all strive for in a season? I mean realistically speaking of course, it almost never happens, but when it does all that is left is the paragon grind. It'll keep players going, and complaining about it the whole way, but at least they're still playing.
    v1 didn't have GRs requirement so ladders could be easily fucked up by some sheer luck and while Ladders imho have next to zero meaning, still it's not something anyone wants. v2 Primals just negate this possibility since a good rolled Ancient is really near in terms of power with a Primal.
    True, however, I think with the addition that Mystic gives perfect rerolls sort of gives an edge towards Primals, not a huge edge, but it's definitely in favor of Primal. I think truly the solution is going to end up somewhere in the middle. While Primals serve that "last 1%" you'll get on gear, they should definitely have impact, but not nearly as much impact as v1.0. It's already an unspoken rule in-game, if a weapon isn't ancient, it's not really worth using. There's a reason for that. Primal v1.0 just exacerbates that same stereotype.
    The whole Primal thing was doomed before even coming to light since it's just "meh" design. The game needs different gameplay additions - i hope that with Challenge Rifts also standard ladders will just be removed since they're actually not an indicator for anything so the attention will be less focused on the fantomatic "meta" which is created by players and gives the false impression that if you don't play that exact build you're doing it wrong.
    I agree 100%. Which is why instead of giving us Primals, they should be focusing more on balancing each class, giving more legendary affixes, and fixing old/broken/useless legendary affixes. Who's going to use a Dovu Energy Trap these days with the CC immunity in the air? If each class had at least 5 GR pushing builds over 3 different sets, excluding LoN builds, the game would be more competitive, and less cookie cutter. I think we can all agree that even with the paragon problem persisting, being able to play at the same level with 5 unique builds for your class would be a lot easier to take. (PS Also fits with the Armoury, just sayin.) ;)
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    posted a message on What new primal ancients actually are (and why that is nothing)
    Quote from gurete»

    Quote from Autocthon»

    Game doesn't need pointless power creep to be made more playable by the competitive crowd. It needs more competing options, less power gap, and ways to distinguish player ability that don't involve grinding up the stat ladder.
    Nearly 100% of what gets a player on the top leaderboards is pure stat. The only bit of differentiation between players at the top by the end of a season is how lucky they were fishing for rifts. Power creep doesn't make knowledge of the game any more important, nor does it make time investment any more rewarding. It's just same shit different numbers.

    If you want the game to hold the attention of streamers add something like PoE map system (which let a player progress through challenges). Add a balanced competitive mode (whole point of challenge rifts). Add more competing options and wildly crazy items. Don't just tack another zero onto the end of stat values and say "Now your time matters more".

    Strongly disagree. Of course mainstat has a point in overall performance, as it should; but you said that nearly 100% of what brings a player to the leaderboards is stat / gear.
    That is 100% wrong, and any player in the top 100 on any leaderboard will verify it. Player performance is the highest factor, by far.
    Honestly, my personal opinion is that your points sound quite like an excuse for someone who wants the game to be completely casual. LoL- HOTA mode on.
    Log in and be able to compete in equal playground with someone who has gotten 4k paragon while you made it to paragon 600 in your 2-hours a week schedule. Not gonna happen in D3. It never happened in D2 either , or any ARPG for what it takes.
    Clearly I want an ARPG where progress and time invested do matter, while your approach sounds like a MOBA-shooter type of game.
    Competition does matter. But so does playing incentive. And power creep IS an incentive.

    Actually, it's fairly accurate to assume that player knowledge/skill is a factor, but a lot of that comes down to rift fishing, which is exactly what he said. After that it's simple stat math, if you're not within XXX paragons of the next player on the boards, you can't compete with them regardless of skill, as they are just putting out more raw numbers. Adding Primals only exacerbates the difference of rift fishing/knowledge to complete luck, which is detrimental to your first point, that streamers-elite players-competition bring new players to the game. I don't believe his point is to make the game casual, but instead to have more varied options in build diversity, instead of just raw numbers. In fact your assumption appears to be illogical, as wouldn't a complete casual want bigger numbers on their gear so they don't have to spend hours paragon farming? Just a thought.

    If they were to instead take Primals out of the game completely, balance 3 sets for each class to deal roughly the same amount of damage, add legendary affixes to currently useless legendaries, upgrade current useless legendary affixes to be useful in at least 1 build, they'd be making huge strides towards more competitive and more exciting game-play. I used to laugh (out loud) at the Play-Your-Way Thursday segments, as they were usually extremely useless builds for doing basically anything with. "This build clears T8, I like it." Yea, but the highest difficulty is T13... Wouldn't you want more builds that do things differently at the maximum rather than builds that have to stoop to lower difficulty settings to be effective?

    Power creep is incentive, but it's not the ONLY incentive. I've said it before and I'll say it again, getting a Primal Ancient Obsidian Ring really makes no difference, getting a Primal Ancient Crushbane is completely useless.
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