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    posted a message on Ring of Royal Grandeur bis stats.
    Quote from cyingยป

    nope. you want 8cdr on ring for sure. even with leorics crown. most saders make the mistake of thinking you only need 56cdr for perma akkhan. thats the MINIMUM you need not the MAXIMUM. you want MAX cdr if possible without losing too many other stats. rings (both), helm, gloves, shoulders, shield, weapon should all have max cdr. ammy shouldnt have cdr unless you have a godlike flavor of time. belt is the only place id drop cdr.

    Not really.

    You need 55.6% CDR for permanent AC. Maybe you want a teensy bit more to cover for human error in re-applying AC. After that all extra CDR is pretty much wasted in lieu of more damaging stats (i.e. you don't want CDR on your neck piece because you're giving up 1000 Str 100% CHD or 10% CHC, whereas you only lose 6% or 50% CHD if you take CDR on ring).

    Going for MAX CDR is just overkill.

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    posted a message on The elephant in the room (rorg)

    It just shifts the pressure on to legendary gems then. We would get to pick 2 instead of 3 (arguably less of a problem than picking one of 2 sure but doesn't alleviate the problem)

    If anything it should be moved to the HELLFIRE ring, so it is at least craftable. Up drop rates on keys to 100% on tVI.

    But really it just shouldn't exist and all 6 sets should be 5 sets and Raekors should be a 2/3/4/ set not a 2/4/5

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    posted a message on Why do people do full clears on regular Rifts?

    *shrug* Depends how much you cant' be arsed with Bounties after getting your Ancient RoRG really.

    I'm low on Rift fragments this season because I had some luck with the ring and find Bounties really boring. I'd prefer to clear rifts "mostly" fully just because rift drop rates are better than outside and you get the most "rift time" per fragment.

    But I do'nt feel so strongly about it I'd hold a public game to ransom over it thats just douchey :P

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    posted a message on S2 Bombardment Build , halp! [TESTED]

    Playing around with it myself. Think Fire may be the way to go

    Thinking either:

    Shield Glare: Zealous

    AC: Empowered

    Steed Charge: Endurance

    Bombardment: Annihilate

    Sweep Attack: Blazing Sweep

    Shield Bash: Crumble

    Run 5 Rolands + Cindercoat, Stack RCR so SG tops you up enough to spam the attacks you need.

    Mortal Drama+Piro or Golden Flense+Piro depending on RCR; All res legendary gem, HPS Leg. Gem; Gogok.

    Or Akkhans 5+ Cindercoat, Mortal Drama/Blade of Prophecy + Freyars Wrath or w/e its called, similar build but swap SA and SB for a Generator like SA:Crush or Punish:Roar and Condemn: The Fire One which I'm 99% sure is the reflective dmg one. Stack CDR instead of RCR and use the generator when needed.

    I dunno. I'm still smarting that Rolands set is kinda shit because of the resource cost once you're attacking at 100% speed. But yeah its fun to play around, trying hardcore this season and lost nearly all my gear once already so experimentation is taking time :P

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    posted a message on Crusader Phalanx build?
    I'm running with Rolands, Sweep Attack/Shield bash and Bowmen/Rise Brothers. Use Taeguk, Gogok, and Pain Enhancer atm. Still leveling PE, but managed to hit 3.77 APS, and 22 shots fired per bowman in 5 seconds. With Pain Enhancer, adding 3% per bleeding target, confident I can hit 4 attacks per second.

    I got an Eternal Union but it was awful and with Gogok my CDR is now enough that I wouldn't get any use out of it for the bowmen really, but the Rise Brothers adds are pretty beast too with the APS buffs from Rolands/Gogok/PE(when levelled)

    I used T&T on my non-seasonal Crusader with a similar build (but use generator/sweep attack) and it gave them 9-10 attacks in 5 seconds. When I finally get mine on seasonal (seriously, my DH buddy got 2 in about 40 minutes last night >.> bastard) I'm looking at 30 shots fired per bowman.

