The application has encountered an unexpected error.

  • Poubelle/Amran

    I looked over your crash logs and it appears you both are crashing due to the bug I mentioned earlier. You'll want to make sure to reinstall on your C:\ drive while we work on the bug. Note: you don't need to reinstall your games on C:\, only the application. Uninstall instructions are here.

    If it doesn't work, let's have you try deleting the folders recommended in Eloemaz' post and you should be fine after.
  • Hey thevodkaboy,

    I'm pretty sure I see what's going on with your error code. Your particular version of the unexpected error started showing up shortly after Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. First up, let's make sure you get your graphics drivers up to date again to the latest version. Make sure to use the clean install option if it's available.

    Once that's done, try disabling the Windows In Game DVR program. This was enabled on machines with the latest windows update, and causes the majority of your type of issue.

    1. Search for Xbox using Windows search.
    2. Open the Xbox app and sign in using your Windows account. You'll need to create an account if you don't have one.
    3. Open the Settings menu by clicking the cog wheel icon on the left.
    4. Select the Game DVR tab at the top and make sure it is turned Off.
  • Hey all,

    I do see that is a lot of the error logs that the video card drivers and/or Windows is out of date. Both of these need to be up to date for Diablo III to work properly. To be on the safe side make sure Windows and the drivers in the computer are up to date.

    If this crashing still happens see if running Diablo III in 32-bit mode helps.
  • Star Since you have been seeing this error for a while I recommend contacting customer support as they can provide a more direct technical support options for you.

    ChamboSlice and BaroqWorks The error logs do show that the driver for your video cards are pretty old. Old drivers can cause crashes. Please make sure to update the driver.
  • ToborDas With running a APU in the computer it may best to run Diablo III in 32-bit also as this will be less resource intensive. Before you try 32-bit mode make sure the latest drivers for the AMD APU are installed.

    steel All the error reports I am seeing from these crashes do show that the driver for the Nvidia video card are old. The types of crashes that are showing in the error logs we have seen normally caused by old video card drivers. Double check to make sure that the drivers for the video card are up to date with the latest drivers. If installed, you can us Geforce Experience to update the drivers. Also, you may need to go to either the manufacture of the computer's website or to Nvidia's website to get the latest driver.

    Hymenoptra Thank you for letting is know what you did to fix this.
  • luriahk The error log is showing Razer Chroma showing up a bunch in it. Make sure all the Razer software is up to date. Then see if disabling the Razer software stops the crashes.
  • mathorT16k

    I can't tell for sure what's going on here based on your crash logs, but it looks like there may be too much going on on your computer at once. Can you try disabling everything but the game while playing and see if it gets any better?


    All three of you have very old graphics drivers. A lot of the new textures and effects will have problems when you're running on out of date drivers. Can you try updating those and see if it helps, then disable all unnecessary background applications if that fails?
  • EpicMousey

    All of you appear to have out of date graphics drivers. This is the most common cause of this error message. If you get those drivers up to date it will probably fix the issues.


    You have some Razer software enabled like the Chroma SDK/Synapse. As DTown mentioned earlier, Razer applications can cause this sort of crash. Try disabling or temporarily uninstalling Razer Software and see if things improve.


    I don't see much in your crash report except an issue with some .dll files related to the game - it may be damaged. Can you try repairing and reinstalling the game if that fails?

    If it doesn't work, let's have you start your own thread with a DxDiag. You can create the using these instructions. Once you have that made, open the file. You'll need to copy and paste the contents of the Text document into the post using the "Code" button (</>). This will give us some more information which we can use to dig deeper into your case.
  • @serenity2468
    Looking over your crash logs we're seeing these lines:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<0FA20000 00026000 "ltc_help32-119906.dll"
    DBG-MODULE<5B0E0000 001e2000 "ltc_game32-119906.dll"
    DBG-MODULE<6DDA0000 00062000 "ltc_fpsi32-119906.dll"</code>
    Those are going to be part of Raptr and so we'd want to look into uninstalling that to start out.

    Going over your crash logs it looks like we're on Nvidia driver version 359.40 which was released around March 2016. We'll want to try the updated drivers here.
  • @CptMorgan
    Would you be able to try running the game on the 32 bit client to see if we have issues with both clients?

    You look to be launching the game with Diablo III.exe which is the 32 bit client which also rungs the game on DirectX 9. Normally the game would run with Diablo III64.exe which is the 64 bit client and runs on DirectX 11. Are you sure the cause of your crash was the Blizzard app and not the change in the Graphics API\client? I ask as some others here have had luck running the game on the 32 bit client over the 64 bit client.

    It looks like you may have YoloMouse installed. I'd start out by removing that and giving the game a try. Are you currently having issues with both the 32 bit and 64 bit clients?