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    posted a message on Diablo III Auction House is Shutting Down on March 18, 2014
    It's well over a year too late.

    They probably saw the success and good press over the console releases and realized how much better the game was on consoles with the year of needed polish, minus the AH. Whoops!

    If Jay Wilson was less of a yes man and less of an inferior designer then maybe this nonsense would have never happened. Forget the whole not having a proper beta test. Just the whole fact that they thought they could have an AH system WITHOUT bind on equip items just blows my mind. It was a major failure on several fronts. Unfortunately, it was obviously going to be such a massive failure and yet Blizzard still went forward with it.

    Now you are going to have the gold AH get taken down with a completely dumbed down version battle.net supporting the trade community. Trading might become even worse than it was in D2. Trading in D2 was perfectly fine, but your comparing a system created in 2012 thats inferior to one thats older by over a decade.

    It's hard to believe that some of you thought trading in D2 was bad. It wasn't. Hell, even if you wanted to buy an item from a 3rd party site it was quick, easy and secure. Plus trading with other players or banks was a fun and interesting experience. If you couldn't find what you needed after hours of looking, you were either completely incompetant or there just wasnt any stock availible.

    An entire player driven economy was created on its own with D2 and the game lasted for a decade, and here some of you are upset that they aborted this disaster they call an AH. Some of you are not true Diablo fans. For shame.

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    posted a message on Torchlight - Is it worth it?
    I couldn't play torchlight 1 for more than 10 minutes. TL2 on the other hand is good stuff.
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    posted a message on Blizzard is amazing me
    Quote from Boss_Hogg

    AFB's (anti fan boys) will still probably find a reason to complain.

    They have already moved onto better games. No worries. :P
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    posted a message on GW2: A Bad Game Under the Disguise of a Good One
    All I'm going to say is that the game is really enjoyable after the initial "magic" wears off if you get used to three things:

    1. Understanding what combos actually do, like, for real.
    2. Getting used to weapon swapping in combat (having two sets of weapon skills to mess around with during a fight)
    3. Using dodge often and using it correctly.

    If you get a handle on working in combos, swapping between two weapons in combat and dodging during that entire time, You'll see the appeal of what Guild Wars 2 has to offer.

    Now, if you honestly and truely have gotten a handle on these things, and you still want to argue with walls of text about how you don't like it, then maybe the game really isn't for you. Or maybe you're just a goober. Not sure which tbh.

    NOW if you want to complain that the game gets grindy past lv 30 or about how it's not like WoW (LOL?), then MAYBE you can make an arguement about it. I mostly see opinions and jibber jabber in the OP's post.

    If it's not your cup of tea, no big. There's a crapton of games that have been released this past year.
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    posted a message on Blizzard Agrees With Lack of Long-Term End-Game, Magic Find Gear Swapping Debate, Hotfixes, Blue Posts, MF Gear Swapping Poll
    I haven't played the game in a good amount of time and I'm enjoying my time elsewhere. But in reality, it's not about how long you played this game in an effort to find the long-term problems Any hardcore gamer with 10+ years of "gaming" experience could have pointed out reasons why this game couldn't provide any long-lasting replayability (and they probably did but got shot down anyways.) You just need to be a developer that's an actual gamer who knows what has been done in the past and what would be fun to play now.

    They had three options when making this game.

    1. Take Diablo 2's approach. Accept that you can't make an actual viable end-game with Diablo 2's model, but totally embrace the real facet of Diablo 2 that KEPT people playing for up to a decade. Encourage fun builds and class design that encourage players to make alts. The replaybaility comes from doing the same content, but with hundreds of different playstyles.

    (The D3 dev team chose not to do this by butchering the skill system and making particular skills nessecary for basic survival. Every class is essentially the same playstyle no matter what you want to have your build be before you reach Inferno.)

    2. Condemn Diablo 2's act-based/linear progression and make Diablo 3 a game with a more open world feel to it. You wouldn't necessarily have to "make it WoW" or other games, but make it so the progression isn't glued together with checkpoints or waypoints or tied down by quest-based progression. If Act 4 was an open-ended act instead of a rushed act with only 3 noticeable segments, there could have been tons more replayability. The replayability would have been in the "end-game" content, a.k.a. an open ended region of Heaven. Hell, Diablo 1 was basically 16 dungeon levels and DID have quests, but it wasn't quest-driven like Diablo 2 was. Who says Diablo 3 couldnt be more open-ended?

    (The D3 dev team decided to go with checkpoint-based progression, thus completely destroying any notion or chance of having an open ended area anywhere in the game.)

