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    Back in 2008 the week building up to the World Wide Invitational 2008 was a fun one. This website was originally Diablo3.com and then blizzard approached them for the name and then we got diablofans.com in the end. That helped people set the rumor mill on high alert. As the week progressed the new teasers each day adding a new clue as the ice slowly broke away revealed many things.

    MMO Champions post on the teasers: WWI Schedule and Live Stream

    Each day the community speculated over what they meant. I remember seeing a protoss glyph and then eventually a Diablo 2 rune. Then a circle with 3 rings. People then thought it was like a solar system with the then 3 blizzard universes. Then the near final image showed eyes glowing and and then a feint tusk. People thought at one point it was a hydralisk or something.

    Then the day finally came and then the new incarnation of Diablo came into view with the Reveal trailer the day the WW:08 started. It was practically a mini Blizzcon really. I still remember the live stream was on a link that popped up the stream. The streams lag was pretty bad and it wasn't even widescreen.

    Here's 2 videos of the reveal:



    When the lag finally subsided then I could see the trailer. That day I started making wallpapers for the game.

    I posted it here and on diabloii.net (then called diii.net when d3 came about.) From there I decided to break outta my then comfort zone and started painting the diablo 2 runes larger and trying to give them a fiery feeling. At first I added them to my early profile art.

    Then later I did the same to all 33 of them. Then used a fireworks 4 effect that allowed me to make a star with 33 points and made an evenly spaced rune circle that made the runes where they would be. Then I'd use the warp tool and made them lay at a nice angle then started putting the denizens of that world in the middle helping me make the Fiery Runes Series.

    Over the years I'd make many wallpaper series. Sometimes with concept art, line art to give an old feeling like the Book of Cain would eventually give us.

    Other times I'd remake D3 artwork that was in screenshots and like some of the Monks early runes and glyphs.

    As well as the wallpapers that would come from them:

    I was very proud of those. I tried to reproduce them so hard and then when the then computer I had; the hard drive would fail and I lost that artwork and would have to remake one of them again from scratch Hell here's the WIP i posted on diabloii.net.

    I would also make my own fan art for Diablo as well. It may not be as good as others but I'm still proud of it.

    Later I would make Calendars for each month that I could and also make them for that current year AND eventually for the EU. But at one point I started making uni-calendars that would have the month and the days but those days and months would neither have the years nor the weekdays on them so people could use them more than once. That way the wallpaper and calendar wouldn't become dated by the end of that month.

    Then eventually in march Reaper of Souls would come out but for me unfortunately my biological father would pass on from this world as I posted the final wallpapers of the first part of the Acts 5 series.

    That would also garner a change in the fiery runes into one of my favorite changes the runes would be called The Soulfyre runes, Still keeping the moniker of Fiery Runes. This time with a more "souly" look. That series became the largest one spanning 55 wallpapers.

    In this series I experimented on many ideas as well as unique and fun things.

    I also did tributes as well for people effected by bad events as well.

    I also made my first ultra-wide wallpaper during my 7th anniversary during this series.

    Later the Necromancer Pack would come out and Then I decided to end the Soulfyre series and start Essence based on the Necromancer's resource.

    Then During Blizzcon 2018 the much spirited reveal of Diablo: Immortal a mobile diablo game that has spurned so much vitrol in the community I still tried to make wallpapers for the game and will continue after Diablofans fades away...

    The latter days of Diablofans was a somber one as we say good bye to one of the few remaining pillars of the diablo community. We say goodbye and thank those who gave us a website to speak our minds and let us post fan art/fan fiction/ and Diablo Wallpaper/OS art. Thank you guys for this website and the community that was here. We'll find a new place eventually. Either in r/diablo or elsewhere. Thanks guys for a place I could post my wallpapers. Especially back when you guys had a small gallery at one point before that was removed.

    Forever Thank You.

    Aaron Williams (Holyknight3000 aka The Runeweaver)

    After this site goes you can find my works on:

    deviantART: https://www.deviantart.com/holyknight3000

    twitter: https://twitter.com/Holyknight3000

    diabloii.net: https://www.diabloii.net/gallery/showgallery.php/cat/510

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    It's been over a year since I've posted a good old Fiery Runes Wallpaper. I wanted to make one with Vidian and this was really one of the few I could use that was decent. The art/pose of Vidian is by Daniel Barras.

