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    posted a message on Do You Miss Boss Runs?
    I'm doing siege runs nonstop. Rakkis crossing wp, kill 5 elites, look for underbrigde chest, kill SB, repeat, takes about 15-20 minutes, but phat lewts.

    And as its standard for blizzard, they nerfed underbridge and SB, after all we are not supposed to farm for gear in a farming game, we need to use their brand new RMAH and farm with a credit card.

    And we can't play the game the way we want, we are supposed to farm entire acts, because, in Noob Wilson words, the ''story is so great, and has so much replaybility, players are supposed to experience it all the time''.

    Makes me sick, every time..
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    posted a message on Competitive gamers
    So, by OP description Idra, GosiTerran, Zenio and many other sc2 progamers aren't actually gamers, is that it?
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    Hardcore isn't for pussies, if you can't handle it, don't play it. HC duels = Loot duels. Anything less than that is unacceptable.

    The last thing we need is Blizzard tainting the last piece of diablo we have just because some carebears wants some risk, but not too much risk.
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    posted a message on How do you feel about respawning inside pvp games..
    Quote from VirtueOfDeath

    Quote from spaceninja123

    Quote from Noomba

    I didn't have a problem with one death per round but I prefer respawns over it. What is better than killing someone once? Killing them twice. After that? Killing them thrice! Hat trick! That will get some people raging, looking forward to it.

    I too think that blizzard should have kept in more options though. The game isn't out yet, so they can still put the one death per round in again if they want.

    When u kill some1 9000 times in 1 min it gets boring really fast.

    How would you know? You weren't invited to play the new PVP mode were you.. ? It's pretty stupid how all of you are "omg this sucks so bad boo hoo boo hoo", when you guys haven't even tried it out to determine how fun or not fun it is. If you don't like it, don't play it. Pretty simple if you ask me. :/

    Because we've been playing D2 for over 11 years and we know exactly what to expect from D3 pvp?

    Seriously, if you think D3 will be completely different from what we had in D2 then you really are being fanatic about it. D3 pvp as it is, is exactly the same as a Diablo 2 duel game, with one exception, there is no entrance/corpse to camp.

    btw, that ''OMg iTs BlizzArd you noT EVen Plyaied the GaME yet NuuuB'' is the worst argument possible.
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    posted a message on Imho I am worred about diablo 3.
    I've been worried about D3 ever since Bashiok said that PK is out, I don't know what are Blizzard plans on PvP, but i doubt it can match the thrill of the hunt/being hunted.

    The 4 player per game confirmation made me REALLY worried.

    The 60 level limit(which in my opinion, is merely an excuse to make us buy DLC's to increase the cap) almost made me lose hope.

    It still might be a good game, and probably it will be, but i just don't see it matching diablo 1-2 awesomeness, and definitely not what I've been waiting all these years. I just hope Blizzcon and the beta proves me wrong.
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    posted a message on 4 years
    been here for 4 years, off and off..

    and making a return to the site

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    posted a message on The 2010 FIFA World Cup
    Quote from deathMars

    Lmao! I want to know what country you people are from. Like it or not, pissing off America in ANY subject is not a good idea. Soccer is one of them. And popularity of soccer is declining. It's a statistical fact and don't try to deny. If you live in some small ass town in Brazil, you might not know it, but it is.

    And I also believe that even though there are equal representatives of every country in FIFA, USA has a slight bigger say than Ghana. Numbers don't mean anything. Logic dominates here.

    I live in São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, soccer ratings are getting bigger every year, and no, it's not just here. I also watch all the european leagues (it's commom sense, since the best team in South America will face the best European every year) and it's the same for then.

    Just because major league soccer sucks balls and is declining doesn't mean its true for the rest of the world, i will say again, America is not special, you guys are not necessary for the sport to live on, stop being so fucking arrogant, this is not NFL or NBA, the rest of the world could care less of what the ''allmighty'' United States of America thinks what is good for soccer.

    If CONCACAF were to be disbanded right now it wouldn't make a difference, life would go on, now go see if the same is true for UEFA and such.

    But i do agree with something you said, logic dominates here, and it's just logic that the strongest associations have more power in this (UEFA and CONMEBOL), if anything, CONCACAF and AFC are tied in a very distant third place.

    I don't even know why I'm talking about those, i highly doubt you have any knowledge about the soccer associations around the world. You probably think that USA is is daa bomb, and that the major league soccer finals are THE WORLD SERIES, and that the winner is king.

    Oh, thats right... I'm still waiting for those numbers about soccer losing popularity, take your time. (worldwide, please)
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