    3. Do what they did to develop Diablo 3, by stubbornly trying to reinvent the wheel several times during development, reject fan feedback, relearning extremely basic facets of game design and make themselves look misguided without leadership and inferior to D2's development team even with 12 years of hindsight. Doing things this way, made it sure they couldn't even "know" if their game was fun or not up until the last 6 months. After reaching that point of no return, with added pressure from investors and fans alike, they completely trashed and scrapped together the game's most basic systems and assume that there would be great replayability, just because.

    (Blizzard chose this option and now some of you are sitting here pretty clueless as to why you don't want to log on and several more popular and prominent "Gaming figures" are talking about how to fix the game on their boring livestreams.)

    Here's a spoiler for you all. You can't fix stupid. You also can't fix this game when the devs had several chances to fix it for a few years before it was even released. Oh yeah, thinking that you can somehow get them to fix it at this point is also stupid. You don't work at Blizzard and several very sane and accomplished game designers wouldn't go there unless they were offered a substantial pay raise.

    I wouldn't blame someone for going to work for the new Blizzard at this point, if it meant that they could get the money to support their significant others or their family or if they just want a new house. I'd be perfectly fine with that. But you see, that's the real heart of this problem. The new Blizzard is mostly (not all) game designers that are just there to make games and treat it as a livelihood instead of a passionate place to work.
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    posted a message on Miscellaneous rant and D2/D3 comparison
    Quote from KillerKowz

    Another massive freaking failure for this game the maps DO NOT CHANGE... Do you have any idea how annoying it is when you're playing hardcore and you lose 3 or 4 characters over a months time and when you remake them and redo act 1 just to see that the maps never freaking change; it is the definition of insanity. I loved D2 because the maps were always random, no two maps were EVER the same which made it fun to explore and kill new monsters depending on the beastiary of the particular game you made. Now in D3 it is so monotonous I can't stand it.

    I do agree with this point you made. It's amazing how a very unique series-defining feature that was developed 12 years ago was somehow considered worthless and not added to the 3rd game. It's basically pissing away the game's potential and replayability right from the get-go.

    And if someone honestly thinks there's enough randomness to the maps as it is now, well then I won't bother arguing with them! I'll just play other games with more heaps more replayability and leave them to their variety-less game. :/
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    posted a message on [GUIDE] How to become a sucessful and exceptional barbarian on inferno difficulty
    It's a really great generic barbarian guide to barbs for inferno, with some good item advice. To all of those disagreeing with the OP's guide, you have to realize it's a very general guide and that he doesn't necessarily disagree with the points you are making (ex. him suggesting seismic slam for belial and him not dissing on warstomp.) As for the OP's resist recommendations, he's suggesting bare minimums. Why exactly would you hate on a guy and call his guide silly when the guide says "You need 1k+ all resists for act 4"? It's not like he said "1k all resists is plenty." The + means something. You are more than welcome to write your own guides and I'm sure people will read them.

    The bottom line is that once you reach Act 2 Inferno as a Barb, the game is no longer a game. It's just boring work with zero fun involved. You can either farm gold and hit up the AH to get the gear for your gear dependent class, muscle through it or do something smart like make an alt. The smartest choice is to just play another game that's just more fun or go kill some time on D2.

    You're welcome to flame that last paragraph if you like, but just remember three things...

    1. A class that revolves around getting to a point where you can sustain yourself and just mash one button (Revenge) to faceroll mobs, is not a fun class. INCOMING OPINION THAT YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO HEAR! The introduction of health globes to this game have caused this to happen and have already caused irreparable damage to the game's design. Once they nerf revenge, you're either going to see several runes become lackluster health generators or you're just going to faceplam by your computer right after glancing at your barbarian sitting there at the character select screen.

    2. Fury is a garbage resource and is very poorly designed. The best Barbarian skills are either completely necessary, generate fury or cost zero fury with low cooldowns. The fury spending skills are hands down the worst skills in the game. Sure, say what you want about seismic slam, but it doesn't matter if it's a good skill if you have no room for it on your bar with a particular build. Being forced with a tough decision about even getting JUST ONE fury spender on your hotbar is a failure in design.

    3. There are absolutely no barbarians that are farming Inferno or have killed Diablo that are genuinely having fun, not even the ones doing Butcher runs. If they say they are having fun, they are lying to you. They will tell their friends in secret that they think it's boring or that they hate it. Kudos to the guys that muscled through it and did it first, but to all of the others, you have automatically lost by consciously deciding to continue playing a class with a broken resource system. The other classes can be and are more fun and there are DEFINITELY more fun games out there to play, and some are F2P. The joke's on you.
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    posted a message on Nostalic people and the horror aspects of CHARMS
    Quote from Unwashedfox

    I just had to make this post because I'm quite tierd of people complaning of the lack of some features not present in D3 compares to D2


    I do miss alot about D2 but I will cry if they reintroduce charms in the same manner as D2 did them.

