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    I dunno; I think the trouble is "mandatory" or "overpowered" legendaries is that while it may be fun for the people who find them, it causes a lot of butt-hurt for the people who don't. Variety in legendaries is good. Overpoweredness, not so good.

    SoJ for example, should have come with EITHER high elemental damage OR high elite damage; it coming with both makes it a far superior choice for *most* builds. Which means people still hunting for one, or needing one on an alt, are left feeling impotent until they find one.
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    Quote from Raikh
    Please enlighten me if I've overlooked something critical.
    Something worth mentioning is that you can get 10% CDR on weapons.

    You're not really wrong; sacrificing strong DPS stats to get perma Akarat's isn't worthwhile, it is fine to have 2-3 seconds of downtime if you're giving yourself for example 10% dmg on weapon, or 1100 str :)
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    All credit to ArchGaden for the thread on US forums : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13021802473

    The Tasker and Theo gloves (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/tasker-and-theo) get their name from a pair of true heroes.

    "Theo DM (2009–2011), was an English Springer Spaniel who served as a bomb detection dog for the British Army whilst stationed in Afghanistan. His handler, Lance Corporal Liam Tasker, was killed in March 2011, and Theo died hours after, following a seizure. The pair had set a new record for bomb finds during their time on deployment. Theo was awarded the Dickin Medal, also known as the animals' Victoria Cross, in 2012."


    Words cannot describe how awesome that is. Thanks for that Blizzard. And thanks Tasker and Theo, for being awesome and saving lives.

    Found it interesting; anyone know of any other named items with real world relevance?
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    Quote from Bi0hazard42
    I'm fairly sure I know the answer, but is this item value CDR, or character sheet displayed CDR? Since the difference between the two can mean one or more items that may or may not need CDR. My gut feeling is that it would be character sheet displayed CDR, but I figured I'd put it out there and ask anyway.
    Its 56% paper doll CDR so Items + Passives + Paragon points :)
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    Quote from oldschool_2o4f
    Sadly it's a pin point accurate "critique" of the public game system. If it wasn't, you wouldn't be hearing it so frequently.

    Is it so hard to find 3 or 4 people to play with in the style and manner you're comfortable with? Socializing can be beneficial. It just takes effort.

    As for public games, from all the crap I hear ALL THE TIME, I've never bothered to join one. I play with a group established from former games and we all get along great. Life IS good.
    I think you misunderstood me. What I said was "When people have a complaint about an aspect of public games, telling them "Just don't use them" is a bullshit response" and by bullshit I mean "contributes nothing". There are plenty of ways blizzard can improve on the public game system; hell we saw some in the last patch; I dare say we will see more. Discussing possible solutions for issues regarding public games isn't aided by the "Derp just don't use them I don't" crowd :) The basic premise of public games is sound; and the majority of people who use it all have the same intentions. THere are just a few "design flaws" in some of the system designs that open the door to player abuse. Fixing these is perfectly possible.
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    Quote from T0lbert

    Elemental bonuses are additive so 20% Cindercoat is going to increase your fire damage output by 20%.
    Okay, so Jimmy Crusader has Magefists, SoJ, Bracers, Axe of Sankis, Amulet and Andariels on, rocking a measly 100% Extra Fire Damage over these 6 items. He does 200% Fire damage (100% + 100% bonus elemental). I'm going to use 100% bonus as it makes the numbers easier. That could easily be up to 140% for a barbarian for example

    Equipping Cindercoat gives another 20%. So he goes from doing 200% Fire damage to 220% Fire damage. Do you see how that is an EFFECTIVE 10% DPS increase?

    If my maths is wrong enlighten me I could be overlooking something glaring...

    This is why +elite damage is worth slightly more than +elemental, ofc when getting your first bit they are as effective as each other but you will gather +elemental damage much more easily; and the more you have on the less effective the next bit becomes. The same applies to +elite damage too; but its rarer, outside of Sunkeeper Dual-wielding; to go much above 50% elite damage than 50% elemental.

