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    posted a message on Blizzard Agrees With Lack of Long-Term End-Game, Magic Find Gear Swapping Debate, Hotfixes, Blue Posts, MF Gear Swapping Poll
    I haven't played the game in a good amount of time and I'm enjoying my time elsewhere. But in reality, it's not about how long you played this game in an effort to find the long-term problems Any hardcore gamer with 10+ years of "gaming" experience could have pointed out reasons why this game couldn't provide any long-lasting replayability (and they probably did but got shot down anyways.) You just need to be a developer that's an actual gamer who knows what has been done in the past and what would be fun to play now.

    They had three options when making this game.

    1. Take Diablo 2's approach. Accept that you can't make an actual viable end-game with Diablo 2's model, but totally embrace the real facet of Diablo 2 that KEPT people playing for up to a decade. Encourage fun builds and class design that encourage players to make alts. The replaybaility comes from doing the same content, but with hundreds of different playstyles.

    (The D3 dev team chose not to do this by butchering the skill system and making particular skills nessecary for basic survival. Every class is essentially the same playstyle no matter what you want to have your build be before you reach Inferno.)

    2. Condemn Diablo 2's act-based/linear progression and make Diablo 3 a game with a more open world feel to it. You wouldn't necessarily have to "make it WoW" or other games, but make it so the progression isn't glued together with checkpoints or waypoints or tied down by quest-based progression. If Act 4 was an open-ended act instead of a rushed act with only 3 noticeable segments, there could have been tons more replayability. The replayability would have been in the "end-game" content, a.k.a. an open ended region of Heaven. Hell, Diablo 1 was basically 16 dungeon levels and DID have quests, but it wasn't quest-driven like Diablo 2 was. Who says Diablo 3 couldnt be more open-ended?

    (The D3 dev team decided to go with checkpoint-based progression, thus completely destroying any notion or chance of having an open ended area anywhere in the game.)

    3. Do what they did to develop Diablo 3, by stubbornly trying to reinvent the wheel several times during development, reject fan feedback, relearning extremely basic facets of game design and make themselves look misguided without leadership and inferior to D2's development team even with 12 years of hindsight. Doing things this way, made it sure they couldn't even "know" if their game was fun or not up until the last 6 months. After reaching that point of no return, with added pressure from investors and fans alike, they completely trashed and scrapped together the game's most basic systems and assume that there would be great replayability, just because.

    (Blizzard chose this option and now some of you are sitting here pretty clueless as to why you don't want to log on and several more popular and prominent "Gaming figures" are talking about how to fix the game on their boring livestreams.)

    Here's a spoiler for you all. You can't fix stupid. You also can't fix this game when the devs had several chances to fix it for a few years before it was even released. Oh yeah, thinking that you can somehow get them to fix it at this point is also stupid. You don't work at Blizzard and several very sane and accomplished game designers wouldn't go there unless they were offered a substantial pay raise.

    I wouldn't blame someone for going to work for the new Blizzard at this point, if it meant that they could get the money to support their significant others or their family or if they just want a new house. I'd be perfectly fine with that. But you see, that's the real heart of this problem. The new Blizzard is mostly (not all) game designers that are just there to make games and treat it as a livelihood instead of a passionate place to work.
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    posted a message on Finally got my refund!
    Quote from InfidelMan

    Got my refund on the the digital purchase of D3. The customer service was actually very nice and it's a +1 to them. Haven't played D3 in a week now, didn't even want to log on really since then. Unfortunately they ruined Diablo franchise for ME :( RIP
    Btw, I had 65 hours clocked in on my barb, inferno and it was no problem. Just be really nice to them, that's all. I made my purchase on May 12th, so you still can get a refund guys.

    Congratulations. I'm happy you'll be using $60 on something more important.

    *Achievement Unlocked* [Escape from Hell] +10 points!

    And to the poster above, it's entirely possible to get more than 60 hours of gametime from a multiplayer game. Most of them are free-to-play too. Just because some people can get more than 60 hours from a non-Blizzard game doesn't mean you should get butthurt about it. Some people just refuse to deal with bugs and poor account security. That doesn't make them whiny bitches for wanting a perfectly legal refund. It just makes them smart consumers.

    Also, talking about how players (or even devs) shouldn't be "doing the same thing over and over or their skills will deteriorate" is pretty asinine. Blizzard made their money and will keep making it with the RMAH, whenever the hell that's coming out. Blizzard achieved their goal, but that doesn't mean this guy should not get a refund.
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    posted a message on BEST Inferno Tactic, Works 100% of the time
    That kid was lucky as hell. At :32 the waller mob almost killed him.
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    posted a message on Want the ultimate "fun" Inferno Barbarian build?
    (Not sure if someone has posted something similar lately, but here goes nothing...)


