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    posted a message on IK whirlwind build

    Now that with 2.3 patch IK 6set option increases all damage output by 250% (basically multiply the damage by 3.5), would IK whirlwind be on par with WotW whirlwind?


    1. 40% damage reduction

    2. 2500% dust devil damage. (3750% damage if using infinite wrath of berserker)

    3. you can potentially have infinite ignorance is bliss (50% damage reduction + Health on resource spent) with pride of cassius

    4. you can potentially have infinite wrath of berserker (either 50% damage increase or 50% damage reduction) with zodiac ring


    1. infinite ancients (50% damage reduction)

    2. 2800% whirlwind damage ((400 fire whirlwind + 400 skull ring) *3.5) or 2590% whirlwind damage ((340% any whirlwind + 400 skull ring) * 3.5)

    3. infinite wrath of berserker (either 50% damage increase or 50% damage reduction). This can sort of replace infinite ignorance is bliss.

    4. empty shoulder space for a legendary shoulder such as vile ward (good combination with furious charge + F&R) or death watch mantle

    5. increase damage against boss by adding Hota skill and hota bracer

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    posted a message on question about blessed hammer limitless rune
    Quote from rhaepsoยป

    1) each hammer can only hit each enemy once, while the limitless hammers can only spawn a new one once ("newly spawned double hammers" from limitless can't double and also hit each enemy only once).

    2) haven't tested this extensively, but from what I saw, you need the non crits to be from X different cast - e.g. you can't just spawn one hammer that hits 10 enemies or something like that

    3) not sure about this, but I assume it takes the proc coefficient into account - which isn't that high for hammers. could also be that per cast you can maximally proc it once, so per 1 hammer cast you get 1 heal.

    thanks for answering I guess broken promise is not a good item for crusader

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    posted a message on potential seismic slam infinite knockback?

    So I've been trying very hard to get the Istvan's paired blade set to test out this build but, does it even exist?????

    For anyone of you who has this pair of blades, I was wondering if you could perma knockback all enemies (not including boss or huge champions) if you combine this blade with seismic slam, shattered ground rune?

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    posted a message on question about blessed hammer limitless rune

    Oh forgot to add one more question

    3. does every single hit that each hammer deals trigger holy cause passives second option? every single hit that every single hammer deals seems to have increased by 10% but my health doesn't seem to increase even when I cast blessed hammer in the middle of 10~20 zombie packs.

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    posted a message on question about blessed hammer limitless rune

    after 2.3 patch I was planning to use blessed hammer limitless rune + broken promise. I wanted to varify a few things before the patch and realized that this might not work because of following issues:

    1. I do know that the blessed hammer summoned by crusader can hit several monsters but each hammer can only hit each monster once. But does the same rule apply for hammer created by the limitless rune? Because it seems the hammer created by the limitless rune can only damage the first target it hits and the rest are ignored.

    2. will both hammers summoned by crusader and limitless rune trigger legendary option of broken promise ring? Will every single hit dealt by the hammer, summoned by crusader, trigger broken promise ring? during my test I realized that no matter how many non critical damage my hammer outputs (I saw at least 5~7 white numbers at a single moment, with out a single yellow number on the screen), I have to cast blessed hammer at least 5 times to trigger the legendary option.

    Could anybody please help me varify if any of my results are false?

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    posted a message on seismic slam shattered ground


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    posted a message on seismic slam shattered ground

    I am trying to make a fire seismic slam build and it got me wondering does strong arm bracer increase damage of seismic slam shattered ground?

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    posted a message on Next Expansion Speculation

    I think in the next expansion it might be cool to introduce dracula like character. As we all know in ros lots of nephalems souls were drained by an arch angel and a soulless human such as dracula sounds pretty cool.

    so unlike any other charaters that rely on int str or dex these new characters only rely on vit for everything. All the skills either cost or regen health

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    posted a message on Hitting a brick wall GR50 HCS

    my personal opinion, take out Ik set completely. BK set option + FC + warcry should give you enough fury. So unless you are using ancient for defensive reason, I think you are wasting space on rings, belts, and skills.

    I personally believe the best way to boost your dps is by using F&R. it gives you 125%additional damage. Yes using F&R means you have to give up on sustainability but you really don't need it up to about 53~54 Grift. And plus when you try above 54 Grift, you will need F&R to even kill the boss in time.

    changes I recommend (F&R + Cassius build)

    1. Ouroboros -> eye of elitch or immune amulet. (but the one you have is good enough for 50~51 Grift)

    2. Nemesis -> strong arm (physical, str, vit, CHC)

    3. IK belt -> Cassius (same options)

    4. IK boots -> WW boots (same options)

    5. F&R rings ( CHC, CHD, CDR, socket) (CDR is most important)

    6. give CDR option for both weapons.