    4 bowmen (using Piro for Shieldbash spam havne't had Unrelenting drop in season yet) x 30 shots x 185% WD = 22200% Weapon Damage dealt, +Phalanx passive +Phalanx on gear +Physical +Elite... Sure its only single target, but I'm spamming Sweep attack into the large packs of trash. Elites evaporate. They also do a good job of blocking the electrical affix which is currently giving me the most hassle. Xephirian where art though?
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    posted a message on Regarding exploits. No bans necessary. Just fix please. It is the only decent thing to do.
    Quote from ruksak
    I warned that they should run a short, 6 week season 1 due to exactly this kind of shit.

    I am particularly amused by all the people pretending that, under any circumstance, the top ladder players would ever behave in a legitimate manner.

    To my friends that wondered why I didn't jump in on the first season, saying I'll wait til the second season....well this is why.
    I'm playing in the first season but I'm not going "try-hard" mode. Just playing with the new Crusader armor and having fun with my friends. I'm sure I'll scrape onto top 1000 by virtue of being unemployed and playing waaaaay too much Diablo; so I'm in no rush.

    Depending on how this season wraps up I'll consider "try-hard" mode for the next one. Although I'm still too pussy to go for Season Hardcore, so I guess I'll never really attempt "try-hard" mode :D
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    posted a message on PTR "Good" Fortune
    For people who made new seasonal toons on the PTR to try it out, what absolutely drool-worthy items have you had drop so far?

    For clarification, this is to celebrate the (questionable) good fortune of finding OP items on a temporary character, that will be deleted come 2.1 on live.

    Such as:

    Gonna miss them when 2.1 goes live and they get stolen away Q_Q
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    posted a message on Will we eventually have too many legendaries?
    Stone of Jordan is rare?

    From what I can see they aren't adding a ridiculous amount of new legendaries; they are mostly working on making the existing dull ones less dull. I don't think it will have a noticable effect on how rare current items feel.
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    posted a message on T6 build that isnt shotgun or darklight ? Does is excist?
    Quote from dinak

    Not for now. After patch Pet build will be viable too.
    Pet build is viable now. Will be by far the strongeest Crusader build with the new affixes.

    Stack + Phys. Phallanx Bowmen + T&T. Weak against multiple targets so compliment with Baleful Remnant; Falling Sword - Rise Brothers, Bombardment, and I use Condemn, Shattering; or tbh Steed Charge+Endurance just for getting around.

    Okay, so my fastest t6 clear was only around 8 minutes, but that isn't "not-viable". But yeah, when I'm getting 2x the Avatars, with 2x the duration (although Legendary Gem will render that obsolete eventually), with 20%+ more crit chance, and the fix to Baleful meaning it isn't strictly solo play only...

    I dunno maybe Shotgun/Darklight builds are getting 100% buffs too; but I think fully equipped the pet build will destroy the others.
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    posted a message on Greater Rift 100 cleared - monk EP + rimeheart problem
    Said it before, without "instant kill" mechanics or "%Life as damage on hit" mechanics (Crushing Blow) Exploding Palm can easily be nerfed to remain competetive as a source of damage without being overpowered; without changing it to "% of weapon damage". Without those methods of triggering the explosion; strong case can easily be made for a 4th pure dps class bringing more damage to the group. Fist of Az'Turrask and the modifiers from other abilities and +phys/+elite% mean that they currently detonating for more HP than the mob even has, despite the damage not scaling with mulitple players in the group.
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    posted a message on low level paragons joining t6 games!!!..
    Quote from Flexy
    I still think that face-rolling T3 is still the most effective way to farm right now.

    Yesterday I got like 4 legs doing T6 rifts. That number shoots up to 20 when doing T3 in the same timespan.

    To roll through T6, you need like 1xEP monk , 1x Jade WD, 1x Shotgun Crusader (tuned to the MAX) and possibly another WD just to squeeze out even more DPS.

    I guess you could say that you need around 2.5mill eDPS, max CDR/resource regen and a good build to really feel powerful.
    I prefer 8-10 min t6 runs where I might die if I do'nt pay a bit of attentin to facerolling t3 despite it being more efficient.