    - Actually let's you have fun in Inferno with a Barbarian?

    - Might actually convince you to keep playing the game after you have gotten bored of it?

    - Is not gear dependent?

    - Has a high skill ceiling and leaves plenty of room for micro?

    - Let's you and your barb friends not cry salty tears of sadness in Act 2 or beyond?

    - Will let you solo in peace but allow you to be an interesting group member?

    - Allows for MF gear or any other quirky stat you prefer?

    - Allows you to blame nobody for your death but yourself?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions...



    After clicking that link, you are either faceplaming, laughing or just blankly staring at the screen. Good for you and congratulations!

    I made this build because I got bored of the Barbarian game becoming "Get these skills now or you are road kill." That crap is boring as hell! Since when did Blizzard think its was a great idea to make it so leaping into melee range was a bad idea?

    "Oh shame on you! You walked up to a mob as a Barbarian and died because of it! What were you thinking!? You made the mistake of trying to do damage as a melee character. I hope you have learned your lesson, you silly barbarian, you!"

    Do you want to know what my response to Blizzard lecturing us is?


    Instead of being bored as crap by dealing with inferior class design, I have decided to change all of Diablo 3 into an exciting and fun mini-game of Throwing Weapon Whack-a-Mole! Ohhhhh yeeeeeah!


    It lets you use ancient spear and weapon throw to deal damage from far range while constantly feeding you rage to do so. On top of all of that, it gives you the ability to weaken, slow and kite the monsters around while killing them in a reliably fast and fun fashion. You stay alive by using sprint so you don't need to necessarily go sword and board. Throw in a cooldown like Call of the Ancients to spice things up and you got yourself a build that doesn't have you on your knees, praying and selling your soul to the infamous demigod, Revenge.


    Well the steps are...

    1. Equip a two handed weapon

    2. ???

    3. Profit!

    Yep! That's right! All you need is reckless high damage rating and two brain cells to rub together in around to sprint around and chuck crap at the bad guys. You can even have movement speed boots, Magic find gear, gold find gear, or any other silly stat you are fond of.


    Weapon Throw [Mighty Throw]

    Sprint [Run like the Wind] (or other runes if needed)

    Ancient Spear [Skirmish]

    Threatening Shout [Intimidate]

    War Cry [Invigorate] (Or another rune if you somehow think regen on the run is a bad thing)

    Call of the Ancients [The Council Rises] (Or another Rage cooldown skill that you prefer)



    UNFORGIVING! (... unless you want another passive that's more helpful to you)


    - Use Ancient spear to build rage and do damage and constantly use it on cooldown.

    - Pay attention to see if Ancient Spear resets itself with a critical hit

    - Whenever you are not running, you can stop to shift+attack or left click attack the bad guys when you are at a safe distance.

    - Use threatening shout and war cry on cooldown to build up rage and to slow/weaken mobs that are closeby.

    - Never run up to a mob to debuff them if you're not sprinting. Debuff them if they are advancing towards you instead.

    - Pop sprint liberally to keep distance between you and the bad guys and to do damage to them with dem tornados.

    - Use Call of the Ancients to help deal with elites, champions or certain phases of boss fights.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 like WoW.. Wait what? I'm confused
    Blizzard games have always had a number of small subtle bits and pieces from their former games when it came to game design. There were scrolls of town portal in Diablo 1 and then scrolls of town portal in Warcraft 3. Simple things like that made you think, "Hey! That's a Diablo thing! Cool!"

    Back then, players embraced the fine little details, because every one of their releases were god-damned fantastic and they were hands down the best PC game developer. You could have put a couple of other companies next to them in comparison, but back then Valve only had one strong franchise, that being Half-Life. Blizzard had three, so other companies couldn't really match up to them, pound for pound.

    Nowadays, a lot of Blizzard fans, both old and new, both worry that games like SC2 or D3 have been tarnished simply because Blizzard has been working on WoW for SOOO long. The fact of the matter is that there was roughly a 7 year gap (July 2003, TFT's release - July 2010, SC2's release) where Blizzard had most of their developmental man-power working on WoW. Entire franchies have had trilogies done in that amount of development time (such as Mass Effect or Gears of War, for example,) so it's perfectly normal for a group of fans to critique Blizzard from a number of angles.

    If your company stopped making cake for 7 years and made Pizza instead, wouldn't you be apprehensive if they said they were going to make the next best cake sometime later this year?

