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    Where did the edit button go?

    Anyway: I checked out some gameplay vids of the demo from Blizzcon. It seems like it was a scripted, local client version of the game. When the user pressed the "start game" button he immediately spawned inside a lvl 2 rift and a lot of features seemed to be locked or unavailable.

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    As far as I understood the new material bar with materials etc. is TBD 2017 and not part of the coming PTR update which includes the D1 "remake".

    As to whether it will include keys I have no idea. Someone who played the demo would have to confirm or deny. I also did a quick search on reddit without any results.

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    Did it solo with helltooth/chicken WD on first attempt. Used approx 18-19 minutes. Thx for the guide!

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    Meh. Good to se they're taking actions against botters, but none of my clanmates have been banned and I know for certain that some of them have been botting almost 24/7 since the season start :(

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    posted a message on Is the XP Support Meta Fading in 2.4?

    The XP part of the support-builds are indeed dead, and will not provide any real value. The support-builds however, are still kicking. Most parties who have completed GR 80+ have one monk/barb or both in group. Theres a couple of groups without zdps entirely, but it'll be interesting to see how this develops after the next PTR patch.

    But, meta aside, the game still lags like sh*t when you push GRs in group.

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    You should (obviously) choose one of this seasons journey reward sets:

    • Wiz - Firebird
    • DH - Shadow Mantle
    • Monk - Monkey King
    • Barb - Might of the Earth
    • WD - Jade Harvester
    • Sader - Invoker

    I did mastery with invoker in 2 attempts. Haven't tried the other ones. The main issue however seems to be doing too much damage to complete them. Also, the monk one did seem somewhat difficult according to Quin69's video. You can find videos for each of them on youtube.

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    i5 3570k is a 1155 socket chip, and that architecture only supports DDR3, Bleu42. However, you can still install a 32-bit OS, but that's highly unlikely the case.

    4GB suffices in most use-cases. Some games requires larger amounts (although his GPU should bottleneck before his RAM), and some games are more sensitive to the speed of the RAM rather than the amount.

    D3 is just poorly optmised, and that's almost exclusively the cause of FPS drops apart from poor hardware specs. Some GPUs have had driver issues, especially AMD (surprise!), so maybe you should try to upgrade your driver. I think they just recently managed to fix the desolate sands bug for instance.

    There are some threads over at reddit you could check though, and try each different tip on their own to track what changes actually have an imapct on your performance:



    If TLDR; the two most common quick fixes are:

    1. Lower your audio setting to lowest (16 channels) in the in-game audio settings. This may sound stupid, but have fixed the FPS drop issue with heavy screen clutter for a lot of players.

    2. Tick the Max FPS checkbox in the graphics settings, set it to 60 and tick the Vertical sync checkbox. Also tick the max background FPS chechbox to prevent the system from using excess amounts of power to refresh the background/ambience.

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    posted a message on Conqueror for stash space? Too hard for casuals

    I'm sorry, but real life? I have a job. I have a family. I live a normal life. Still I am able to utilize my time ingame in such a way that I get the progression I desire. You desire rewards, but you don't want to invest time in achieving them. If you believe it'll take you 1-2 months to acquire the stash tab, then that's your problem - not the requirement.

    You should also consider joining a clan. I "run" one with 150 players, and the only thing I react upon is players who havent logged in for months. As long as they log in once in a while, no one gets kicked, and nothing is required from them. This enables anyone in the clan to ask for help and to play together on their own premises - when they choose or want to. And I know many clans are run with the same principles.

    If you managed to use a whole week getting the pet with a friend, then you're just plain slow. When me and some friends started out this season we had the first four chapters the day after launch. Unless you have som serious disability limiting your use of a computer you simply cannot state that it's difficult or time-consuming to achieve these goals when in fact they aren't. It's purely a matter of priority.

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    posted a message on Experience nerf unfair?
    Quote from banishedbr»

    Do i get it right, u stating that it drops by 10% or TO 10%? cuz 35% - 10% is not 3,5%.

    It's reduced to 10%. It also states this on the affix itself (eg. Increase bonus experience by 41% (4.1% after lvl 70)).
    The new system is fine. It doesn't penalize anyone, neither the noobs nor the leaderboard hunters.
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    posted a message on Conqueror for stash space? Too hard for casuals
    Quote from Slayerviper»

    Quote from RRenaissance»

    After months of people offering their left arm and both their legs to get more stash space, now people suddenly don't want to work for it? It's like having to walk to city hall for your welfare check and complaining they don't gift it to you on a silver platter in your house! This is free content people, and you really shouldn't complain about having to do something for a highly coveted reward; be thankful it's not 'reach solo GR40 in hardcore' ;)

    Also, if you're epitome of casual, you really don't need all that stash space anyway - learn some stash management and stop hoarding bullshit items on the off chance they might become good at some point (they won't, because changes are only retroactive for sets).

    Its funny people assume I have nothing with only 678 plvl, but I also have about 2500 hours into this game (played since release date). I have all the sets for each class and alt builds for each class. I have all 10 slots filled and even have a 350 hardcore plvl char. I don't horde useless stuff, I just like rolling different builds because "grinding" Plvls gets boring quickly. 40 solo hardcore isn't that hard btw ;)

    I only mentioned getting stash tabs will suck for me, I didn't say I wasn't willing to do it. Just means I might not enjoy all my toons for a year or two just to meet the seasonal requirements.

    A year or two? It has been confirmed that once you onlock the stash tab in seasons it is immediately available for purchase (gold) in non-season.