    1. whirlwind - blood funnel

    2. furious charge - merciless assult

    3. battle rage - bloodshed

    4. warcry - impunity

    5. wrath of berserker - insanity

    6. ignore pain - ignorance is bliss

    7. change weapons master -> superstition

    most important option CDR. which means you need gogok. Best to keep above 50% without gogok. I am not sure, but I also heard there is a whirlwind bug. your spinning speed does not increase while you are spinning. which means, pain killers second option is not helpful.

    'how to kill thrash efficiently'

    furious charge will trigger strong arm (only on trash + blue monsters). FC will trigger F&R. with gogok and CDR focused build wrath of berserker will be up in no time. even in the middle of 10, 20 monsters, ignorance is bliss and Life per fury from belt and whirlwind should get you enough health regen to survive, if not you can always escape with FC. try to get above 700k life points.

    In your case life% on shoulder should be better than vit. since 0.15 * 5500 (your current vit without shoulder vit) = 825 vit.

    Also since you are in HC I think infinite ignorance is bliss should be very helpful in keeping you alive

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    posted a message on Ancient SS Stat Reroll

    SS damage 10%

    offhand probably life -> elite damage (if you enjoy multiply)

    eep the offhand as is or life -> vit if you enjoy single play

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    posted a message on Weapon Roll for Wizard protest!

    I definitely think you are right. However, I don't think blizzard can make improvements on that issue with current game style. As you know the only content in Diablo is actually weapons. normal rift, Grift are all randomly reused monsters and maps from story mode. Balance is so messed up that nobody cares to brawl. Uber boss, only a means to gain an item. blood shards, also only a means to gain an item. competing for top rank, a system only provided to lucky people. I played 4~6 hours a day for about 3 weeks at the beginning of the season. Once I got the ancient item I was looking for, I stopped playing because there was no point. Think about it there are legendary items without a legendary affix? Why else would Blizzard add such items unless they want to make it hard to get certain items?

    Basically what I am saying is the easier it is to get the item you are looking for ESPECIALLY A WEAPON, the faster users will grow tired of repeated maps and monsters and the faster they will loose user base. So there is no reason to protest because you are asking blizzard to give up their only content.

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    posted a message on Viable and fun build for GR <50 Need feedback!

    As far as I know there are two common settings you can find related to BK 6WW build.

    1. max CDR -> infinite ignore pain - ignorance is bliss

    2. max attack speed -> boost defense.

    The difference is pretty obvious, for max CDR, you try to get max CDR from all the items (except amulet) + gogok to have 100% uptime for ignore pain - ignorance is bliss. This build can promise you a healthy barb but may take slightly longer to kill champions and boss than the second build. Also with this build you can use APD + ground stump (infinite ground stump) to up your survival.

    The second build is using max attack speed. This build is very risky and difficult to play but once you get the hang of it you can kill champions and boss a little quicker. With this build get attack speed on all items except for weapons and amulet. For weapons you should either get life per hit, life per fury, or vit. You also need string ear, eye of elitch, and lacuni or strong arm. Yes, furious charge is such a great skill because it does not only increase mobility and survival and trigger F&R but also trigger strongarm bonus damage option.

    For the CDR build you do not need weapons master because attack speed is simply not enough for you to spend more fury than generated by BK, FC, ground stump, and shout. For the attack speed build you will need weapons master.

    Something interesting with WW set is although rend is the first option for WW set, rend is still quite useless compared to other skills you can consider. Overpower is a great example for attack speed build, and ground stump is a great example for CDR build. But the rest of your skill + passive looks fine.

    For both helmet and shoes I suggest whirlwind damage increase because it does buff DD damage

    For both CDR and attack speed build, you don't need diamond, ruby will do. I personally think for barb when you are trying to go for grift over 50, alot of times you fail to beat the rift not because you died too much but because you don't have enough damage output. Don't worry, it is not impossible to go grift over 50 even with non ancient BK.

    Lastly I believe currently there is a whirlwind bug with pain enhancer. Barb does not spin faster even with second pain enhancer option on. I haven't test myself to be sure but I was told this is the case. Bou can definitely keep the gem but you could also consider gogok for CDR build, esoteric alteration for attackspeed build, or powerful for attack speed build.

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    posted a message on Gr delrash problem that make me boring !! sadly.... boring... :( And a question !

    delrasha's damage is not the best but definitely more than enough

    FYI my slowtime bubble gives up to 350 milion per second damage (with full stack for talrasha 6 pcs option), and 800 million with COE on. And ofcourse with 51% chance (my chc is 51%) I can cast a star pact that gives over 4 billion damage every 8 seconds. I know this is definitely not the best damage output you can have since less than half of my items are ancient, but I doubt it is considered weak?

    I checked your setting here are some changes I recommend

    1. socket is a must for both amulet and rings. The amulet I am using also only have CHD and not CHC which is why my CHC is 51%. But there are few gems that you just cannot leave out. Such as toxin, zei, molten gizzard, powerful, and Esoteric. You can choose two of your choice.

