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Diablofans - WWI Card Tyrael Pet Contest

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    For trading, I would like some sort of Auction House implemented to simplify trading. However, I do not want it done the same way WoW does it. Instead, it should check other auctions for the same item you are putting up and give you a reasonable price compared to other sellers. It should also keep a history stored in the servers so that it can also tell you how high the item's price has peaked, how low it has gotten, and where it is now (in terms of price) compared to where it was at other times. Also, unlike WoW, there should be somewhat serious repercussions for removing an item from the Auction House. Also, gold should have more worth in Diablo 3. It should be a valid currency, not so common that players shudder at the idea of trading an item for gold.

    For PvP, I'd like to see some sort of dueling/mutual hostility system implemented. What I mean is that the only way to kill another player is for both players to make each other hostile. This eliminates griefing, and this way, if you lose your gear to another player, it was your choice to challenge them, not their choice to grief you. After all, griefing is only fun for one person: the griefer. Also, players should at least keep some gear when they die, for example, maybe their most valuable items (like RuneScape *shudders* yes, RuneScape). This way, they can at least fight back to their corpse, or can get a head start on new gear, if their gear was taken by another player.
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    um wtf? are they thinking keep diablo away from wow ffs omg #@$%@%#@% sigh
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    Titles which would change hands if the player holding it gets defeated by another player.

    And to avoid the "gank" issue, make it possible to rip the title from your opponent if you beat him/her in a duel / challenge of some sort, in a pit-like area, with spectators around!
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    Personally I wish for more randomness in boss ai fights and what not, Like give them random abilities each time you fight them, Or add a new twist on beating them, Perhaps add traps and other times add platforms you need to be on to avoid something... Also would like to see more 3d cinematics from their artist.. love those things
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    If I was to make one suggestion for Diablo 3, it would be to include more than a story mode for multiplayer. Such as an Onslaught mode or something, where you and your friends prepare for wave after wave monsters progressively getting harder. Or like a bottomless dungeon, getting harder and harder as you go down kind of resembling Diablo 1. To just give you something to do after completing the story, maybe unlockable after beating Hell mode or such.

    In this way, if you want to play a game with your friends you don't have to constantly recreate rooms to farm bosses or the such, as every few levels of the dungeon or every few waves a competant boss would be faced while keeping the game always new and refreshing in a way.
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    I think pvp should stay free-for-all at all times... meaning that any point, someone can join your game... and kill everyone.
    Suuure it wasn't much fun getting ganked... but it was very exhilerating to know that at any moment... someone could turn on you. So you were always on your toes... careful of even ur closest friends.

    I think that the sense of loss wasn't really there... you didn't really loose much.
    Gold was worth nothing in Diablo 2, and for the normal players... dieing wasn't that big of an issue. I think if you get pk'd you should drop atleast one item that the pker can get. Either from your inventory or equipment.

    Sure for the first bit, people will all be pking eachother... but after a while... people will realize that they arn't going to get very far by just killing and being killed constantly.

    Limitations of course must be in place for the item drop. If you are a lower level than the person you killed, the person should drop 2 items. If you are the same level, it is just 1 item. If you are higher level by 1-2, both players roll a dice and the higher number wins, if the pker wins, the pker gets 1 item, if the player wins, the player keeps all his items, however! wins 1 item of the pker (making higher level pker less likely to pk lower levels), if the pker is higher lvl by 3 or more, the pker should loose 1 item to the person dead.

    Obviously numbers can be played around with and what not, but i think this is a really good idea, and allows all the hard-core diablo fans to be happy with the capability of still ganking/and being ganked.
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    I would like to see the mercenaries make a return, only with a little more customization. The obvious improvement over D2 would be making all gear slots available to the merc. Take it a step further though. Allow to player to determine where the stat points are spent for a merc. Also, in D2 the mercs had different abilities, the best example being the Act 2 mercs with their different auras. How about in Diablo 3 the player can choose not to spend those stat points on increasing a mercs stats but instead the strength of their skill. Or even make seperate spendable points that can be put toward one of three skill trees your merc has. You can't choose the particular skills, those are still random, but spending points in a tree opens up new possible skills for the merc to use at random.
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    This is a lore/storyline interface suggestion.

    Throughout Diablo and Diablo II, I always loved hearing the different NPC's talk, and tell me something new. Diablo II improved on this with being able to click NPC's to talk, to hear about new and past quests.