    No official post has been made about the requirements to achieve the tab. In the current PTR iteration, it requires you to complete the conquest season journey chapter, but this could be changed. If we assume this goes live, and the requirements are the same or similar, it should take you no more than 3-4 days to complete. Just wait till the new season is a week or two old, and you could easily be carried most of the way in public games and community chats.

    Hell, if you're on EU I'll offer to carry you when I'm strong enough right now. You'll have to do the GR50 solo clear yourself though, but I'll help you get there.

    And to defend us seasonal (active) players a bit, every achievable thing in this game except the leaderboard rankings can't be tossed at you with little to no investment. Active players need incetives to. WIthout them, the game dies, plain and simple.

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    posted a message on Whats the point of nerfing everything?

    There has been numerous occations where things have been nerfed on PTR, never to be upped anywhere near it's previous glory once the patch hits live servers. First tweaks are usually the final ones. They tend to do the items first, then the skills in a later patch and the last PTR patch is usally 90% set for release. Wouldn't get my hopes up for LoN. Wyatt already butchered and buried this set in a blue post. T8 "fun" farm build at best.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 ROS Awfull FPS on solid laptop

    D3 can indeed run on integrated graphics. I used to play D3 at work during downtime on a piece of sh.. computer. No 60 FPS though, but there is one trick that will let you run D3 on a toaster: Windowed mode. Trying to run 1080p 60 FPS simply won't work for the likes of intel hd 2000 and similar. But by turning all the settings to the very lowest, including the "Low FX" button, you should be able to run it in windowed mode on just about anything. For solo play it should run at <40 FPS on most integrated systems given there's enough RAM and CPU available.

    With that said however, people with massive rigs still experience frame rate drops in very intense battles w/ 4-player groups. It's just shitty optimization from Blizzard.

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    posted a message on Need some Info on the new full set reward.

    Although some of the text may be open to interpretation I find it pretty clear:

    Once you complete chapter four, you recieve Haedrig's Gift which in turn kan be "traded" for a full class set. Chapter four has nothing to do with completing act 4, althoug new players who haven't unlocked adventure mode must do so in order to complete the season journey chapters.

    The only thing that is unclear to me is how you turn Haedrig's Gift into a class set. My best guess is that it's like a horadric cache which you can choose when you want to "pop", and the set that drops is determined by the character that opens it.

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    posted a message on Need some Info on the new full set reward.

    The season journey class set won't be redundant. For most players it should be an instant, huge upgrade. The first three chapters can be completed the second you reach lvl 70, and the last one should only be a few hours away from that. With a bit of luck, I'd say the fourth chapter could be obtained within 1 hour after reaching lvl 70. Given that these objectives remains somewhat unchanged, or at the same level of difficulty.

    Chapter 1
    * Complete 5 Bounties
    * Complete a Rift
    * Socket a gem
    * Slay the Butcher
    * Raise the Blacksmith to 5
    * Raise the Jeweler to 5
    * Raise the Mystic to 5
    * Reach level 35
    Chapter 2
    * Craft an item at the Blacksmith
    * Complete a Rift on Hard or higher
    * Slay the Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo or Malthael on Hard or higher
    * Fully equip a Follower
    * Raise the Blacksmith to 10
    * Raise the Jeweler to 10
    * Raise the Mystic to 10
    * Reach level 60
    Chapter 3
    * Transmogrify and item
    * Craft a gem of Imperial quality or higher
    * Slay the Butcher, Belials, Azmodan, Diablo or Malthael on Master or higher
    * Raise the Blacksmith to 12
    * Raise the Jeweler to 12
    * Raise the Mystic to 12
    * Reach level 70
    * Spend Blood Shards on Kadala
    Chapter 4
    * Replace an enchantment on an item with the help of the Mystic
    * Extract a legendary power into Kanai's Cube
    * Slay the Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo or Malthael on Torment 1 or higher
    * Slay Odeg the Keywarden on level 70 and Torment 1 or higher
    * Slay Sokahr the Keywarden on level 70 and Torment 1 or higher
    * Slay Xah'Rith the Keywarden on level 70 and Torment 1 or higher
    * Slay Nekarath the Keywarden on level 70 and Torment 1 or higher
    * Reach Greater Rift 10 solo
    * Equip all slots with Legendary items that require level 70
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    posted a message on Completed Season 4 Journey Thoughts (Video)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Season Journey concept introduced with the current season, but I thought it was way too easy to accomplish. I completed the Guardian chapter 15 days after season start, and that was only because I delayed the TX rift clear. I had finished most of the objectives within the first week.

    I agree that the lvl 70 hardcore should be removed. It's not a good way to incentivize HC play and when I was done I didn't feel accomplished, I only felt that I had wasted 7 hours on nothing.

    For future journeys I'd like to see more variety, in particular I'd like to see more coop-oriented objectives, and that the journey should include more conquests. I'd also like to see conquests give rewards on their own. I still really want to do the kill all bosses in 30 mins on TX conquest, but none of my friends want to do it as it gives nothing, and they're too busy farming and grinding. Conquests should be incentivized as some of them require a party to be able to complete. The portrait reward for completing the Guardian chapter was cool enough, but the other portraits just looked like the designer had a lazy afternoon at work. Not even going to comment on the ugly pet.

    Anyway. The journey had a nice balance of things that are progress related, that just needs time, but not necessarily effort to complete and others that made me go out of my normal routine to accomplish (conquests in particular). But as mentioned before, it was too easy to complete. With more focused effort I'd probably finished it within the first week. And I'm no streamer/progamer. I work fulltime, have kids etc, but was still able to complete it in just two weeks.

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