    Its why things like Lidless Wall and Doombringer are great for physical builds - there aren't as many sources of +physical damage out there as there are pretty much any other school :P Poison has some pants, Fire has loads, Holy also suffers; Lightning has Thundergods Vigor, Cold has Frostburn; sure they aren't the most OP of examples but it is still more; and frankly I can be flexable with what else I'd want as a 4th affix on my belt or gloves :)
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    Quote from Emmo

    What happens if a party member doesn't have any rift fragments? Instant decline from them?

    Also, in your system, what's to stop people just declining anyway? The one who initiates will just end up spending 4 fragments anyway or the rift won't open. It's open to as much abuse from leechers as the current system is.

    The only leech proof method would be to only let people into the rift who spent fragments to open it, but that fixes some problems by causing others.
    If you don't have ANY fragments what are you doing in a public game to rift? Yes it would simply just instant decline leading to point 2) This would at least give players the OPTION to say "fuck it I don't care" or "Oh looky here, bunch of leeches, I'm out" before spending their fragments. A lot of the feedback seems to be "Just go in expecting to pay for every rift" and as far as I can see that attitude just enables the leeches...
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    Quote from wng
    many ppl, correct me if im wrong,hate playing publicly.. which is why they resort to RiF, rifting it forward or with a group of e-friends or IRL friends. With public games youll always or almost always come across people who overplay their torment level, who AFK and leech or those who never open and leave. There is no coordination and many people are cheap and wont open rifts. Save yourself the headache join a community, its still has that public feel to a game but with less of the headache. If you play @ irregular time then communties would be percect. Go join rift runs and post Looking for T3 Rifts all day alternate openings... itll work, much better then just creating a public game opening it to the public and having trolls all day.
    Thankyou for almost getting to the last paragraph of my post :)
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    So yeah, I know there are communities you can join, and I have a clan and they're great and my friends and I don't want to change that and I'm sure there are others in the same situation; the fact is joining public games is "in theory" the fastest way to gather a group of people who have the same intention as you in game.


    Currently there seems to be this mentality of waiting around for "someone else" to open the rift. I don't know how many people use the public game feature who post here; but I'm going to assume theres a fair number of you - have you noticed this as well? I had a suggestion; and wondered what people thought:

    As with boss fights, when someone attempts to open the rift, it should bring up the pop up window confirming peoples intent to complete a rift. Clicking accept should cost you 1 rift fragment. That way, each player pays 1 rift fragment to open the rift, rather than 1 player paying 5. I suggest lowering the cost of opening rifts to 4 so this could be more easily balanced.

    If people refuse the "boss request" it should give the usual second window alerting the rift opener that players X Y or Z have declined to "join" as it were. It will then be up to that player to decide whether to split the cost with the other people who accepted, with the opener paying the "greater share" as it were. HOWEVER, it should hopefully quickly become apparent that by far the easiest and most efficient manner of rifitng is simply to join the game and accept the rift opening, so with any luck the community will be quick to adopt the new method.

    This will just speed up the efficiency of public game rifting. Currently spending 20-30% of the time sitting about because people don't want to spend rift fragments they don't have to is wasting everyones time and it is too much to just expect people to solve this alone when they are grouped with different people every game they join.

    What do you guys think? Any adjustments, is it not really a problem for you, is this over thinking it?

    Please don't just say "use the community tools" while they are great for finding people, Diablo 3 is very much a pick up and play game for the majority; so finding 3 other people who want to spam rifts for a couple of hours uninterrupted can take too long, especially if you play and irregular times (or ten times more than your friends :p)
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    The current system is too rewarding. People don't have to farm torment 6. Its an end goal in terms of progression (re: character power). But it should exist as a carrot for the NEETs and others with much more than average amounts of time to dedicate to a video game. Designing the loot system to allow people who play less than 10 hours a week to reach torment 6 within 2 months just means that people who play 50+ hours a week are done in a fortnight.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't enjoy the buff at the moment; but if it were permanently this generous, there won't be any farming available by June. Why the people who can only play <10 hours a week aren't happy if they aren't in torment 4+ is (in my own opinion) THEIR problem. That is where the problem lies. People are finding loads of GOOD legendaries and label them as "crap" because they aren't Kridershot or Shard of Hate, Calamity of WoWoh.
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