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    Its hopeless to reason with players that says droprates are just fine as is. "I have a life" "I wanna play other games too" "I dont need a game i can play forever" blaaaaablaaaa kraaaa kraaa.

    Has it ever struck you boyz that maybe, just maybe ...... this game is not your cup of tea? This entire genre?

    It has always been about searching for epic loot, changing your playstyle accordingly as you find new stuff?

    Blizzard has made tons if items with different affixes and hardly nothing is used, because you get your set within 15min after lvl70.

    We have a difficulty system that is being bypassed because Blizzard sold their soul in the months following the closing of AH.

    Remember the reason for shutting it down? JM (Josh Mosqueira) said that it bypassed the loothunt and that it was not the intention.

    He said Diablo was about finding the loot on your own, getting rewarded for playing the game instead of AH. He had tons of good points when he closed the AH. Now we have Cain's Gift, like WTF?? we got kadala, cube, mystic, legendary gems, Ramaldinis Gift and very high droprates absolutely destroying the intent behind the game. JM sold his soul, he is a traitor. Game was just fine after the closing of AH, progression were fixed. But then came all the casuals and the game is far worse now than it was with AH. I just cant believe they willingly rekt the game.

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    Quote from Hartassen»

    you're going to get one shotted while being boosted

    The knowledge is strong in this one. If you cant boost a player without getting him killed, you are simply doing it wrong!
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