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    posted a message on Why so many problems with the AH?
    Quote from Letemburn

    Ugh I am so glad that i'm not a network/system admin for blizz, I would hate to be the one taking crap for stuff like this from people who have no idea how computers/servers work

    Or you could have just gotten the job, did your work properly and prepared for the worst, then get paid and all of us would be enjoying a relatively lag/error free game. How hard would it has been to get some servers from a 3rd party to help their server loads the first week? I mean come on, really now?

    Blizzard used to work extremely hard with a fraction of the resources they have now in order to provide a FREE Battle.net to all of us. Even when they released WoW, people were a tad upset about the server instability at release, but many people realized how serious the obstacle they were facing was. They didn't have the capital back then to meet the demands of an MMO that broke every single possible record upon its first day of release.

    Nowadays, they still provide a free battle.net, but now with all of the resources they have available to them, you still somehow feel bad for them? Why feel bad for them? No other gaming company gets that kind of sympathy if their game flops when it comes to online play.

    Being positive about it won't get you anything. Giving them time will let them fix a number of issues, but meh. If you give them crap, they MAY forget that they already have your money and listen to your feedback. As it is right now, they are still beta testing the actual game, after they let you beta test the demo for half a year, give or take a couple of months.

    Quote from chaoslux

    See what the exactly above guy was saying about people who dont know how computer or server works? You're one of them.

    No actually, you are the one that doesn't understand how little Blizzard has spent on their server costs over the course of several years. After they finally worked out their server infrastructure during the first year of WoW's release, things went pretty smoothly. 2-3 years after that point, when a couple of top Blizzard executives were doing interviews with smaller internet gaming websites, they hinted at the release of their next top-secret mmo (around 2007-2008) They also made it a point to mention that their actual server costs were only a few hundred thousand dollars at most. it doesn't take much money or resources to deal with those sorts of logistical challenges, only a team that knows what they are doing.
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    posted a message on Average players Diablo 3 Inferno Tatic
    You haven't lived until you play a Barb, throw Marathon sprint on your hotbar and run around in inferno to see how many mobs you can round up. The moment you get rage starved, leap in, pop cooldowns and start revenging, epic music will start playing in your head as you mash dem buttons!
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    posted a message on Diablo III, A Disaster to Girls?
    Pretty stupid thread. Especially since Diablo 3 is as afk-friendly as you can get. If a significant other walks into the room, You can just hit the esc key or hit leave game if you're in a group. Easy peasey.
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    posted a message on I demand a Character wipe (reset)
    Quote from Oenz

    Since all this nerf (fix) all people who played this game since day1 and now are in act 4 inferno and facerolling because they exploit the game. I demande a character wipe (reset)

    It's ok to bust out with the kleenex over world firsts being handed over to smart people that find bugged skills, but to demand a character wipe? It's just a glorious PvE rat-race ffs. Chill out! Please head to the nearest Ladies dressing room and try to undo you getting your panties in a bunch. :P
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    posted a message on Asinine Blue Post!?
    The winky faces tick me off. What's with that ;) garbage? I'm more interested in CM's that can reply to valid playerbase concerns without sounding snide, instead of having CM's that are one step away from asking me if they want to cyber.

    But yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only one that think the CM's are one big joke.

    A long time ago I said that any of the Diablofans mods could do a better job than the D3 CM's. I still feel that way. I'm not trying to kiss ass or anything, that's just how I feel.
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    posted a message on Nerf?! Re-Roll!!!
    I'm playing Barb and I just got to Act 2 Inferno. I haven't bothered rerolling or trying an alt because...

    1. I don't have much interest in rolling an alt atm, even though playing a melee like a barb and being forced into using specific skills isn't fun.

    2. I'm a little stubborn about seeing how far I'm able to go before I just decide on rushing past mobs on the way to bosses. All bosses seem easier than most elite packs across the board, except for Izual and Diablo sometimes.

    3. I haven't had all the time in the world to play the past two weeks. I find myself helping friends or dumping tons of gear on people instead of focusing on farming or making alts. Plus ever since yesterday night I've been thinking about going back to Dota 2 until a major patch hits. I've missed two new hero ports since D3's release!!!
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 - Epic Farming Spot.
    It's a modern day pindleskin!!! Good work!

    Maybe I'll try this sometime if I'm feeling bored and want to do something in a mindless grindy fashion. I was thinking about going back to Dota 2 since the game is already losing its fun factor, but since I just got to Inferno I could give this run a shot.
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    posted a message on Auction House Fiascos
    Makes me miss the SoJ days. It figures that the players could make a better player-driven economy than Blizzard could when being try-hards about it.

    Another problem is that, in general, legendaries don't really feel cool or are even that powerful. It's definitely easier to pawn off yellows, but pretty damn hard to sell off even top notch blues, just because.
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    posted a message on Finally, solo'd Inferno Belial on my WD
    Quote from Red_Panda

    Quote from Seamountain

    Good job m8!

