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    posted a message on Looking for people to play with!

    What is your definition of regularly and what are you looking for in potential teammates?

    If you do decide to play D3, hit up the build section for some good tips and videos showcasing specific builds. Also next season starts Friday 23rd @5pm CET.

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    posted a message on S13 Expanding my FL with active players (META)

    Hey, My name is Kim and i have played Diablo 3 since vanilla. I have been a clanleader for years, mostly for laidback and casual groups. In S12, i got to finally be part of a 4-man team with fun and exciting players, willing to learn and play meta games. I have cleared a solo GR 110 with my condemn Crusader and completed a GR 126 as healmonk in 4-man group. I have accumulated 2150+ para thus far in season 11.

    Next season i want to commit more time to playing endgame and learn more. I can play from 08:00 -> 15:00. In that time, i can do whatever i want to do. I can also play some after 20:00, for a couple of hours, but more on a random schedule. I look for players that are playing in the daytime. In S13, i am going to play heal monk, znec, support barb for rat runs. I may explore supp barb for meta, but remain undecided for now.

    I use Discord while playing and i am socially active :)

    If you are trashkiller, bosskiller, dps rat or supp barb.

    You must be playing in the daytime

    You must have done a GR125+ in 4-man team in s11

    You must be over 2000 para in s11

    You must have done GR105+ solo in s11

    You must be willing to use Discord and socialize if we play together

    i would love to have you on my FL.

    Btag: MylilPwny#21446

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    posted a message on What do you think about the new Challenge Rifts mode?

    I enjoy the challenge and i like the reward for beating the original players time. After that initial run where i beat the time and collect my reward, i have no incentive to keep advancing on the leaderboard. There is no reward for climbing the leaderboard :/

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    posted a message on DEMO AREA at Diablo Stage!!!!HYPE

    There is absolutely no way im going to fucking pay for a Necromancer and support further development with this retarded developers. Paragon system sucks, Item design sucks and endgame SUCKS!

    Only an expansion or a new title could fix this game. This is so disappointing news and the hype is dead and over for Diablo 3. Dammit!

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    posted a message on Diablo IV: Who is going to GamesCom?

    My guess is a new class.

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    posted a message on Would you play season 7 (or any season) if no stash tab given?

    This season will be one of my shortest. I will play the season journey and collect the stashtab, if i did not get a tab, i would definitely not play season 7.

    My issues with the game is:

    1) Paragon points giving too much power and destroying competition in GR's

    2) Solo leaderboards plaged with players who dont play solo.

    3) Gear progression being to fast

    4) Difficulty progression being to fast

    5) Item, set and abillity balancing

    6) Divided Community and elitist jerks

    If none of the above is addressed, im pretty sure that a stash tab, no longer will be enough to bother playing period.

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    posted a message on Your class in season 7?

    I will go for WD unless we get set changes this patch. If there is no paragon cap or fix, i will only do season journey and tap out.

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    posted a message on Legendary Drop Rates are fine?

    Oh wow, you know fancy words. nonstop, lucky drop, omg what does that even mean? You draw one extreme just to counter my argument. As mentioned above, there is just no way to reason with folks like you period, and thanks for proving my point.

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    posted a message on Legendary Drop Rates are fine?

    Its hopeless to reason with players that says droprates are just fine as is. "I have a life" "I wanna play other games too" "I dont need a game i can play forever" blaaaaablaaaa kraaaa kraaa.

    Has it ever struck you boyz that maybe, just maybe ...... this game is not your cup of tea? This entire genre?

    It has always been about searching for epic loot, changing your playstyle accordingly as you find new stuff?

    Blizzard has made tons if items with different affixes and hardly nothing is used, because you get your set within 15min after lvl70.

    We have a difficulty system that is being bypassed because Blizzard sold their soul in the months following the closing of AH.

    Remember the reason for shutting it down? JM (Josh Mosqueira) said that it bypassed the loothunt and that it was not the intention.

    He said Diablo was about finding the loot on your own, getting rewarded for playing the game instead of AH. He had tons of good points when he closed the AH. Now we have Cain's Gift, like WTF?? we got kadala, cube, mystic, legendary gems, Ramaldinis Gift and very high droprates absolutely destroying the intent behind the game. JM sold his soul, he is a traitor. Game was just fine after the closing of AH, progression were fixed. But then came all the casuals and the game is far worse now than it was with AH. I just cant believe they willingly rekt the game.

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    posted a message on D3 lost 50 % of players?

    To understand why the drop of activity is happening, you need to look towards the facts. Lets have a look at the facts we know for 100% certain and that we know causes less activity without alot of speculation at first.

    1) Bots have been targeted and killed, many players banned and this contribute for less activity, how much remains to see right?

    2) Meta has not changed -> Players will quit, how many is difficult to estimate

    3) Besides PTR reveal new possible playstyles for DH and maybe WD, nothing major seems to be in store for s7, so why return?

    4) Other games will always draw players for a while, which means, less activity here.

    5) We are soon midway into season 6, we know from past seasons, that activity drops from now until end, once new season is up, lots of players return to see whats new, and then leave again.

    Then some speculation:

    1) Communities dies all the time, included my own, i play far less, because i dont have anyone to play with and because solo is not rewarding enough to compete imo. When i speak with players that are currently inactive, this seems to be a common reason. Why clans and communities disbands, is not always to be blamed on 1 thing.

