The application has encountered an unexpected error.

  • @SOB
    For your issue I'd suggest putting in a ticket here so we can go through this more thoroughly. When doing so, be sure to attach the full msinfo and dxdiag reports!
  • @sanazahmettt
    Let's make sure we have the update Nvidia driver from here. If there's still issues, let's run Windows Update. Looks like we're still on the anniversary update and so will want to look into grabbing the creator update.

    Your crash logs show you playing on the 32 bit client. Have you tested the game on the 64 bit client?
  • @DivineDevil
    Took a look over the crash logs and it looks like the intel drivers are being reported for the Nvidia card. In case there's a driver issue, let's grab the latest Nvidia drivers here. If there's still issues, let's grab the new error code and a DxDiag report.
  • crazykid

    Your issue is related to outdated Nvidia drivers. Download and install the newest drivers at:
  • @SuperT92
    I won't be able to email you directly but I did take a look over your crash logs and you look to be on Nvidia driver 359.46 which was released around November 2015. Updated drivers can be found here. Let's give those a try!
  • @caele0512 & @DarkJedi
    Can i get both of ya'll to post a DxDiag report?
  • @bOrbOt
    Can you uninstall EVGA Precision X?

    Let's try these drivers.