    My suggestion is that in Diablo III, there is some sort of Lore/Storyline interface that could do two things:

    One: As quests are found and completed, or new areas are discovered, (along with possibily just footnotes and different lore wanted by the developers to be added in with no specific place to add it) there could be a screen page by page depicting the story as if it was a book. Now yes I know there is Cain's journal, but something that would be in game, and either from the characters point of view, or just from a complete overview. (I favor the overview of all sides, rather than someone specific) This would be like the storylines in the Diablo II/Warcraft III Manuals, just as the game progresses, and the actual games storyline. That would please a lot of people I believe, as well as press on the story from the developers to the community. Not to mention a place for developers to enter in lore, with no specific place to put it in, without coming up with a pointless NPC or anything to explain it.

    Two: Very simple, be able to listen to all NPC talk at any point, instead of always just running to the NPC, Not for hearing new quests, but just to refer back to what they said. Or for listening sake.
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    My biggest gripe with the Diablo II economy is that the currency had absolutely no value. A few remedies that I would suggest would be to one, make gold less accessible. Second would be to implement a system similar to wow's auction house. This would be helpful for two reasons. One, it would force players to actually place a monetary value on items. And second, it's just plain convenient. I envision the D3 auction house as a screen you can access after you select your character but before you enter a game. (Assuming they keep the D3 interface similar to D2.) You can then access your inventory and place things for sale just like in wow. Finally I think it would be good to give players a way to make money other than high-end loot. I suggest a crafting system. D2 sort of did that with the horadric cube but it wasnt extremely worthwile. I suppose you could could just expand on the horadric cube crafting method. At any rate this would create a market for player made items (obviously) and whatever crafting materials.
    To sum up ... I guess I want an economy similar to wow's while sticking to the Diablo gameplay and story.

    I was never a huge fan of D2 pvp. As you ascended to the upper levels and into nightmare and hell mode your character would start to do ridiculous amounts of damage. This was of course to cope with the ridiculous amounts of health monsters (particularly bosses) had in the latter difficulties. Yet player health in the end was relatively low. (Unless you were a decked out barbarian of course.) So lets balance this out. Make monsters smarter. Don't just pump up their health and damage. Or I suppose you could make player health increase at a greater rate and just increase monster damage accordingly while keeping monster health and player damage the same.
    I feel I should note though that this was just my experience with pvp. It seemed like at a certain point it just came down to who could land the first blow.
    Also how about some team battles? Maybe make certain rooms devoted to team pvp or even a sort of matchmaking system. I would like to see guilds become a part of the game. People did it in D2 any ways, why not make it official? Lets add an actual friends list menu. Make it a bit easier to access.
    One last note. I'm not a game designer. Disreguard any suggestion that would compromise that Diablo gameplay I know and love.

    Well sorry this was so long guys. Thanks for reading. Btw I feel kind of bad that I created this account just to enter the contest. I do check this site all the time I just never bothered to make an account untill now. But now that I have I'll actualy start contributing lol. I promise.
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    Trading/Loot: Very few gray (worthless) items, more gold instead please (including for options to actually spend that money too!). fewer more valueable items, but those that drop should make sense for at least one class. Crafting system sound like a nice idea.

    PVP: I've never really tried out the pvp in D2 (or any other ARPG) so i can't really come up with good suggestions, but i had a blast with pvp in WoW, so if there are any chances for battlegrounds or any kind of objective pvp, that'll be great. Since theres more speed to Diablo those could also involve randomly spawning groups of mobs.
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    I have a few suggestions that would turn Diablo 3 from a good game into a great game.

    1) PvP: Make a ladder system that tracks player kills and deaths and stats and stuff like that (Bnet 2 feature maybe :P?)
    Some sort of guild system is very necessary and rankings should be detailed with stats and the top guild earns a title and some prize or something like that.

    2) If the witch doctor is a remake of the necromancer: STOP!!! STOP RIGHT NOW and bring back the necro. If it's not, that's good. Too much lore behind the class... it would just be so foolish.

    3a) Loot: please go back to the original cut-throat diablo style drop system. If it drops, it's fair game. Simple as that. Don't go through with the one you're doing right now because it's not going to feel like diablo anymore, and a GIGANTIC part of the fanbase will notice that. Random, free-for-all loot is a huge part of the diablo games; always was and always should be.

