The application has encountered an unexpected error.

  • @d2k2
    Thanks for the heads up ^_^

    Did you get the chance to try removing YoloMouse and test with both the 32 bit and 64 bit clients?
  • @capitanbala
    I ended up responding to your original post here earlier. Were you able to give that a try?
  • @d2k2
    Thanks for keeping me up to date! When I took a look over the crash logs I only saw the 32 bit client running so wanted to make sure that we'd tried the 64 bit :)
  • @d2k2
    If you do find that the game is working without the Blizzard app running, then I'd like to try with two options disabled it possible.

    The first setting will be the streaming feature which can be disabled in the Streaming section of Blizzard app settings. The second setting will be the browser hardware acceleration setting at the bottom of the General section of the Blizzard app settings. We'll want to make sure that's disabled as well.
  • @d2k2
    Thanks for the update and glad the game looks to be working on the 64 bit client! If you do run into any issues let us know and we'll go from there.

    Based on your crash logs, it looks like you were also using the 32 bit client. Have you tried running the game with the 64 bit client? Apart from that, the Nvidia drivers do also look to be a tad out of date. Let's grab the updated drivers here.
  • @Fanatic
    While we understand the concern, if you're on a 64 bit OS, then we do generally recommend running the game on the 64 bit client as this is going to help with performance. If you're running low on memory, then it may be best to either look into getting more RAM or closing out background applications to help clear out some memory. The 64 bit client is also going to be running on DirectX 11 which will come with its own improvements as well.
  • CrashHickory

    You should only need to update your graphics drivers to fix this. Yours are extremely old and there have been a lot of game changes since your last update. :)


    It doesn't look like your computer meets the minimum system requirements for this game unfortunately. You need to be on at least Windows 7 service pack 1 to play. Your processor should be fine, but we don't have information on your graphics card. I'd check the link above for more information.


    We are doing some work on our end to improve memory management in both clients, as we're aware of some issues with it. In the mean time you should at least be able to reduce how often it happens by using the 64 bit client. The less you have running on your machine at any given time, however, the less likely something in the background and the game client will both access the same memory and cause the game to crash.
  • @capitanbala
    Taking a look over your crash logs, I'd want to look into uninstalling Avast due to this line here:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<00007FF9C7B20000 00033000 "aswhooka.dll"</code>
    Your issue also looks like it may be related to Avast and so I'd suggest the same:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<708E0000 0002f000 "aswhookx.dll"</code>
  • Killakan

    The error logs show that the drivers for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M are pretty old. Drivers this old can cause crashes like this to happen. Make sure the drivers in the computer are up to date.
  • @SteelWill
    Going over your logs, I'd want to look into disabling AMD ReLive. This can be done in the Radeon Settings. If there's still issues, let's test with the 32 bit client.

    Took a look and your the crash logs look to be reporting driver version 353.54 which was released around July 2015. We can grab updated drivers here.