Jay Wilson Video Interview at Gamona

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    its pretty dumb thinking about diablo 4 / diablo mmo if its going to takes ages before diablo 3 comes out.
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    They're already working on the Diablo MMO... I bet 10 dollars.
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    old or new - excellent news MD, nonetheless.

    the reporter had some balls asked all the relevant questions.

    I think following Diablo 3 - the World of Diablo is the way to go - being WoW-anti fan, I think killing Diablo 3 games is more than enough.
    WoD would be awesome as long as different engine is used to WoW as it is simply intollerable - also as lonng as it remains mature game - retaining the graphic horror!

    What's the point
    of having these
    three lines?:confused:
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    Quote from "AcidReign" »
    I smell an MMO on it's way. The Next-Gen MMO is probably World of Diablo.

    thats my hope. Blizzard knows best how to create something to keep you for ages and traditionally MMOs keep you... not to mention what Diablo does ;)
    i wouldnt be too sure just yet, though. Its too early to say.

    Many thanks to Caniroth for the awesome sig!
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