    3b) Gold: GOLD!!! make it worth something in the third one :P. Be creative. For example... high ranked players on the ladder get discounts on vendor items or repairs.

    4) Items: Make item graphics more reasonable. Don't make those gigantic swords that crop through models and unsightly armors like in WoW. Please!

    That's about it for now, but those are the main things that bugged me about d3 that need changing.
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    i wish there are wow like battlegrounds but with innovation towards more fun less thinking gameplay, something like a huge battles on a small map with 10 seconds respawn time. expl. 20 players vs 20, gates go up and winner is the one who has the most kills and least deaths. (the pic i have in mind is that scene from warcraft3 intro where orcs and humans are marching across the field at one another). just imagine warrior whirlwind there :)

    and the top 5 % could get an legendary class spesific weapon that would be theirs as long as they are top 5 %, when they go down the ledder they lose it to ppl above them, so when u see one of those nolifers, u know u cant kill him :)
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    -Auction house, in addition with actual use of gold. Similar to it's function in WoW.
    -A battlegrounds with objectives such as acquiring bases, nothing similar to arena style fighting.
    -Trading items and weapons, being able to communicate through a trade channel.
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    Original idea, how about skills obtained from PvP?

    It would work like a simple ranking system, you would gain experience from killing enemies, winning duels, completing battlegrounds, and capturing flags or taking capture points in a battle area, then rank up after a certain amount of experience, but there is a twist.

    Alongside the rank ups, each rank up would present a point, a point to be used in a PvP skill system divided into different sections for passive skills, such as a battle glow showing your expertise in PvP combat, a PvP title based on your rank, or an extra chance to do a critical attack.

    This is a short, sweet, and simple idea to keep people interested in PvP for the little visual rewards that get you noticed.

    P.S. Thanks for reading, it took a few edits.
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    I have a few ideas. I didnt read post above so i say now "sorry" if im writing the same ideas...
    And one thing... sorry for my bad english:cool:
    -Make gold more valuable to be worth in trade. It can be done by lowering gold drop rate and adding some high quality items too shop only to buy after hard chain of quests. Also can add some kind of enchants for items purchase only for gold. You can add some funny items like a rocket or mask for gold too ofc.
    -Add "trader rate" to know if trader is trusty or just want to scamm you. Rating someone would be avaible after trade done.
    -Add posibility to "retrade" in around 1h after deal.
    -Add personal blacklist which can be share with other people.
    -Add "Are you sure to trade for: items names"
    -Big realm PvP league.
    -Add posibility to creat own league and creating rated games for them.
    -Rating and stats like kills/deaths in league.
    -Creating own teams rated for 2v2 etc.
    -Searching system for players nearly the same rating for fast games 1v1\2v2 etc.(like in wc3 ladder game).
    -Add some servers with maps bigger than normal and higher people cap with events like capture the flag or kind of sieges on big castles or enorumous free for all arena(like gladiators)
    -Honorable duel system which allow people to have chance of looting defated enemy
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    I have not read through all of the thread postings so I would assume that there is a high likelyhood that this may be either redundant/repetative of things that have been mentioned before, none the less these are my ideas as to the three primary things that should be done to improve diablo 3 over diablo 2 (that I have yet to see discussed or implemented)

    1) An economy that is based on something that all players can acquire through work and not just luck or trade. The SOJ system was terrible for the casual player, as SOJ's were virtually impossible to acquire without hours spent in trading rooms dealing with everyone and anyone who thought that there item was worth this or that or the other.
    2) A chance to fix your character incase a mistake is made. In diablo 2 if you made one poor skill choice you would pay for it throughout the life of that character. I understand that the idea of your decisions having some amount of permanence made the game more attractive in a certain way, but once again we have to take into account the casual player. If you hit 99 with a character then suddenly realize that your skill layout is not optimum for your desired play style then you are basically SOL and have to start a new char.
    3) A host booting option, this would be ideal for many scenarios. Anything from ingame bickering to unwanted PK's running around and causing disruption while you try to complete quests.
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    The key to the past Diablo success has been simplicity of play. My suggestions will be based on simplicity.

