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    Well, I get what you're saying. But you'll have to ask yourself, why are you playing that one build? because it's stronger, so you play it, to progress faster, to gain more paragon levels, but for what? do you want to push leaderboards?

    if not, why not just try to find fun builds ("play it your way") and see how far you can push them. sure, maybe you can't push 80+ with most of those builds, but you can challenge yourself, beat your best GR with that build.

    I for myself am almost always playing meta builds, because i want to reach certain goals in every season. next season, i just play another class. by the time I come back to the class, a lot has changed (at least in the recent past). new items, buffs and whatnot.

    so, if you're not enjoying the WD anymore, and you don't want to try out those lame skills and items, because you can't even farm t11+ anymore, why not switching to another class? and if that's not working for you, you might even think about switching to another game, sad as this sounds. main reason to play games should be to have fun (or earn money with it by streaming). if you're not having fun anymore, just scrap it :)

    just my 2 cents

    All of that goes completely out the window if you want to play with friends / spouse. If you aren't even able to complete torment 8 nobody is going to have fun playing with people who can clear 10+ in 2 minutes flat.

    I get what OP is saying:

    • The useless skills needs to be tuned so they work
    • We need more generalized sets like LoN (except that isn't LoN) that allows us to pick any skill. Maybe it's time to rework Blackthorne to be competitive with class sets?
    • We need to get rid of mandatory skills/buffs, I'm sick of playing with 4 passive skillslots/buffs and 1-2 attack skills.
    • Time to get rid of sets with wording like "Makes <specific skill> hit 30000000% harder".
    • Bring primary skills up to be something other than 50% dmg buffs through F&R.
    • Have spenders feel like they're worth using before getting legendaries and have the legendaries buff them by a bit, not a metric fuckton.
    • Actually.. Just bring back resources as something build/spent.

    Unrelated to OP: For gods sake, can we do something about the need to stare at the UI for FnR/CoE/similar short buffs/cooldowns. I want to play the game, not stare at icons.

    In short, if the difference between a skill being worthless and extremely powerful is a legendary, it's poor design.

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