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    Its in 1600x1200, i stretched it to my 1024x768 desktop and it looks fine, if you want a special size let me know ill try and keep the image the same as best i can.

    Any Thoughts or Comments welcome

    aight i noticed later how bad i made that image, looked good on my screen but then again my monitor just sucks, did some tweeks again, you can like it, or despise it, also im new here to this community, just wanted to keep this image nice and simple.

    and did it in 1024x768 this time, if you do like it i can make it larger, thanks, and btw i dont use ms paint, hate the program.

    (Update - 07-03-08)

    Here's a link for that newer wallpaper, plan to make diff ones, later just the reason i made this one was i loved the shot of the roaring demon in the trailer.

    (Update - 07-04-08)

    Added a second attachment and second wallpaper for those who cant view the attachments, thought about this image and decided to try and make it a wallpaper, havent seen any of it done so i thought i'd do one, i was going to add a border but just faded the edges to black to make it look smoother, and the wall looks very nice. I think if i added a border it just wouldn't look nice so you have the end result.

    (Update - 07-10-08)

    This image actually took me a few days to work on, i hope it looks nice on an LCD monitor, each rune i grabbed from the diablo 2 site, drew on top of them in red so i could get the rune images separate, then i did some corona effects with the red, then copied the red drawn runes, made em yellow, and did a blur effect that gave me the fiery look to the rune, each rune i did as close to the originals as i could, spending hours on them even days, then used an effect to help me place the runes in a circle fashion, i used an effect called star which i had it make a big star in the middle of the image, with 33 sides on it since there were 33 runes in all, then i moved each rune on the tip of each point of the star, centering as best i could. Then i added one of the d3 logo arts, made the image fade from the edges of the outside of the runes in the circle. Thats the end result. I plan to use other art pieces in the middle later, maybe even one of my own sometime soon. but this is my first real try and an original style compiled art piece.

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    posted a message on Highest level in D3?
    I remember in old Diablo 2 that when you reached 99 that was a lot of work, i had a javazon that reached 96 and i kept dying on baal runs and cow level runs, so i just was saitisfied with lvl 96 lol, but i'd like to see it max at lvl 99, if they make it highers thats fine too the game would be worth all that time to level all the way.
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    I have had a feeling he would since the end of LoD, but i'd hope he doesnt, still would make for a nice plot twist. FInal Fight, kill tyreal to save us and him from diablo's corruption, and it would requite 5 people or some of the best gear you could dig up lol
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    posted a message on WWI Opening Ceremony
    Hey I loved that remix of the old tristram song, that was one of my faves in the diablo series, did i mention those fire dancers were awesome?
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    posted a message on WWI Teaser - Day 4
    vityok2000, beat me to the shadow of the 5th rune but here ill post my image of some things

    Arnklit's pic of the d2 skeletal wanderer pic, matches up with the spot i thought was the bottom of a mouth, these are my thoughts, by the time i post this someone else will probably have noticed similar things, just my 2 cents
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