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    posted a message on Season 13: For the Balance II

    deviantART - twitter - reddit

    Featuring art by: TamplierPainter, daemonstar, Wei Wang, TheBoyofCheese, Deligaris, Lionsketch, and John Mueller

    Just in time for the 13 season and a companion/sequel to last seasons piece:

    Season 12: For the Balance by Holyknight3000

    Also reversed the sexes here as well so everything is covered with these two walls.

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    posted a message on Season 12 - For the Balance

    deviantART - twitter

    Wallpaper just in time for Season 12 coming Nov 9th 2017

    Ft art by @TamplierPainter @DeivCalviz @gooloo0-o and Brom

    All Fan/Art (C) Their respected owners.

    Diablo (C) Blizzard


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    posted a message on Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer

    deviantART - Twitter - diabloii.net - battlenet

    With season 10 ending soon and people speculating season 11 for the necromancer. Here's the start of many more necromancer things to come!

    Diablo 3 & the Necromancer (C) Blizzard


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    posted a message on Wallpaper Art - Calendar #34: Uni May - Never Alone (Necromancer)

    Links: deviantART - twitter

    Featuring Stephen Oakley's: Never Alone.

    Sorry I missed out on April. Had PC issues as well as other things that kept me from making anything during April.

    But with that as the Necromancer Beta has gone live off and on for the last few weeks it was time to make a calendar theme based on that. This is that result! Enjoy!


    Diablo & Necromancer (C) Blizzard

    Art by Blizzard & Stephen Oakley.

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    posted a message on Celebrating 8 Years of Wallpapers

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    It's been a long road so far. Many people I probably cannot count have seen my wallpaper art in some way via the multitude of websites and search engines over the years. If your a fan of Diablo I'm sure you have at least seen one of my wallpapers. To all of you truly thank you for enjoying each and every wallpaper I put out, hell even the ones you hate :). I know i have had great walls and stinkers but all-in-all this is a hobby done out of love for the game world, the community and beyond.

    I use to share my wallpapers with my late father years back he was so proud of them. I wish he could see what I've done these days. It's been over 8 years since the cinematic reveal of Diablo 3 at the World Wide Invitational in 2008. I still remember the very very laggy stream and almost missing the first few seconds of the reveal. I remember scowering the diablofans and diabloii.net forums when people were looking the teasers over with all the clues and hints. All the fun and guesswork and theories that were being done.

    I remember having an idea after my first simple wallpaper I made just from the hype. A wallpaper which looks horrible these days but meh. Had to start somewhere. But i still remember having a silly idea with a runeword for a banner on my forum posts that would be in the corners just as an experiment. Figure I'd make the runes look like they were simply on fire. I had a very old graphics program then. But the simple idea looked so cool i was like do I want to go all in and not look back? After a few days maybe longer I did the same effect to all 33 of the original diablo 2 runes. And just like that the Fiery Runes were born and hit the ground running.

    So sorry I went down memory lane here. Hopefully I can find that old lost banner art or have some of it somewhere so you guys can see where it all began. But thank you for enjoying my work after all this time. If your still reading this then thank you too. This stuff all means the world to me and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    Also Thank you to the many fansites that have come and gone and are still with us that have shared/featured my wallpapers as well over the years. Also thank you to the Diablo 3 Community Management Team members current and past as well. You guys are all awesome.

    Last but by no means least I'd like to also say thank you to the countless number of fan artists and artists who have allowed me to use their works in my wallpapers. I tried so hard to make sure you were credited and linked back to as best as possible.

    Thank you seriously everyone for 8 proud years working on these wallpapers.

    Holyknight3000(Holyknight) - The Runeweaver

    Found the old banners here check them out!

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    posted a message on Wallpaper: Whimsyshire - A Tribute
    Quote from Madonnalicious»

    This is really nice! I like it!

    thank you!

    Quote from Nachten»

    Thats a nice one. I always liked your paintings but this one is something special. *thumps up,

    Kepp up the good work.

    Thanks I appreciate that! I was trying to make it look like multiple screenshots kinda blended but they started to actually become almost seamless or at least appear to be so I kept at it.

    Quote from Rightlol»

    Really cool looking, not really something I'd have on my wall but nonetheless it's still impressive.

    Thanks, Yeah it started out to try and be unconventional and eventually became a tribute. So it went from being meaningful attempt to really meaningful in a lot more ways.
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    posted a message on Wallpaper: Whimsyshire - A Tribute

    Posted on: deviantART - diabloii.net - reddit - twitter -battle.net

    This little wallpaper took over a year to make. I revamped and redid the borders at the top and bottom so many times I lost count. I stopped and restarted repeatedly, and also took breaks from it when I just couldn't get it the way I was envisioning it.

    With the recent sad and unfortunate events from the shooting in Orlando I got inspiration to complete it as a new wallpaper that most would not expect and as a great tribute to those who lost their lives.


    We are with you.

    Whimsyshire & Diablo (C) Blizzard

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    posted a message on A Wallpaper Dedicated to Paris

    diabloii.net - deviantART - twitter - battle.net - reddit

    I wanted to make a wallpaper for solidarity with the People of Paris
    over the recent attacks. With that I remembered by Valentines Day
    wallpaper that had the "Rune-Heart" and just wanted to do something
    simple with the colors of the flag. I hope you guys like.

    All my love for Paris and all those effected.


    Also For Beirut

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    posted a message on Kanai's Cube Fan Art

    Love the feel of this one


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    posted a message on Calendar #6 December 2014 in memory of KKG

    diablo.incgamers - deviantART - twitter

    This wallpaper is a special one this time guys. It's was made to honor the late Kevin Kanai Griffith (KKG) from Blizzard Entertainment who lost his battle with a rare cancer a little over a month and a half ago.

    So to my friends in blizzard sorry for your loss guys.

    They were making an artbook for him and now dedicated in his honor: KKG Artbook.

    Kevin Kanai Griffith

    Art (C)Blizzard
    Santa Barbarian by Josh Tallman
    Tristram Tavern by unknown and touched up by me back in 2010 for the season.
    Christmas Lights Stock by Redheadstock

    EU: Calendar #6: December 2014 - EU Style
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