    2. Unity? try COE? you don't need Unity if you have AW (yes I do have ancient AW but even when I only had normal AW my slow time damage with full talrasha 6pcs stack outputed over 200million per sec) since calamity and APD can reduce a ton of damage. If you don't have normal AW, then I actually think halo + APD is better than unity. Anyways, I feel like nowadays without F&R or COE, you just don't have enough damage output no matter what.

    3. You must have meteor damage and CHC for helmet. even though delrasha's main damage is slowtime, You do also get alot of damage from meteors especially star pact. For starpact I believe CHC is extremely important because it is (should) only used at a very specific condition, when arcane COE is on and when talrasha is at 4 stack.

    4. 0 cool down necessary. This is also why AW is important for delrasha. The key to the build is to spam teleport and use primary skill in between every teleport so that you can cool down slowtime as soon as possible and cover the map with it. With 0 attack speed and cooldown (other than paragon points like me) you should be able to lay 3 slow time at once, if you keep spamming primary attack.

    5. life % sounds better than electrocute for waist

    6. APD instead of strongarm? (I will explain at bottom why strongarm is not the best choice)

    7. don't need socket for offhand. either get resource cost reduction or elite damage increase

    8. I suggest AW over anyweapon for Delrasha. Even if it is normal AW.


    1. glacial spike

    2. teleport calamity

    3. slowtime

    4. mammoth hydra (better than black hole because fire meteor can be cast every 8 seconds but blackhole cooldown is 12 seconds)

    5. magic weapon 20% (more constant damage buff compared to strong arm + black hole combination. Plus black hole doesn't work on boss)

    6. force armor

    7. unstable anomaly

    8. elemental exposure

    9. prodigy

    10. your choice probably something with damage buff?

    key of the build I am using is spamming teleport (initiate and approach the crowd of monsters), magic missile (freeze, resource regen, talrasha 6pcs stack), and slowtime (damage), for none champion monsters. For champion monsters, forget about them and come back after finishing off 3 or 4 white packs (yes skip champions that are alone), because by then their health will be low enough to finish off in few meteors.

    When fighting boss, keep spamming the three skills above but this time don't use teleport to approach the boss but use it to dodge all of the attacks. Stay as far away from boss as possible and makesure you benefit from zei gem. When the talrasha stack is full and arcane COE is on approach the boss with teleport and escape immidiately. star pacts damage will satisfy you.

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    posted a message on Can't even do 37 grift?

    The setting you have right now is very good (except you might want to look for new F&R , ancient SS, tasker theo with CHC and CHD, etc.). However the setting you have is usually used in multiplayer. Reason being, this build is focused completely on damage and not on sustain. Substring said you have too much fire damage but when you play 55+ Grift multiplayer, mammoth hydra does similar damage as starpact so some people actually chooses fire damage over arcane.

    BUT if you enjoy single player this build will only work against certain monsters (such as zombies) that move in pacts. So as I mentioned before, if you really like using slow time, I suggest delrasha, or, if you don't have AW, pure talrasha build and melee wizard should do.

    1. delrasha (if you have AW)

    5 talrasha + 3 delsere (offhand, amulet, torso should use tarhasa, rest can be either)

    need RORG + COE

    skills change meteor to teleport calamity, and mammoth hydra to force shield. Usually people use a different setting since most delrasha's slow time is electric, since you have fire element, I guess you don't need mammoth hydra. Oh and of course you cannot use electrocute for delrasha, use the other two with electric rune.

    for passive basically change arcane dynamo with elemental exposure.

    APD is suggested

    how to play -> you should spam teleport on the monsters face and use skills + primary skill once in between each teleport to regenerate resource and give damage.

    2. melee wizard

    6 talrasha

    change the two rings into ether COE + halo or unity + halo

    you can keep SS for this build but AW is prefered

    skill change slowtime into teleport calamity, starpact into ice shield.

    passive change unstable anomaly into elemental exposure, glass cannon into either audacity or cold blood. if you use SS you must have illusionist so change prodigy into that.

    APD is a must for this build

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    posted a message on Armor vs All Resist?

    I think aLCuiN is saying for chest/pant/belt/shoulder items, it is better to have all resist option rather than armor option (so for other items you should not add all resist or armor because there are better options to add). use rubies for chest and pant sockets and rely on paragon points instead of diamonds for increasing defensive stats.

    I am not 100% sure about the following 2 equations but as far as I know the equation for how much AR or armor reduces the damage is

    current AR / (current AR + x)

    current armor / (current armor + y)

    I believe x is 300 and y is 3000 or something... I have to check again.

    Anyways it means the more AR or armor you have the less efficient each AR or armor points will be at reducing damage. for str and dex classes since you get a lot of armor from primary stat, you should focus on increasing all resist. For int classes, if your all resists is over 2000, then you should consider adding some armor. However, that is only the case with the item affixes, for the gems I think you always want to use the gem that increases the primary stat.

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