    And Red_Panda, dodging slow attacks isn't exploiting, do you kill Fire Chained mobs by standing in the middle of them since you seem to think that dodging them is exploitative?

    I think you completely mis-understood my post. I was refering to exploitative kills such as those using pre-nerf SS/Prep, Force Armor, etc

    He's a WD so walking about exploits isn't very exciting. Just feel bad for him if he'd bored using a build like Zombie Bears. The real tragedy here is if he had to settle killing belial with a build he's bored to death with, just to get him on farm mode.
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    posted a message on Wrath (Thrive on Chaos) works with maxed fury or not?
    I'm not sure if someone has asked this question in this sub-forum yet, but does Thrive on Chaos rune with Wrath extend its duration if you are already maxed out on fury?

    I haven't really tested it throughly since I ussually use Insanity, but does anybody know what the deal is? My build typical maxes out on fury and I pick up Berserker Rage whenever I can, so I'm curious.
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    posted a message on RMAH Delayed, Hotfixes, Battle.net Balance Reminder, Constructive Posting, Blue Posts, and Thorns Affix
    Quote from xkillerz

    I am personaly disappointed with the delay. Wanted to cash in on early market. To by honest this delay saw it coming. Still sad that a lot off the market is already formed when it comes out. But still on the first days when its out you can also make good cash.

    I agree whole-heartily. Also, one part of me wanted to see Blizzard actually make money on the early market, but the other bigger part of me is really happy that they aren't even able to cash out on their slightly broken product. Serves them right!

    Does anybody else get disgusted by the winkey faces that the Blizzard CM's make? Their stupid winkey faces and some of their snide replies are pretty tiresome and they also feel a bad taste in my mouth.

    Blizzard CM: Oh? You think you are witty? ;) I can be witty and make winkey faces too. ;) Except I get paid to wink at you and you're just a cash cow. ;) A/S/L? ;)
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.
    Quote from Grimace

    I played diablo 1 and 2 religiously, delving into the story and game play with the passion of a zealot. After playing d3 with the same passion...this is game feeling completely unfinished.


    I feel like if blizzard opened up a bigger beta, these issues and many others could have been resolved BEFORE the game was released. Blizzard severely underestimated ( or just ignored) it's gaming community.

    Love the game play. But this game just isnt "polished" enough.

    A bigger beta most certainly would have helped. It's a shame that the devs were too lazy to provide us anymore than a beta for us to test their game's demo. Some of you laughed when guys like me said you were only testing the game's demo. I wonder where those people are now, seeing as though the game's demo will be normal act 1 up until the skeleton king...

    Anyways, most of your complaints boil down to the state of the game's replayability. There's probably very very little you can do now as a fan to fix that problem, seeing as though the game has already been released and the blues are just there to give you feel-good replies and winky faces to your valid concerns. :P
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    posted a message on Why Diablo 3 will not last as long as Diablo 2.
    Quote from Theungry

    You seem to be comparing D3 in week 1 with D2 after several years of patches and expansions. I'm not sure that's a useful reference point.

    You seem to be defending a game that has an infrastructure of a 11 year old game. I'm not sure if that's a useful use of time.

    You're talking about a company that had 11 years to make a flawless sequel. They took 5-6 of those years to release a game like this to us. Sure, it's a good game. But it should be slightly better. Also, all of the economy problems, UI problems, and server problems SHOULD NOT have happened in a game that's developed by Blizzard Entertainment. With the years of experience with developing servers and economies in a game like WoW, along with having all of the resources now availible to them that they just didn't have 7 years ago, you would THINK that they could ship a game that's not inferior to their past releases.

    Sure, it's the fastest selling game of all time, only because of the hard work that was put into Diablo 2 and WoW.

    It's also worth mentioning that Diablo 2 and its expansion were developed in a fraction of the time and a meager fraction of the resources. Maybe This is why we'll be able to appreciate a game like Torchlight 2 when it comes out?
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    posted a message on The endgame in Diablo 3 is pathetic, and disapointing
    I already talked about this in my big wall of text rant on how I would make the game. All they had to do was make Act 4 open ended, but they have completely SCREWED themselves with the new quest-based progression system. Good luck adding anything interesting content-wise, because the quest progression system has tied the dev team's hands behind their back.

    Did you guys think Whimseyshire was interesting and fun? Yes? No? Well to all of the people that thought Whimseyshire was lamesauce, congratulations! That's the ONLY type of additional content you'll be getting until a new expansion! Well... that and the delayed PvP content.
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    posted a message on Secret Cow Level
    I called it, and I'm sure numerous others did too.


    I think the broken image was a Candyland picture, but you get the idea...

    Anways, is it cool? Maybe. Is it as funny and awesome as the cowl level? HELL NO. Comparing the two makes me wondr if the Diablo 3 devs have a good sense of humor.

    Although whichever WoW dev they got to make the achievement names and the guy that wrote the Scoundrel dialogue both have great senses of humor.
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