    Huh? What? Your post contradicts itself. First you say you don't like the people whining but then you say you miss a lot of stuff from D2. Be sympathetic!

    And why hate on complainers when all you just did was complain about some feature in a 12 year old game? I mean really? Did those charms steal your lunch money as a kid? Why pick on old man Diablo 2?

    MAN! I REALLY hated those STUPID books from Diablo 1! That whole spell system was REALLY stupid! Why was a WARRIOR able to learn the same spells a MAGE could learn too? THAT CRAP MADE NO SENSE! If Blizzard brings back those spell books in Diablo 3, I'm just gonna have to choke a bitch!
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    posted a message on Tyrael kills = MF not counted?
    It's hard to say. I never did much farming in those sections you talked about, but it would be hard to parse that sort of data to prove or disprove tyreal ruining your loot. You would have to let him killing blow every mod, or at least most mobs to test it. Even then, it would be hard to say if the data is conclusive because of the RNG involved.
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    posted a message on Finally got my refund!
    Quote from InfidelMan

    Got my refund on the the digital purchase of D3. The customer service was actually very nice and it's a +1 to them. Haven't played D3 in a week now, didn't even want to log on really since then. Unfortunately they ruined Diablo franchise for ME :( RIP
    Btw, I had 65 hours clocked in on my barb, inferno and it was no problem. Just be really nice to them, that's all. I made my purchase on May 12th, so you still can get a refund guys.

    Congratulations. I'm happy you'll be using $60 on something more important.

    *Achievement Unlocked* [Escape from Hell] +10 points!

    And to the poster above, it's entirely possible to get more than 60 hours of gametime from a multiplayer game. Most of them are free-to-play too. Just because some people can get more than 60 hours from a non-Blizzard game doesn't mean you should get butthurt about it. Some people just refuse to deal with bugs and poor account security. That doesn't make them whiny bitches for wanting a perfectly legal refund. It just makes them smart consumers.

    Also, talking about how players (or even devs) shouldn't be "doing the same thing over and over or their skills will deteriorate" is pretty asinine. Blizzard made their money and will keep making it with the RMAH, whenever the hell that's coming out. Blizzard achieved their goal, but that doesn't mean this guy should not get a refund.
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    posted a message on Power Leveling, Item Level Update, User Questions Answered, Blue Posts, and Diablo Wallpaper
    I'm surprised some people are offended by power leveling. There are much more offensive things that players are doing and Blizzard is doing. lol.

    As for this magical 35 point list, it's in my personal opinion that if you did every single one of those 35 things, you would not even increase the fun or replayability of this game one bit. What a worthless feel-good fluffy-puff list of changes. It's crap like that that lets the dev team look like they are listening to player concerns while not hitting the real problems hard. It must be so nice to be a Diablo 3 dev where all you have to do is make a game for the nice WoW crowd that the WoW devs pulled in and give them what little you can to please them. Sounds like a year-long vacation to me. You give them a patch every 6 months and they just smile, endure through the awful parts of your game and then bake you a sheet of fresh cupcakes.
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    posted a message on I want THIS to be MY Diablo 3! (Now with pictures!)
    It amuses me how I glanced over my wall of text today and thought to myself "I would still want Diablo 3 to be like this" even after release.
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    posted a message on Diablo down on Inferno! Solo Barbarian
    Quote from Maaxreap

    Quote from Tybudd

    U don't have but one rage spender every 2 min, there wasn't any other spenders that worked for you?

    I got the maximum fury achievement! :)
    Joke aside... Well if you ask me our attack based spenders suck. Utilization from runes are bad and the damage is low.

    Amen. I was thinking about using furious charge more. it's a shame we can't even afford to use berserker's rage. bah. lol
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    posted a message on BEST Inferno Tactic, Works 100% of the time
    That kid was lucky as hell. At :32 the waller mob almost killed him.
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    posted a message on Global Play Reminders, Blue Posts, Diablo III API Update, Sword of Justice Issue #4, Speed Kills
    Quote from DarkSzero

    I lol'd at the Athene video. Never saw any video of him before, but it's so obvious he's just trolling everyone and not being serious.

    Yeah, only a handful of WoW players think Athene is a jerk irl. He just puts on a show for people and plays the part. Gotta get dem views!

    It's like telling someone that Simon Cowell was a real a-hole when American Idol first came out. He's a nice dude irl.
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