    Unless I'm drunk :P But you're not wrong, but that's not to say running t6 doesn't have its merits
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    posted a message on low level paragons joining t6 games!!!..
    Quote from macrofil
    Oh right, actually discounting any dps bringing buffs aswell. Guess I'm back to EP doing the best damage ingame atm then.
    You're not wrong

    As the other user pointed out, when the damage from the group is high enough for the content, EP/PP monk becomes less useful as he doesn't have time to reach potential. When things are alive for 5+ seconds though, its easy for the PP monk to pull ahead. You're not wrong with your arguments; it all depends on the level of gear : difficulty ratio. When that is in favour of the damage, a fourth (supporting, all group players should support the power is too much to ignore) DPS will provide more speed, whether thats a DPS monk or sprint barb or Jade Doctor (15% Piranado +30% SA +30% - and 20% IAS BBV) they will help more than the palm monk.

    But as soon as that ration is more balanced the monk pulls ahead with the ability to "transfer the DPS dealt" - but even then the efficiency is grossly affected by the mobs and map tilesets (can't cyclone 'fat boys' and dungeons/halls of agony style corridors can be a bitch for grouping compared to, say fields of misery). With the gross amount fo transferable damage given by FoA and +phys%/elite% modifiers there's no wonder they are top of the "legitimate" GRifts times (discounting basically anything 40+ as 'exploited' - w/e different argument). Pretty sure that's gonna get nerfed "TO THE GROUND" though :P
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    posted a message on low level paragons joining t6 games!!!..
    Quote from macrofil

    I'm clearly not a mathwiz, and my understanding of this might be way off, but untill someone proves me wrong, this is what I will believe.
    You are discounting that a 4th DPS can bring buffs as well. Don't get me wrong, the PP monk is *designed* to bring those buffs and its amazing how many people think (for example) that their reapers wraps will provide more group dps from more cluster arrows than strongarm + knockback* would achieve by buffing everyone by 30% but hey. So in reality, yeah sure PP monks are bringing more than 4th DPS. But only because most people play "solo" in group games re: build

    *Okay so DH wans'ta great choice but the point stands. Wizards, WDs. Crusaders, all able to bring group buffs/use strongarms, and 9 times out of 10 that will provide more damage to the group than using their solo-play build...
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    posted a message on TLDR - Monk complete analisis Skills & Stats
    Revert Dashing Strike to a spirit cost instead of charges. Solves most toughness problems :P

    Remove CD on SSS, raise spirit cost to 100 spirit. Change Flow of Eternity to reduce the resource cost by 45-50%

    Reduce Spirit Generation from gear/passives by about 30%. Double the spirit generated by spirit regenerators.

    Cap EP at 25% of the mobs HP in single player game. Change Fist of Az'turrask to increasing the radius of the explosions by 2-4 yards. Remove any modifiers to explosion damage such as +physical, +elite damage, or any other +damage% source.

    Increase the damage of sweeping wind (all runes/effects) by about 150%

    Add a HoT effect to Breath of Heaven, so it heals for 100% of the heal amount over 4 seconds (as well as the initial heal).
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    posted a message on Transition to 2.1
    Quote from mister_p88
    Thanks for your answers !

    Ok, so if I had previously picked up a Thunderfury ( with socket ) and re-rolled the damage affix, Ramaldini's Gift would be useless in this case as I cannot have two sockets in the TF. If instead I had originally picked up a Thunderfury with no socket and I re-rolled Heal 8000 HP per hit into a socket, then Ramaldini's Gift would be great as I can reroll the socket to some other non-socket affix then use the gift to add back a socket.

    Would it not be better to make Ramaldini's Gift add a extra affix to the item ( an affix that may or may not be socket but can definitely be rolled into a socket if the user chooses ) ? I am all for new features only if they are consistent and benefit everyone rather than some. As it is, Ramaldini'sGift will make the unfortunate become the fortunate, and the fortunate become the unfortunate. Its very bad design if you ask me and will likely be a gripe of many people.
    There will be so many item changes coming in that for the most part you could be looking at replacing most of your gear anyway. Some of the new affixes are amazing. Yeah Ramalandi's Gift is going to make previous "guaranteed socket" legendary weapons less flexable; but it certainly won't be the end of times. You will find more gear, most of it will be better; some of it won't.
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