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    No release date as of now.
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    It stems from the fact that video games are an entertainment form that is composed of many different elements. The big ones are: gameplay, competition, visuals, sound, and story. While in your point of view the story is what takes precedence, others might find gameplay, competition, visuals, or sound more fitting for themselves. The ones who are rushing through the game are probably the ones who love both the gameplay and competition aspects of video games. It's just a simple case of different people enjoying different things.
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    posted a message on What class is everyone playing first and why?
    I'm actually undecided. Pretty much all of the classes were fun to play and I didn't dislike any of them. I'll probably stay away from the Barbarian though, as I've played him to death in D2.
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    Everything about this makes me happy. :D
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    Quote from paroxysm2010

    Quote from tkrow21

    but with Diablo III Blizzard is aiming to market the game for casual gamers.

    and hopefully hardcore gamers as well, if it werent for us Diablo 3 might not even be what it is today.

    I don't mean hardcore as in people who just play a lot, I meant hardcore as in people who make a living for playing the game as sport.

    By casual, I was including us people who played Diablo II for years on end.
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    posted a message on The right mouse for the job?
    Your keyboard should be more than enough for hotkeys, I find that past the two side buttons that are featured on most premium mice (very good for activating voice chat in Ventrilo or Teamspeak, since it must be held down), you don't really need the extra buttons on a mouse. For this reason I think the Razer Deathadder is a great all-purpose mouse (great for FPS's because of the precision, and just fine for other genres). The comfort of it is also great and I love it more than my Logitech G5 and NZXT Storm Sentinel Advance.
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    It doesn't matter if you're a "hardcore pro" at Diablo II, Blizzard isn't aiming for the game to be an e-sport like Starcraft II (where professional player's opinions on balance and such do matter), but with Diablo III Blizzard is aiming to market the game for casual gamers.
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    Quote from Daemaro

    We were talking about how they added it to their Diablo III System Requirements page. Which sort of misleads people into thinking thats what they need to have.

    Maybe that's what you're talking about?

    Exactly what I was talking about, but it sort of flew over my head, haha, sorry. :)
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    Quote from SFJake

    Is this yet another joke?..

    SC2 doesn't need half that to run well, and I don't see why D3 would be any different from what we have seen.

    If you have to spend more than 400$ to run D3 well, you're doing it wrong. (or should I say, "they're")

    Quote from Cravey

    Demo computer's are definitely no where near what the minimum and recommended specs will be. Those are most likely overkill for a game like Diablo 3.

    Crysis 2
    System Requirements*
    Intel Processor - Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz Dual Core! The card listed by the OP is a Quad Core.
    Nvidia Graphics Card - GeForce 8800 GT This is probably the most demanding product Crysis 2 asks for, and you say the GTX 460 will be required for D3? No way incgamers.
    RAM (Memory) - 3 GB Ooo not very demanding when it comes to memory is it?
    Hard Disk Space - 9 GB
    Direct X - 9

    I'd recommend that they take those "specs" off of the Diablo 3 specs page. Its going to run just fine with any lower quality hardware. There's no way that Crysis 2 will be outshined by Diablo 3. Plus, Blizzard likes to keep their games low tech so any computer user can play Blizzard games.

    Two things are going on here.

    1. The title of the thread is misleading.
    2. The content of the article completely flew over your head.

    THESE ARE NOT RECOMMENDED / MINIMUM SPECS FOR DIABLO III. These are simply the specs that Blizzard is using in their computers during demos (such as Blizzcon and internal testing of the game). These machines are playing the game fully maxed out at 1080P with 60+ FPS, which is in no way to be considered qualification for recommended / minimum specs.
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    HAHA, that's actually a pretty cool find, Siaynoq.
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    posted a message on Bashiok's Plan on Revealing more Systems
    Quote from zerg4hire
    It will delay the beta and won't meet their "Expected release date of 2011".