    So yeah, people nitpick the graphics, game mechanics and sever stability and compare those situations to what we have in WoW. I mean, hello? They even have server downtime for Diablo 3 on Tuesdays? Don't you think it's perfectly reasonable to compare the two products? :P
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    posted a message on Why Diablo 3 will not last as long as Diablo 2.
    Quote from Theungry

    You seem to be comparing D3 in week 1 with D2 after several years of patches and expansions. I'm not sure that's a useful reference point.

    You seem to be defending a game that has an infrastructure of a 11 year old game. I'm not sure if that's a useful use of time.

    You're talking about a company that had 11 years to make a flawless sequel. They took 5-6 of those years to release a game like this to us. Sure, it's a good game. But it should be slightly better. Also, all of the economy problems, UI problems, and server problems SHOULD NOT have happened in a game that's developed by Blizzard Entertainment. With the years of experience with developing servers and economies in a game like WoW, along with having all of the resources now availible to them that they just didn't have 7 years ago, you would THINK that they could ship a game that's not inferior to their past releases.

    Sure, it's the fastest selling game of all time, only because of the hard work that was put into Diablo 2 and WoW.

    It's also worth mentioning that Diablo 2 and its expansion were developed in a fraction of the time and a meager fraction of the resources. Maybe This is why we'll be able to appreciate a game like Torchlight 2 when it comes out?
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    posted a message on An analysis: Number of builds for each class.
    People had fun in Diablo 2 making characters and figuring out how to spend roughly 100 skill points by allocating them into roughly 30 skill slots (per class), both active and passive. Some builds were serious business and some builds were just goofy builds where people had fun figuring out how to make them viable.

    In Diablo 3, people will shift through different combinations of skills that have very little identity. They aren't builds, just combinations. When somebody says they are making a crit barb or an aoe barb or bash barb, you will have absolutely no way of knowing what the hell their build actually is. It's just another combination of skills that does the same crap as the next guy's.

    Do all of the math you want. Go ahead. Slobber over a big passionless number that's at the end of an exponent equation. Big whoopidee doo. It's all generic combinations with very little identity. More doesn't mean better. Every Blizzard fan should know that by heart. Nobody gives a crap if your rogue build is different, They only care if your Combat rogue or your sublety rogue rips into flesh better than the other guy... or if you have the skills or rotation down pat to do so. Who would give a crap if your rogue build is skill combination #3450?

    After 6+ years of development, we basically have the same situation where every build has the same purpose of killing crap, while having also having every build have less identity. We might as well just go back to Warcraft 2, where every one of our skills could be perfectly balanced, similar to have every unit in WC2 was a mirror matched unit and they did the exact same thing. Outside of making, let's say, an MF run Demon hunter or a PvM Demon Hunter, what else is there?

    Diablo 2 Player: I'm leveling a whirlwind barb.

    Diablo 3 Player: Cool. Well you see... my barb will have bash and leap and ignore pain and whirlwind and...

    Diablo 2 Playter: Um... so that's a whirlwind barb then, right?

    Diablo 3 Player: Well, yeah... but not really. There's more to it then that. You have to see my skills to understand how it all works Plus my runes are...

    Diablo 2 Player: Sounds complicated and boring. Too long, didn't listen. Brb, pindleskin run.

    Diablo 3 Player: Screw you, noobtrash!

    Gems, gear sets and followers will have to be more in-depth to compensate. If not, you'll basically just have a maximum of five characters with an extended stash and maybe mule characters for extra storage. Why? Well every character can switch to another characters "build" simply by switching gear, at absolutely no cost. Almost 12 years have past and all we have done was go from a game where we could have multiple builds of each class (example. having a hurricane druid AND a shapeshifter druid) to a game we just have one character of each class (ex. having one druid that can just switch to any build whenever he wants just by switching skills and gear.)

    Math does not make a game fun long-term. If it did, all of you guys and gals would be Actuaries in real life having a great time making a good living.
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    posted a message on So I fired my bartender tonight...
    At the end of his shift, I fired my bartender and told him it would be his last night at the bar. He then asked me why I was firing him. I replied, "Because you're just one of those guys that would skip a treasure goblin..."
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    posted a message on Another Barb nerf patch
    Quote from Kiwimustang67
    All I am saying is give the Barb a break, soon there will not be any decent skill to go with because he will be too balanced...

    I'm going to cut that sentence short right there and make you look like a goofball. Oh no! God forbid we have... BALANCED CLASSES!
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    posted a message on We should all send Jason Regier a big thank you
    I think most of us should take the time to send Jason Regier a big "Thank You!" for his hard work on Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 as a programmer and Lead Software Engineer. We could either all send him e-mails or contact him in some other way. I think the programmers like him don't get enough love and that both games were a lot of hard work for him and his team. We should give him some love and props as a community.

    I personally don't know the guy's email or have any other contact information of his though. Can anybody help with that?
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