    Trade should be able to be done via Battle.Net, but can also be done in an instanced game. trade could be simple, select the character, and you can then view that inventory, drop it onto the person you are trading with, who has essentially done the same thing, that item then appears in that persons inventory. Inventory trade done ingame instance same as WoW. It works, and it is simple.

    Auction House is also a must, most people know how to use these, and the WoW AH is fantastic and easy to use, obviously we won't need such a large one as WoW, but something based off of that would be easy to use, plus help the first time WoW players to easily integrate into Diablo III.

    If anything this is hard to achieve with simplicity in mind. But worth a shot anyway :)

    PvP Option 1
    Firstly, it should 100% be opt in, and the person who is creating the game can disable PvP if they wish. When a character is enabled for PvP, they automatically enter a ladder, this also enables other PvP players to place bounties on each other, for either money reward or item reward. Amount of bounties placed on a player should be configurable. Such as I don't want anymore than 2 bounties placed on me, within a span of 1 week. This should resolve online harrassment.

    When a player is creating a game, they can allow 'bounty' hunting or disallow it, this should stop hijacking of legit co op games. On an enabled PvP game, each player starts on a random part of the map, and must fight their way and track the other PvP players down, this should stop safe haven camping.

    PvP Option 2
    Same as Option 2, except skills are dropped from the monsters, and that determines your makeup, same for gear. You could ensure the same kind of items are dropped, but make sure the skills that drop are relevant for PvP, thus avoiding maintaining PvE and PvP skills for each class. This would make each fight different and unpredictable, therefore increasing victory to skilled players. This also could introduce a handy cap system for those that are struggling. Ensuring bounties that are placed on unskilled players are not taken advantage of.

    PvP Option 3
    This works in conjunction with 1 or 2, but bounties need to be placed for a reason. Allow a Murderouse Campaign, when a murder takes place (such as those that have opted in for PvP, but have no bounty), a Murder board could be created, telling everyone who died, who killed them and when they were killed. Those that are murderers could slowly turn more demonic, while those who collect bounties (justice) could appear more angelic. I know, pretty lose, but hey :)

    PvP Option 4
    PvP can occur when one player chooses to play as their character, and another chooses to be playable Diablo III boss character. Should reduce the need for customising each class for PvP and PvE.

    PvP Option 5
    We don't necessarily have to use our game characters, we could create specific PvP characters with a selection of PvP skills, and those are used in the PvP system. This allows for an easy opt in system, and draws the line between PvP and PvE. Instance Arenas could be created, with weapons and items dropping from players as they are killed. The tutorial for arena play could provide a basic set of items, and games are matched based on gear and your overall ranking ladder. Must play 10 games a week to ensure a ladder ranking. Specialised items could be given to those that maintain certain ranks. If you kill a player above your ladder they will drop a better item and vice versa. This could involve 1v1, 2v2 etc, or even a larger pool of players like a carnage match with the last man standing. Disable any kind of communication between players for this free for all. Each person who dies can drop an item, but you must risk that valuable time in picking the item up, or killing a player. The last man standing is awarded a special item, along with all other items that have not been picked up.

    That sums up my contribution. Some great ideas in here, good read.

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    I- Trading:

    1.1) Trading is an extremely important and significant option in any game. The system should work flawlessly, because we all know players like to complain endlessly. Two players should be able to come close to each other, a list should come down listing interaction options, i.e "Trade", "Chat" or anything of that sort, maybe even only Trade. A window will then pop up, where players can talk. After the deal has been set, the items are traded, for safety, the trade is only closed when the two players trade items, which will in turn prevent scamming. But, what if a player wants two items for one item? That's easy. Say player "X" wants to give player "Y" 1 very good item, and requires 2 items from player "X". We said that each traded item from X to Y should be matched by in item given to X from Y. X would give Y the great item+a useless item of no value, and get said 2 items. Slightly more work to it, but it ensures safety of transaction, and a good well oiled system.

    1.2) Auctions should be held as well, and this is my short explanation as to how they should be held. You get a local vendor in each act's towns. Say "Marduk" as town X's auctioneer. Marduk would have an N amount of items, each worth M amount of gold. The player would approach, view the items, place his bid, and leave. Players visit and do so as well, and at the end of the period (when the auction is finished), the player with the winning bid would get the item. But, how does the player get the item? What if the player doesn't have any inventory space, then how would the item even spawn into his possession? Quite simple, really. Just place a totem in each town, where a player would see "Item Granted" atop of it, visit it, and the item would drop solely for him. The totem stays there, and the item to be collected whenever the player views that insignia, whereas he would see nothing if he didn't win the item. The player should know that he has to see if he got the item or not at time Z, Z being the time when the auction has ended.

