The application has encountered an unexpected error.

  • @Star20
    As far as removing antivirus goes, it doesn't need to be a permanent solution. Its something we noticed in the crash logs and so something we'd want to look into removing as a troubleshooting step. If we're not able to remove it, then we won't be able to rule it out as a potential cause.
  • @LordDank
    I'm not quite sure if you're saying you're not on a VM or if you don't think the problem is with running the game on a VM. If you're not on a VM, then we'll want to grab a DxDiag to look into this futher. If you are on a VM then there's not too mucfh assistance that we'll be able to provide.

    If you're disconnecting from the game, as in you're having a connection issue, we'd suggest making your own thread with a traceroute and pathping attached as its going to be unrelated to the issues reported here.

    Not seeing too much in the crash logs. Can you also post a DxDiag report?
  • @Addicted, @GirdaP, @Hal√°lHozo
    Let's grab the updated drivers here and give the game a try.
  • @Karvanapa
    Your crash logs seem to only be reporting the Intel HD driver number. Let's grab the Nvidia drivers here in case there's an issue there.
  • Sure thing, glad it was a quick fix ^_^
  • @Morris
    There's a dll in the crash log that looks to be part of the OSBASE iDisplay Software. If you have this installed, let's try removing it and giving the game another try.
  • @Morris
    As far as I'm aware at the moment, this isn't a bug that's being looked into as its more of a conflict with other software. There's been issues with similar software and even tablet drivers for manufacturers for various manufactures.

    It looks like the Nvidia drivers are out of date so let's grab the new ones here.

    I'm seeing the same DLL for Duet Display in the crash logs. If you also have this installed, let's go ahead and remove it and test.
  • @Tha
    its possible that an earlier version or a later update for the Duet Display software may help. Or there may be a setting that's conflicting. Though I don't know enough about the software to really suggest any changes for it unfortunately.

    The main thing I'm seeing that might cause issues is Avast. We'd like to look into uninstalling the program, at least temporarily to test.
  • @SOB
    Took a look and your drivers do look fine. Unfortunately I'm not seeing anything that really stands out in the crash log. Would you be able to post the your services and running tasks?
      1.) Hit Windows+R on your keyboard together, which will bring up the Run dialog. Then type the following and hit enter: msinfo32
      2.) In the window that opens, click on the + sign next to Software Environments, then click on Running Tasks. Click on one item on the right side, click on Edit, and then Select All (Or hit Ctrl-A). Click on Edit, and the Copy (Or hit Ctrl-C)
      3.) Paste that into a reply.
      4.) Go back to MSInfo and click Services, click any item on the right, click on Edit, and then Select All (Or hit Ctrl-A). Click on Edit, and then Copy (Or hit Ctrl-C)
      5.) Post that back as another reply.
  • @SOB
    Thanks for grabbing those! Would you be able to uninstall AbsoluteShield and give the game another try?