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    now i might be tired or blind, but i dont see anyone anywhere mentíoning T13, it might as well be for 90 grifts

    he said elite rifting, so u are prolly tired :D
    My understanding of elite rifting is builds that focus on elites rather than trash for rift progress?
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    "So what if I turn down the difficulty, and run at 3-4 minutes?" That's always possible, but then you're averaging approx 18 Grifts per hour, but without the increased experience and drop chances. Also, that's a lot of keys to burn in an hour. Lowers your overall gem levels as well, as 1% does happen, and running 75's still gives you a 1% chance to 90. 70's have a 0% chance. It's all about finding that balance, and making it work for you instead of against you.

    Sorry, just figured out the whole quote the quote bit. This part. Thanks.
    And thanks to the rest of the responses. I just enjoy hearing other people's experiences, helps me figure out better strategies. I had to laugh at myself, the other primal drop I got that night was the Guard of Johanna, and I almost lost my shit when I saw the name that popped up because my highest performing spec is Hammerdin, so of course, I was stoked. And the rolls were worse than on the regular legendary that I still had sitting in my bag. I couldn't believe it, and no matter what one stat I change, the shield is still remarkably worse than the decent ancient I got. The only thing holding me back from getting up to a solid run at 90 is the ancient, decently rolled Johanna's Argument, which doesn't seem to exist in my world of Diablo.

    You have 7 possible 1H Flails and a 14,29% possibilities of a Johanna's Argument.

    Random is random, but if ancient is 10:1, in 70 yellow upgrades you get 1 ancient one. Yeah, I know, 1.750 DBs, pfff...

    Necro has 4 possible 1h scythes (25%) and 4 possible 2h scythes (25%). Much easier...

    I got a very nice ancient Johanna's Argument just doing speed 64 Grs with my speed LoN sader, so you never know...

    Good luck!!!

    Drop rates aren't split evenly among legendary items. Some drop more often than others. So in actuality it's more likely to be less than 14% drop chance.
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    I would much rather see it used for resetting an item to before it had stats rerolled.

    There are times when we fuck up, there are times when the meta shifts but a good item is still a good item.

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    the necromancer was, is and will be remembered as a fan service and a last bid for attention. the character didn't change anything worthwhile for a barbarian player, for example. you do the exact same stuff you did since the release of RoS, since greater rifts are just a mutator of normal rifts. challenge rifts are lackluster at best, a crafting UI is merely QoL which some games don't even bring up as a great feature. they just implement it.

    you start a new season, level your necro to 70 and rift all day. same old, same old. i could log in now, see 250 items in my mail box, STILL don't have a meaningful way to just keep the two best versions of one item, get fed up with that, check a char, join a game and rift the same stuff i rifted for so many years.

    it is a really sad state of a game, you cannot deny that.

    I promise you, if you find the solution you'll make a ton of money selling that idea to any gaming company that wants to listen.
    It's literally a game about farming. There's no way around farming in a farming game. You might as well complain that you spend all game racing around the same tracks in a rally game.
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    Quote from head0r»

    no progression, eh?

    imagine you play RoS for three years, pause finally for good after season 6 or 7 (since they are pointless as hell), coming back to this page only to see discussions about the same sets, the same items and 98% the same game you left.

    the whole game has no progress and no evolution. nothing gets shaken up, nothing changes fundamentally. this game is moving at a lava-like pace.

    i love the franchise. and i even loved d3. but i don't get excited anymore. not. one. bit. biggest hope for blizzcon 2017 and a more atmospheric and interesting diablo franchise? d1 and d2 remastered. i would never touch d3 again.

    Necromancer has been out for how long before you decided the game doesn't change at all?
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    posted a message on Anyone else thinking Blizz should return Mirinae Inarius proc to the before nerf ???
    Quote from Garfunkel»

    Yes, let's make necros even more op...

    How would it make necro more OP? You're (theoretically) buffing a build so far behind the main contender it doesn't matter where they end up.,
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    One weakness of necromancer is no 7-item sets, or sets with different slots than just the standard ones.

    It really locks us into having to pick a set, and two weapons are so good that we can't pick anything else. Same problem with rings, one ring always auto-locked.

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    Quote from Succorbenoth»

    none, diablo 3 unistalled.

    Great way to not give them any power over you.
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    posted a message on Let's try this again..making Diablo 3 competitive

    I wonder what the game would look like, if paragon was gated behind max solo grift.

    Maybe d3 needs to take a page out of WoW's book and add new random 'fixed' grifts every week, with leaderboards that resets weekly to match. Hell, even random length / time for completion would make me happy.

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    Quote from RealGsuss»

    Well, I get what you're saying. But you'll have to ask yourself, why are you playing that one build? because it's stronger, so you play it, to progress faster, to gain more paragon levels, but for what? do you want to push leaderboards?

    if not, why not just try to find fun builds ("play it your way") and see how far you can push them. sure, maybe you can't push 80+ with most of those builds, but you can challenge yourself, beat your best GR with that build.