    1.3) Survival Mode: Here, a player would be granted absolutely no potions, no orbs should be dropped, put into and arena fighting a vast array of beasts. The amount of beasts killed/amount of time would grant him Survival Tokens. A set amount of tokens would give him the ability to buy specific items from a specific tab in vendor's purchase screen. This would create a more entertaining gameplay, given that this game mode is implemented correctly (And I know it will, if created).

    Trader's Rank: To encourage trade, and help create a well shaped, thriving trading community, and to award avid traders that keep this system going forward, I came up with an idea called "Trader's Rank". As much as a player trades, he moves up ranks, i.e "Merchant-Master Merchant-Diabolical Salesperson" or whatever, I'm not so creative in putting forth names. Anyway, this would be fun to implement, and help trading, which we all want.

    1.5) Now, this might take moderator time on servers, but I th ink it's worth it. Each player should have a Trader's Sheet, where users would rate the player/comment on him. This can help other players know who they are dealing with. But you might think "what if the player told his friends to rank him and comment on him all postivly so he can scam other people?" Well, simple solution, a person who is a good trader should have absolutely no bad remarks on his page, so if a person gets scammed, he would put in a bad remark, and that's all other players need. While some players can still get scammed, tons of others are saved. But, "what if players intentionally put in bad remarks?" well, the player getting those remarks can simply report them, and the person who put them there can be questioned on his reason, and if failed to prove his point, the remark would be taken down. I know, it's a lot of work, but I'm just throwing the idea out there.

    II- PvP Options:

    Betting: Players can put forth bets, be it items or gold, and the winner gets it.

    Only our players can be use, i.e we can't create PvP only characters, because that's way too much work.

    PvP Sheet: This comes without question really, displaying how many wins/losses/bets the player has undergone.

    So we got the player's ear in Diablo II. Something similar should be put forth here, because that was fun "I GOT YOUR EAR!". We get the player's toe, nose, whatever, that was fun.

    Pride: For each win, we get pride, for each loss, we lose pride. Pride increases Mana/Fury/Stamina, whatever, Life, and Damage dealt solely in PvP events, this way, you know that a player who keeps on winning will only get stronger, not remain the same. After all, experience strengthens you.

    Areas of Dueling: Well, the idea os a specific arena or stadium were PvP is held is a horrible idea, in my opinion. I say, create a landscape, a really big landscape, where PvP is allowed. What I mean by that is, when players roam in said landscape, they can engage in PvP. Players on that landscape can create a game, and PvP is done there, nowhere else. If that's too much of a hassle, simply return the Diablo II system, nothing wrong with that in my opinion. That system needs some major tweaks though, but the basic concept is present.

    Ranking System: Similar to the one I suggest in trading, a player would get ranks based on his PvP triumphs. The title would be displayed next to his name when entering PvP.

    PvP modes should be put forth, i.e capture the flag, or whatever. That adds a nice twist to the mode.

    That's all, I'm probably forgetting some stuff, but I gave it my fair shot.

    PS: I apologize if some of my ideas are similar to any of the others', I haven't read any of the replies, so it's 100% by chance.
    PPS: I also apologize if some of what I suggested has been implemented in WoW or any other game, that again is 100% unintentional, since I've never played WoW, dn't know msot stuff about it, and honestly do not know about anyting in any other game today.


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    You blizzard lap-dogs, allow me to laugh :D
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    Trading System
    - Auction house accessible at any repair vendor. This would reduce downtime spent in town selling\repairing\etc.
    - Mail system also accessible at any repair vendor.
    - Include random mailboxes, couriers, and vendors in the wilderness, but not in dungeons.
    - Allow direct trading with any player in the same town no matter where in the town they are.
    PvP System
    - Include a designated fighting ring in town which takes two players or two teams into an instance to fight.
    - Allow other players to enter the instance as observers only.
    - The old hostile system was fine, however there should be something put into place that keeps other players from killing someone who has just zoned into an area. Perhaps a 30 second immunity to other players.
    - Include a global bounty system on wanted posters in town. Allow players to track bounties.
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