    2) Another large and possibly the main reason for me is, Blizzard destroyed gear and difficulty progression. With AH, we buy all gear and bypass the progression and the rewards of earning and finding our loot through monsterslaying, so it was correctly removed. However, when you introduce Cains Gift, Kadala, Cube, Mystic and large increase in droprates og legendaries and sets, you achieve that exact same result you did with AH, you bypassed alot of the progression. Torment levels are a joke, we hardly use any of them, so by Blizzard logic, lets introduce 3 more lvls, that will fix it for sure :P Paragonsystem is just way to powerful and that is why you get to grind for plvls instead of getting better loot, and it destroys competitive laddering for everyone that can't invest several hrs everyday, and i bet ya, this puts alot of players off to begin with. This is core issues, can easy be fixed in one patch or at the very least, be improved upon a grate deal, its a philosophy issue for the devs and not a practical issue.

    So what are we gonna do about it?

    We can voice it on the forums and we can quit. I have seen posts trying to get devs attention, nothing happens, sometimes, no reply whatsoever. When dialog cannot be established, there only one alternative left, which is, accepting it or quit.

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    posted a message on Season 7 and 2.5 suggestions?
    Quote from Passover04»

    One thing i would like to see is the removal of the end of season carry-over aspect, now we don't have season only gear it's a pointless feature and taking it away would make the choice between playing or not playing a season character more worth while.

    Wow, that is a suggestions worth thinking abit about. It actually grows on me. We don't get to keep the hard earned items after season is completed. It feeels.... .... ... ummm --- ... fresh! I both like it alot, and hate it alot at same time. This is a mindfuck bomb imo. Why would i farm an entire season, only to see it all go away. I mean my time spend in season, i will have next to nothing to show for it, but on the other hand, the thrill of finding out if you could do better another season, seems fresh and exciting too.
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    posted a message on Please devs end your solo play hatreds been pushed to

    I agree with you about solo being too sad at the moment. Blizzard wanted us to play in parties and share the game with our friends and as it were in the past, you got gimped while having your friends in the party. The solution Blizzard arrived at, was to make group play so good, that it became the rule. I dont see any other way of solving this issue, other than separate solo from group play, like you separate hardcore from softcore. This would be the very best solution to the issue imo. Then players who really wants to compete solo, can do just that. I think Blizzard is to paranoid to do this, because they are afraid too many is going to prefer solo over group.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4: ULTIMATE GUIDE for Season 5!

    Well done, thanks for sharing. Enjoy season 5.

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    posted a message on When blizzard ban botters?
    Quote from Saywhat»

    i am in WQW. took me two seconds to find your two accounts battletag. you are just on this website crying cause you got no skills and suck at playing diablo 3. ill say it again mate. if you really have 9000 hours in d3 you should be ashamed of yourself. your accounts looks like shit. get rekt son.

    This is why i choose to not interact much on Dfans forums. There are too many individuals posting poison like this all over the place. Divide and conquer techniques.
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    posted a message on anyone else bored/burned out?
    Quote from Kallizk»

    Quote from Hldemi»

    Quote from Kimmen85»

    I have also stop playing now. I tried like a hero to find a good group of players to speed GR65+ for more paragons, but nobody wanted my WD in their party, even tho i went dart in the end. Its all about monk and barbs in season 4. My fun was the WD helltooth set, but it has no place in the meta. After failing to find a good group and the will to not change char to monk or barb, i simply quit and have not played it again for the last week. I did solo GR65, i gained about 850 paragon and i lvl my gems to 70. I cubed every item i could get my hands on as a WD and i got most of my gear on WD to be ainchent. I completed the season journey and i put in about 260 hours worth of gameplay making this season the most successful season so far in my d3 career.

    I would probably double the time spend in season 4, if i could find a good group to play with or even better, if i could continue solo without being punished for it. It would also help if i could continue to play the spec i enjoy the most in group or solo. The way is see it, paragon points is waay to important to ignore and i would request a cap for future seasons for the improved quality of competition and longevity of the gaming experience. I would also request it to take longer to complete the sets for meta gameplay. I had full set after 2 or 3 days in season 4, making torment 1-6 a utter joke to play. I spent hardly no time in t3,4,5,6,7 and 9. The torment used was t1,2,8 and 10. I am sure that if it takes longer to gear up, i would spend more time in the game every season.

    A quality of life improvement for me would be a change to the legendary gem system. I hate to lvl the same type of gem over and over for use on other classes. a cube like system would be preferred, where u pick ur gem from a list and where u only upgrade the same type once. this would also free up more space in the stash.

    So overall for me, season 4 was very good, awesome set for my WD, loved the new place "The ruins of Sescheron", loved the cube, enjoyed the season journey alot. And best of all, really, was the removal of trials !!! Thank you for this awesome patch Blizzard.

    Something you must do wrong since WD is the current meta for main DPSer ... I love them and I see them throwing HOTA out of the meta. Static and dart are becoming the new meta. WD insane. Last 10 group setups i played on randomly all had WD as DPS... we did from 67-72

    Indeed you must be doing something very wrong, my GF plays wd for a long time and it has never been this good, my main is wizard which is clearly not that good this patch and we still manage to clear 70's. Helltooth is very powerful IF played right, besides it's not like it is as hard to play as tal'rasha wds got it easy ^^.
    I would like to add that i dont have any issues clearing 70+ rifts in party. I have a problem finding a stable party/group/clan to play with. For last two weeks i played, i spent alot of time searching for party, since i dont have any real life friends that play this game. However, i only a got a few requests with random groups and it got boring and tedious very quickly. I also spent a fair amount of time searching in forums for players aswell, with no fair luck of finding the group i wanted. So clearly, i dont do anything wrong, i simply had no luck finding the group for me. :/
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