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    So an indirect buff to LoN builds? I think this is a great idea but how would one know what runes would go together? And what if the runes doesn't work together? Isn't that gonna make it counter productive?

    Here are some of my ideas:

    -Each primal ancient have a slot for a rune.

    -Primal ancient need not to have increased stats but of higher rolls than normal ancients.

    -Runes are dropped in-game and have the same drop rate as Primal ancients.

    -Primal ancients can be converted into runes through kanai's cube with some ingredients(maybe one of each act materials)

    -Likewise a normal ancient can be converted into primal using a rune and other materials(will reroll the stats of that item)

    -Rune binding- certain item slots are bound and will combine the runes they in them.

    Jewelries: necklace and 2 rings

    Armor: helm, pants, chest and boots

    Weapon: main-hand and off-hand

    (2handed weapon could have 2 rune slots maybe but crusaders will have an advantage, so not sure how to make this work)

    Garments?: belt, bracer and shoulders

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