#EvilReborn Video Collection, Moderation is Not Automated, Moldran's 5 Tips to Farm Legendaries

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    #EvilReborn Video Collection
    PlayStation's campaign for the upcoming release of D3 on consoles is growing stronger. A few days ago we showed you some teasers from Blizzard, now we have the first 3 videos of the #EvilReborn campaign. Enjoy!

    Official Forum Moderation is Not Automated
    A member of the Official Forums decided to test moderators' honesty by posting a topic with a title that suggests it's in a wrong forum. Vaeflare hopped in to assure him everything regarding topic/post management is done manually and always with a look inside.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Absolutely nothing. Just want to see if this thread gets redirected also. Testing to see if its automated or what. Anyways, hows it going today/night peeps? Thunderstorm here, so no gaming for me:/
    I hope your thunderstorm passes quickly so that you can get back to slaying demons in Sanctuary in short order! I'd loan you some of the sunny weather from over here in Irvine, California if I could!

    Forum moderation is not automated. It's generally handled by our Customer Support team, and we'd prefer to keep trading-style threads over yonder in the Trading [Normal] or Trading [Hardcore] forums. As such, if you could make sure that your thread title matches the actual contents of your post, that would be fantastic. :)

    Moldran's 5 Tips to Farm Legendaries
    Moldran's getting more and more active in the last few days and his latest video is very informative for players who are tired of trying their luck at random. He gives us 5 tips to farm legendaries successfully and as efficient as possible.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Wow, they're some good videos, makes Diablo look very dark!

    OMFG why didn't PC get promo stuff like this? That's it I'm quitting Diablo! Torchlight and PoE are much better!
    Bashiok - Blizzard Representative - 08/01/2011 -"So how many skill combinations are there now? Well taking into account 6 active skills, all the rune combinations, and 3 passives we currently expect each class to have roughly 2,285,814,795,264 different build combinations."

    "Hey, I thought you'd like the witty irony of grub-on-glowie violence!"
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    wtf is wrong with the 2nd video! that was way too scary, d3 isnt one bit scary compared to d1&d2...
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    I think the main reason why people think D1 was scary is because most of us were kids back when we first played it.

    These videos are well done nonetheless.

    And lol @Vioche ... take it easy dude.
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    Quote from Jamoose

    I think the main reason why people think D1 was scary is because most of us were kids back when we first played it.

    These videos are well done nonetheless.

    And lol @Vioche ... take it easy dude.

    Go back and play it again. I guarantee you'll see the horror influences, the ambient vibe built into the game at a very basic level. It's like the difference between new XCOM and old X-COM. People love to say "oh, that's just nostalgia glasses", but I'm one of those people who actually still plays these old games (because they're genuinely good) every so often, and no, it's not just nostalgia. There are things they do better. (And of course things the new games do better, too. As you'd expect from millions of dollars.)
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    I think the reason D1 was scary was the music, The four soundtracks: dungeon, catacomb, cave and hell had matched the 4 different themes perfectly well and continuously giving you goosebump feelings. D3 has good music as well but I feel it was isolated from the content you were playing.
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    cool adds.
    I think i liked the first and last the most still xD
    the kid didnt do it for me
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    Tested various builds on Fields of Misery for an hour and no legendaries dropped, lol. 3xMP8, 1xMP10, 1xMP6, 1xMP7. Crypt spawned only once.
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