    The release date isn't expected to be 2011, they're hoping it will happen, but don't expect it to.

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    Quote from Winged

    I heard they were beasts. Keep in mind the game likely has yet to be optimized.

    The game is already optimized, as the core mechanics and engine of the game are already complete. All that's left in development is the actual content.

    Also, those are actually kind of weak systems to be playing on all high settings @ 1080p in a testing environment. People are going to be able to get away with some pretty slow computers for this game. For example, DICE has GTX 580's in their testing computers for Battlefield 3.
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    Quote from Umpa

    I think the most helpful thing for a diamond or master league player would be to have good micro. Macro can be learned by anyone, but the X factor in these games will always be innovative strategy/ decision making and MICRO. When in higher leagues if you're doing those cookie cutter builds, you better have top notch micro because you can bet that their macro is just as solid. Or have a strat that owns face. :P

    Honestly in Diamond simply having better mechanics and planned build orders will win you games, you don't need good micro at all. I can't personally comment on the Masters level as I haven't been there, but I imagine the tiny edges that good micro give you still can't shine through as the skill gaps are still quite large in comparison to the tip top players amongst themselves.

    Also, as for watching Starcraft and learning, in my experience the two best ways to learn the game are:

    • User Streams
    Watching in first person gets you to learn where your focus should be on games, how you should be managing resources, and what amount of your concentration you should be putting towards different parts of the game. One of my favorite streams to watch would be that of WhiteRa, a top level Ukranian Protoss player who has good enough English to explain his motives and strategies in his gameplay. If you want to watch streams, you can head over to teamliquid where they have featured (all of the pros aee featured) streams on the right side.

    • Day9's Daily
    Day9 is a huge figure in the Starcraft community. He was one of the best American players for a time in Brood War and is now a professional commentator in Starcraft 2 who knows what he's talking about. He hosts a daily show in which he analyzes replays (the correct way) and also has guests where he discusses build orders, strategy, and overall gameplay. He even has a very important daily, here, which goes over the mechanics of your game and how you should be playing. He's also a really funny guy.


    As for entertainment, I started off watching HDStarcraft and HuskyStarcraft like most people, but they don't compare to the real deal at all, in terms of entertainment, production quality, and game knowledge. I really recommend watching the large StarCraft 2 events to really get into watching StarCraft, for example:

    GSL (Global Starcraft 2 League)
    TSL (TeamLiquid StarLeague)
    NASL (North American Starleague)

    All three of these are much better than HD's and Husky's solo YouTube casts. However, you might like HD and Husky. Don't fear! Husky often commentates the TSL along with DjWheat, Day9, Chill, and Artosis. And if you're into HD, you might want to check out the IPL (IGN Pro League) which is kicking off soon and features him as a caster!
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    posted a message on May 9th Conference Call
    Quote from AlexanderZero

    The thing is, if Blizzard wasn't sure about starting the Diablo 3 beta in their last conference call, it's hard to imagine that they would have been sure that by May 5th they would be ready to begin. They would have needed to be far enough along by the February conference call that within three months or so they could say with certainty that they would be ready for beta testing. If that's the case, then the game is a little bit further along than I expected.

    However, whether or not they were set on a beta date in February doesn't have a whole lot of relevance as to whether or not the beta will actually be announced in May. Because of that, I'm hoping that they will announce it. XD

    I think that the beta's going to be good to go by the time of the conference call, after all, Blizzard said that their goal is to have Diablo III on shelves by the end of the year. However, I think it's wrong to use their statements in the previous conference call as any sort of solid indication, it's not a public announcement or reveal situation that most developers fear getting shit for once promised deadlines aren't met.

    Also, Diablo III is getting close, I'm fucking pumped.
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    posted a message on ONE account per c-d key
    Blizzard is really pushing Battle.net 2.0 and wants everything fully integrated.

    I don't see why accounts would work differently than in Starcraft II.
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