    Hope you guys like!


    Art (C) Blizzard
    Vidian Pose/Art by Daniel Barras
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    Diablo Immortal #6: Crusader by Holyknight3000

    Here's the next wallpaper for Diablo: Immortal ft the Crusader

    Diablo (C) Blizzard


    No Logo: Diablo Immortal #6: Crusader No Logo
    Mobile: Diablo Immortal Mobile #6: Crusader


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    I remember when I first came to this website back in 08. Back when people were discussing and theory-crafting what each image and symbol was in the World Wide Invitational 2008 teasers that lead up to that weekend. I went between them and diabloii.net. I always considered them a great rival website to Diabloii.net and I personally feel sad that we lost a great news site and valuable asset to the diablo community.

    Sexen, Agnzt, OSW_Zenkiki, Neinball, LeviathanD3, and many many others from that website. Thank you for helping make this website what it became. And thank you for the memories over the past 10 + years. Thanks for letting me have another place to post up my old wallpapers when there use to be a gallery. Also thank you for making a separate fan creation folder for OS and Wallpaper art so I could post all my stuff w/o spamming the main fan art forum.

    Will miss this place. *raises his drink* Here's to diablofans.com and to whatever comes next.

    Holyknight3000 - The Runeweaver and Creator of the Fiery Runes Series (which started in 2008)

    If you want to see my wallpaper artwork after this post, check me out on deviantART and twitter!

    Much Love,


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    Diablo Immortal #5: Barbarian by Holyknight3000

    Diablo Immortal #5: Barbarian (NoLogo) by Holyknight3000

    Diablo Immortal Mobile #5: Barbarian by Holyknight3000

    This weekend was a busy wallpaper based one. I posted more D3 Switch Commercial Wallpapers (up to 10 now) and Also a new one for Diablo Immortal.

    Diablo Immortal #5: Barbarian: http://fav.me/dd01grd
    DI #5 Barbarian (No Logos): http://fav.me/dd01hjc
    DI #5 Barbarian Mobile: http://fav.me/dd01hp5

    Hope you guys like.

    I'll have the rest of the classes posted over the next few weeks.

    Still made with love for the world and everything in it.


    Diablo & Diablo Immortal (C) Blizzard & Netease

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    It's been a pretty insane year. The Diablo 3 Switch port and then Wyatt asking "Do you not have phones?"; at Blizzcon 2018 with Diablo Immortal's reveal.

    Expect many more wallpapers for Diablo Immortal, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo 2/3.

    Enjoy everyone & Happy New Year.

    Also the background behind the collage will be available after the 1st.


    Diablo (C) Blizzard
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    With the love of the world and its Art here's the 4th wallpaper for the game.

    Next year there will be many more wallpapers for this game and there will always be a no-logo version for them.

    no logo: Diablo Immortal #4: Zoltan Kulle (No Logos)
    mobile: Diablo Immortal Mobile #4: Zoltan Kulle

    Much love all & Enjoy


    PS: One final wallpaper for 2018 is coming by new years eve; the yearly collage!

    Diablo (C) Blizzard
    Diablo Immortal (C) Blizzard & NetEase

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    Here's to all the that were effected by the ending of the HotS E-sports scene & the many developers that lost their jobs and for the community that loves this game. One more Diablo hero left to make a wallpaper for...

    Enjoy everyone.


    Art by Mr--Jack
    Cassia, Diablo 2 & Heroes of the Storm (C) Blizzard

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    Diablo Immortal #2: Diablo #2

    Diablo Immortal #3: Westmarch

    deviantART - twitter (no logo - mobile)

    Two more wallpapers for the game with and without logos on the desktop and a mobile version.

    Enjoy everyone


    Diablo (C) Blizzard
    Diablo Immortal (C) Blizzard & NetEase
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    Now before you roast me because I made a wallpaper for a game we all don't want. I made this with love for the world of sanctuary & the artwork. Plus my 16+ years of love for this world. That is how it will be for ALL diablo based wallpapers and really how it always has been since i started doing this back in 2008.

    Much love all & Enjoy


    Diablo (C) Blizzard
    DIablo Immortal (C) Blizzard & NetEase

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