Patch 1.0.4 Interview with Jay Wilson and Andrew Chambers

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    sorry jay don't cut it for me ...

    reasons being
    100's hours to get ...lame ..
    What happened to deversity and wanting people to play other characters ?????
    Not going to happen anymore ..

    what about the server lag glowing tunes ...lets add to it ...just sad ...

    So now we are stuck playing one tune forever ...
    oh only if we want to advance it..just lame ..

    glad all he can talk about is STUFF ...

    he has no clue about the game in general ..
    not increasing legendaries ...was bad ...
    increasing mob health was bad ...
    increasing spells and not all was bad ...
    just because people were using them does not make them that great ...

    sorry put some hours in the game ..

    and how many people have found full sets ...since the game started ...slim to none ...BAD ...

    how many low lvl sets do people find while leveling ??? none ...BAD ...
    i have 4 60's never found one set at low lvl ...SAD ....

    by not changing the rates =====BAD ....

    and to state the word fun again Lame ...

    only from a man with no clue what so ever ...

    just my thought ..
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    Bad time to get married... I can't play 1.0.4 for at least a week :(
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    Edit: Found a guy with the (perfect?) 330% -

    That is what is wrong with our current MF system, in order to get such high MF look how much the guy has to nerf himself, i mean 8k dps? what act can u do with 8k? Act 1 mostly, even then thats low for act 1. At least with the new system u can have similar MF and farm act 3/4.
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    Why would anyone think the Paragon levels would be account wide?

    Pre-1.0.4: "This game is too short, when you get to 60, there's nothing to do! Just farm gold and buy items until I can get through inferno! What happened to level 99?! That used to take forever and was a real accomplishment!"

    Post-1.0.4: "What the hell this will take forever! I'll never be able to play any characters ever because Blizzard has forced me to level them one at a time to 100!"

    Apologies on behalf of Blizzard for not calling the Paragon System levels 61-160.
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    Jay Wilson is as ignorant and meaningless as he has always been.
    I wouldn't be surprised that we see all the things he has just rejected, coming "soon" in an additional patch.

    The best is the "MF on chests"-part.
    If everybody runs around with 5 stacks nephalem and 100 paragon-levels changing gear would be as ridiculous as these interviews are... or as opening a golden chest and getting a stack of blues....
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    Quote from Wransik

    Quote from st0rmie

    Quote from Tybudd
    I've seen some charts made that show with gear you can't get any higher than 256% pre-NV, but not confirmed by myself. But here is the chart

    Looks like you're missing topaz in the helmet: Radiant Star Topaz would add another 31%, giving 287% for a weapon+shield user, which matches what I always heard was the maximum.

    If anyone actually does have 318%, without NV, without follower (as Wransik claims in post #4), I'd like to see a profile link. there you go, and that's with a crappy gem. No set rings as well which would boost to a total of 330 which is the absolute max before NV and without follower.

    318 MF with only 390 INT and a 496 DPS weapon....what are you farming with all this MF exactly?

    Not trying to be rude, I'm honestly curious. I can see maybe Nightmare farming, maybe Hell farming if you farm the earlier acts perhaps? I really don't know what's capable with that quality gear. That being said, I can't believe Inferno is possible with that setup.
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    the new stuff is good
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