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    posted a message on I was lurking on the US forums, and found this....

    microtransactions for QoL and cosmetics maybe yes but not for items.

    Maybe a buff to increase magic find or exp is ok. but never on instant items.

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    posted a message on Revised Blackthorne Set - (Reverse LoN Set)

    Legacy of Nightmare Set has opened up a lot of interesting ways to play based on other non-set items, but some builds stands out too much that other play styles are overshadowed(just my own opinion but prove me wrong), maybe because of lack of interesting legendary powers that we are narrowed down to what we have today, some of which that stand out are the LTK monk, strafe DH, and LoNbomb sader.

    So in this thread, I will be trying to revise the Blackthorne set which is currently not used unless by some support builds and what not.

    But before that, let me get you through what is my thoughts behind this. Currently there is a feature in-game we all know about and never really paid attention to, the Elective mode. Yes everyone uses it but why was it there in the first place? Were they planning to open a new game mode where one could not use Elective mode?

    Another thing is Runes, yes this thing exist in game already but just in the form of aesthetics. In the skills panel, we have the 5 different runes per skill but they don't really mean anything. I know runes (the stone ones) are once planned to be part of the game but was later scrapped off and we were left with what we have now. Anywhooo this is where the new Blackthorne Set will come in to somehow tickle the fickle minds of those who are interested with these long forgotten features. (or we could just name a new set but whichever)

    TL;DR: This is a set that revolves around different runed skills and non-elective mode.

    New Blackthorne Set

    - 6 piece set available for all classes

    - helm, shoulder, chest, gloves, pants and boots are the pieces

    - bonuses are only triggered on non-elective mode

    * 2 piece bonus - when your elective mode is turned off, all damage is increased by 300%
    * 4 piece bonus - primary skills increases your aspd by 50% for 8s, secondary skills increases the damage of your other 3 skill subsets (class specific) by 200% for 8s and defensive skills reduces your damage taken by 50% for 8s
    * 6 piece bonus - whenever a different rune is activated, cause an explosion for 5000% weapon damage, stacks 6 times. At 6 stack. all damage is increased by 600% and damage taken by 30% for 5s.

    (I'm trying to avoid the long cooldown skills, like epiphany, avatar, archon, voodoo, Vengeance and WotB, because they seem to be mandatory at almost all builds, such that the more you cycle through your skills, the more you get that 6 stack buff)

    Let me know your suggestions and ideas to improve this.

    Also, I'm thinking of a Set that revolves around equipping same skill runes which is also available for all classes.

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    posted a message on Wild Vision: Runeword Ancients (Picture included)

    So an indirect buff to LoN builds? I think this is a great idea but how would one know what runes would go together? And what if the runes doesn't work together? Isn't that gonna make it counter productive?

    Here are some of my ideas:

    -Each primal ancient have a slot for a rune.

    -Primal ancient need not to have increased stats but of higher rolls than normal ancients.

    -Runes are dropped in-game and have the same drop rate as Primal ancients.

    -Primal ancients can be converted into runes through kanai's cube with some ingredients(maybe one of each act materials)

    -Likewise a normal ancient can be converted into primal using a rune and other materials(will reroll the stats of that item)

    -Rune binding- certain item slots are bound and will combine the runes they in them.

    Jewelries: necklace and 2 rings

    Armor: helm, pants, chest and boots

    Weapon: main-hand and off-hand

    (2handed weapon could have 2 rune slots maybe but crusaders will have an advantage, so not sure how to make this work)

    Garments?: belt, bracer and shoulders

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    posted a message on Can't connect to bnet or sites.

    same. aus here and dodo isp.

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    posted a message on Can't connect to bnet or sites.

    Whereabouts are you and your ISP? I've been trying to look for solution under the same issue and can open any links but bnet related. Seems it has something to do with an with windows update(which i haven't) or bnet update conflicting with our ISPs.

    Still no clear idea or solution though.

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    posted a message on Can't connect to bnet or sites.

    anyone with related issue? bnet sites still offline for me :/

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    posted a message on Can't connect to bnet or sites.

    Currently bnet launcher and site is still offline for me. Error code: BLZBNTBNA000003E8 (1118)

    anyone experiencing the same?

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    posted a message on Looking for farming trainer (sort of) PC
    I have this complexity before as well, I guess OCD is getting in the way when I play, no stone left unturned is how I used to play. I always think what if that mob would drop the leg I'm looking for, but really this game needs you to be efficient in running/farming and what I was doing isn't helping me at all. I would advice you to run t1 until you get all better legs, you will be able to clear your way faster and even kill every mob without spending too much time.

    Or try running a cyclone strike monk, that way you could group mobs easy and clear faster. :D
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    posted a message on Crusader Transmog Thread!
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    posted a message on specific legendery drop every day
    I'm starting to see this pattern as well. I got 3 Hacks the other day within an hour. Then got 3 deadmaus amulet yesterday. Deadmaus is a bit common but those are the only legendary amulets I've found that time. And hack is a rarer one, quite odd if you ask me that this is just pure rng, but whatever.
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