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    Kind of a weird argument. People die in HC too, so yes, it is a reward for not dying.

    There should be much more of this tbh, I have sadly stopped playing HC (well, not playing D3 at all currently) because of the random disconnects and major lag/DDOS issues that has plagued the game. but it would be lovely if some of the experience could be recreated in SC, with meaningful rewards for caring about your survival.

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    posted a message on Ups and downs announced so far for ROS?
    • Nephalem Rifts
    • Bounties
    • Adventure mode (mostly teleporting everywhere)
    • More interesting legendaries
    • Much less/no emphasis on trading (aka BoA)
    • Claiming that defensive stats will be more important again (not a single proof though)
    • Itemization still seems kinda bad. Universally good stats still exists..
    • Still no death penalty in SC, though some slight hints at it
    • Not much talk on improved tactical gameplay
    • Still no failsafe on disconnects Stacraft 2-style.
    • Apparently NV is removed instead of improved
    • Paragon 2.0 (except account-sharing, which is good)
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    So nice.
    Blizzard is back! (well, maybe not)
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    Quote from Drol

    Cool idea!

    But if there are going to be any sort of ranking/top list I would like to see it based on performance, not time invested. Performance could be how fast you cleared a dungeon, score/time.

    I would also like to see a list where you are compared yourself to friends and maybe recent players.
    Yeah. More interesting with ladders that arent purely based on number of kills etc.
    Though, I dont understand why Blizzard isnt simply offering endless amounts of ladders.

    There could literally be one for every single possible statistic in the game. And for stuff that isnt in the game "yet", like MrMonstrosity's ideas.

    Fastest boss kills, most enemies killed in 1 minute, most damge dealt in 30 seconds, fastest full act clears, most legendaries found within 1 hour, highest endless dungeon clears, pve kill/death ratio, pvp kill/death ratios, anything really. Could be fun to see some of those stats, even for those of us who have no interest in "competing" with others.
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    Luckily incentivize != force.
    Doesn't change a thing though. You cant possibly be arguing that the game aren't offering fairly strong incentives to use the AH, and therefore you as a player will be putting yourself in a worse position by not using it.

    The argument of not being forced to do anything is ridiculously at best
    You could play without hands or with your eyes closed as well. No one force you otherwise. You would just be artificially struggling to play with those self-imposed restrictions.
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    Quote from maka

    The funny thing is: a lot of the problems in PoE seem to stem from having a low budget, i.e., the lower-than-desirable fluidity of the combat system
    Well, SWTOR which probably has one of the largest budgets ever for a game, had some of the least fluid gameplay I have ever seen*.
    I think its more a matter of many designers not understanding how fluidity makes their games better.

    That is probably one of the reasons so many WoW clones have failed miserably. No matter what else they do, nearly all of them offer much less fluid combat than WoW. And people get turned off by it.

    *They literally admitted that they purposefully had made their game less fluid, so people could see all their "awesome animations". Not allowing people to switch from one skill to another, before the full animation had finished. Sigh.
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    posted a message on Five suggestions for substantially improving D3 content-wise
    Yeah. Yet another reason there should be ladders in the game, so you could see how far people had managed to get, how fast people could clear levels etc.
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    posted a message on Top 10 Fixes for Diablo 3 - State of Diablo 13 Ep 9
    I'm not exactly complaining about the show - I have never listened to it - hell, I didn't knew you were in that show :P
    From the "show notes list", there seemed to be plenty of things I both agreed and disagreed on. Hooray.

    Merely pointing out that it's (imo) weird (and a bit sad that people do this) to translate gold costs in the game to real currencies.
    I'm having a hard time grasping how this could happen to something that was supposedly a game.

    Are you also annoyed that Blizzard steal real money from your character when enemies hit you and you lose durability?
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    There are a few abilities in act 2-4 which needs to be fixed/nerfed because they are currently ridiculous. Such as too high dmg on a few abilities and annoying AI on some mobs - like act 4 mobs charging you from way outside the screen or act 2 bees being generally annoying,
    The overall difficulty shouldn't be reduced though - sadly it looks like it will.

    And then of course classes should be balanced to allow for more skill diversity, but that wont be next patch anyway.
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    posted a message on SK Inferno stats
    Nothing in this information shows that Inferno will take a long time to beat. Only that numbers will be high...
    Even if it takes 5 minutes to beat SK in Inferno, 5 minutes isn't exactly a long time out of 24 hours per a day

    Still going to be very surprised if no one have cleared Inferno after 2 weeks.The announcement that RMAH wouldn't be available for the first week might have ensured that Inferno wont be cleared the first week though. That probably is going to be important for the first ones to do it.
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