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    Should Blizzard Announce Features Well in Advance?
    A member of the official forums created a thread explaining that now that he knows what's coming in the next patch he has lost interest in playing, until the changes go live. Below you can read what Vaneras thinks of these kinds of situations. Have you lost incentive as well?

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Hmm... I would think that it would always be better to know what the developers are working on well in advance.

    Don't you think you would be even more upset if we announced nothing and you then discover that you "have been farming 3 months for nothing" after the improvements are implemented out of the blue?

    Blue Posts

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Why Not Remove the Auction House?
    People like different things.
    Very true, and this reason alone is why it is such a challenge to try and cater to everyone ;-)

    Hey van, why don't you tell us all how proud of the game everyone is again, that's always reassuring :)
    Told my milkman the other day that he delivered sour milk. He said he's very proud of his service and thinks it's great.
    Yup, I got burned something fierce right there :-( (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Monster Density May Never be Perfect
    We are hoping to get some monster density changes in patch 1.0.8. Lylirra posted about them here. Our idea is increase the monster density in Act I, II & IV of Inferno difficulty in order to provide a variety of farming options. We believe there will always be an optimal routes for efficiency, but our intention is lessen the gaps that currently exist. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    What Inspired Your Diablo 3 Character Name?

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    From the bravest Barbarian to the most driven Witch Doctor, every hero has a name they answer to. Most names do not come from the nether, however. Many are homages to ancestral homelands, respected warriors of old, or even fond relics of the past.

    But does a name shape a hero or a hero shape a name?

    For this week's community question, we want to ask you: What inspired your Diablo III character name?

    Leave a comment below to let us know, or respond on Facebook or Twitter!

    Curse Weekly Roundup
    The Curse team is back with another Weekly Roundup! This time featuring the BAFTA Awards, Snoop Lion's new video game and SimCity's launch issues. At the end of the video you can also look at some of the most awesome moments from the show so far!

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    I'm completely for devs announcing well in advance =D
    ^ YouTube.Com/IceBleuGaming ! It's a thing! Check it oooout!
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    Depends how far in advance we're talking. Like Arena PVP advance or Paragon Levels advance?
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    There are pros and cons for sharing in advance. It doesn't matter much though as what really matters is how we as the consumers take what's coming.
    sto lavorando
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    The problem is this. When we first received the information for the itemization update, most of us thought this will come maybe to the next patch. Since developers are actually talking about in public. And then what, after everyone got so happy about it and started building hype about this idea, the developers gently refused to talk when and how this will happen. For me personally I thought that after Travis Day posted his idea about the changes in the system, he was the first dude who said not directly, but he kinda mentioned that- "our system which we developed kinda sucked and we will try to fix it". This was the first thing that made me so happy, because Blizzard is not a company that will stand up and say- " Yes we will take the fault". Most of us read about the the huge numbers of copies that were sold, but none of them opened their eyes and saw the real numbers. So, not to get off topic here. I personally like to hear what developers have in mind, but they have to keep their barrier and not throw ideas to people which will come in the so called "future", since this word is very huge. Again, its very good and professional that after that hype over the itemization they said, in patch ... we will incude .... . I think you got the idea.
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    While I love hearing about future changes as early as possible, it can cause me to lose motivation until those changes actually do happen. I always like playing games how they are "intended by the designers to be played". Announced changes basically say "The game is not intended to be played in its current state." May sound harsh, but it's a reason why I'm not playing D3 at the moment. Other reasons would be lack of interesting skill/rune combinations (hello Wizard) and "exciting" items. Let's not forget that the game destroys its own atmosphere at times. (Seriously, D1 and D2 were dead serious; D3 has way too many "humorous" components.) The entire story involving Maghda reminds me of some children's TV show.
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