    I for myself am almost always playing meta builds, because i want to reach certain goals in every season. next season, i just play another class. by the time I come back to the class, a lot has changed (at least in the recent past). new items, buffs and whatnot.

    so, if you're not enjoying the WD anymore, and you don't want to try out those lame skills and items, because you can't even farm t11+ anymore, why not switching to another class? and if that's not working for you, you might even think about switching to another game, sad as this sounds. main reason to play games should be to have fun (or earn money with it by streaming). if you're not having fun anymore, just scrap it :)

    just my 2 cents

    All of that goes completely out the window if you want to play with friends / spouse. If you aren't even able to complete torment 8 nobody is going to have fun playing with people who can clear 10+ in 2 minutes flat.

    I get what OP is saying:

    • The useless skills needs to be tuned so they work
    • We need more generalized sets like LoN (except that isn't LoN) that allows us to pick any skill. Maybe it's time to rework Blackthorne to be competitive with class sets?
    • We need to get rid of mandatory skills/buffs, I'm sick of playing with 4 passive skillslots/buffs and 1-2 attack skills.
    • Time to get rid of sets with wording like "Makes <specific skill> hit 30000000% harder".
    • Bring primary skills up to be something other than 50% dmg buffs through F&R.
    • Have spenders feel like they're worth using before getting legendaries and have the legendaries buff them by a bit, not a metric fuckton.
    • Actually.. Just bring back resources as something build/spent.

    Unrelated to OP: For gods sake, can we do something about the need to stare at the UI for FnR/CoE/similar short buffs/cooldowns. I want to play the game, not stare at icons.

    In short, if the difference between a skill being worthless and extremely powerful is a legendary, it's poor design.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Chicken Bomber (Speed Farming) Build
    Quote from Beotrix»

    Quote from Darials»

    Build very good. Explosions good. I died.

    oh no! using this build? RIP :/

    I am really loving the hate for the name too haha, maybe ill get a record for downvotes, haha.
    Sounds like you need to grow up, if you think people disliking your poor taste is something to be proud of.
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    posted a message on Red Soul Shard, Wirt's Leg, Royal Calf pet

    The Red Soul Shard gem doesn't have a proc rate, it's on a timer.

    Me and GF equipped them roughly at the same time, and consistently for hours mine would go off a second after hers.

    Also a word of warning, do not put it in leoric's Crown, damage isn't boosted and it costs 50k to remove.

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    posted a message on Another Ban wave just hit and Surprise !
    Quote from CarryGasm»

    also got banned, haven`t done anything, i seriously and i mean SERIOUSLY don`t give a shit about those who say i am a liar.

    After some research i found out that people who use gaming mouse/keyboard and any programs that interfere with the game - NOT BOTS - but eg: Game booster, that basically boosts FPS with about 10-20 if you have a slow computer, it automatically closes other programs and makes the setups by itself like task manager - high priority and all that, nothing that can interfere with the gaming competition by itself like bots and so on. Even windows color management software are flagged. In a nutshell everything that interferes with the game .dlls while you play the game, is flagged. The warden is clearly not tweaked right, and a lot of legit players have to suffer for that.

    I also found out that they snipe the top ~50ish of the leaderboards, also high play times.

    To sum it up the warden math operation looks like this:

    Gaming peripherals + Programs that don`t really count as bots in game + Leaderboards + High paragorn / High time played = BAN

    A lot of sites are full of false positives, already contacted personally 12 people who got banned in this wave, and only 3 admitted they botted and they were pretty straight forward with it, the others are still struggling with tickets, and live chat or callback, that was enough for me to figure stuff out without bothering with blizzards copy paste mails.

    And the hilarious part is that i quit in 2013 BECAUSE OF botters, and that was not even banable. remember kulle runs on youtube ? remember route bots ? they were fucking public on youtube and blizzard did nothing back then.

    I came back after 3 years because i saw the changes regarding the game implementation, the feeling of progressing in the game was there, cheaters getting banned so the picture seemed bright. And now after 2 and a half months i get fucking trolled by them.

    Blizzard lost another legit player today, i`m so glad that diablo3 players diminishes by the year. i remember when diablo3 used to be in top 5 of raptr gaming, now they are under 1% from 8%.

    i`m out, they can`t even script a warden properly. pathetic.

    as time passes i`m starting to care less, and i think i will never buy any blizzard game from now on.

    blizzard fucked up too many times.

    And how did you happen to come by information on how Warden works?
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    posted a message on Storm of Zakarum - A lightning build
    You seem to completely not understand how Provoke - Charged Up works, and your build trades powerful damage cooldowns for absolutely nothing that increases your sustained damage.

    2/10 for at least trying to be original, but this isn't at all viable.
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