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    * Notes are fan-created by Varox (Varox#2933), Astion @ Diablofans.com.
    * Changes I would like to see to Diablo 3, simply because I love playing this game, and hopefully for long time to come!


    You should probably put this at the beginning of the post ;)

    I actually scrolled all the way down after reading the first few points and had to check if there was a disclaimer whether or not this was all fictional.

    I did this, too. I found this post a bit misleading at first. All I kept thinking is, "where did they get this info from?" Admittedly, I was transfixed by the Paragon perks part...but yeah, this should be clearer that it's opinion and not actual leaked/datamined info, ya know? :-)
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    Dear God,
    Please can I have my 5 mins of wasted time back ?

    Thanks, Sigma.

    Add to the start that this is fiction ffs.
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    I know this is fake but even considering the Mystic in a paid expansion is insulting. She should have been added to the game at launch just like Arenas and all the other content that got cut.
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    this is awesome, blizzard take notes!!! PS you should get into game designing.
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    Agreed, Maka. Although I think I've said that a few too many times in the recent weeks.

    I've been thinking about "itemization" a bit myself recently and I began to realize that D2 items simply had more flexibility because there weren't really a ton of damage-increasing affixes. You basically had attack speed, +skills, and a few other affixes which were not very prevalent. This ultimately led directly to things like faster hit recovery and cannot be frozen becoming popular stats (most people I knew wanted 40% FHR).

    The system in D3 allows for 6 affixes on the best rares. But how many of those affixes have to roll into primary, IAS, crit, critdmg, or sockets for it to be a viable piece? After a long retrospective I think we have TOO MUCH offensive variety of stats. Movement speed is far too good of a stat to the point that I'd draw some comparisons between movement speed and Teleport in D2 (where Enigma was so good for the 6 classes who didn't get Teleport).

    This reminds me a LOT of the consolidation and ultimate removal of the original talent trees in WoW. "Pick 5 of these 11 choices" is not a valid choice when 7 of those 11 choices are absolutely mandatory for better DPS. That's exactly how D3 items are right now - you have 6 possible "choices" for each rare... but 3, 4, and sometimes 5, of those choices have already been made for you.

    What we need is fewer of those pre-made choices and more of the other stuff. I like having resist all on my gear. I like having vitality on my gear. I'm a WD and I like my pets and their survivability only helps me stand still and faceroll more. But if you add vitality and resist all onto the pieces that I've been talking about you're looking at rolling some exceptionally-rare items.

    Conceptually, we're looking at the fact that items don't have enough "room" to include all the offensive things we know we want, but also the other, more-survivability-oriented things we know we'd like to have. Just look at Reflects Damage as a symptom. Reflects Damage only is an issue because our offense has scaled up so quickly compared to our defense. If they scaled up at roughly the same rate it wouldn't be nearly as big of a deal. But most of our defenses right now are the same as they were 6 months ago... but our offensive capabilities are double, triple, quadrouple, hell in some cases possibly 10x, what they were 6 months ago.

    Pair that with the very hard task of creating a system with varied and multiple affixes and balancing that.

    PoE supposedly has tons of variety in affixes, but when you look at the high-end stuff some of the streamers are showing, you can see it suffers exactly from the same symptoms as D3 - 4 or 5 always useful stats, and the rest kinda "meh".

    In the end, it's quite hard to make "support" type affixes (like life-regen, pickup radius, etc.) be as useful as the "core stats" needed to get by content (which will ALWAYS be a number/gear check in the RPG genre).

    I do agree D3 falls waaaay flat in terms of interesting Legendaries and affixes overall. There's absolutely no reason why we can't have a Legendary that gives "+35% damage bonus when below 30% life" or one that "teleports you randomly when surrounded by more than 6 enemies". The legendaries path was a beginning, but it's a shame they haven't touched that in so long. And PoE has plenty of those crazy effects (not sure how useful they are yet, but at least they're there).

    D3's itemization system should have blown our minds out of the water with complexity and deep choices (specially since a lot of us were expecting good crafting AND the Mystic to help with that). I can't help but feel very disappointed with it as well.
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    D3's itemization system should have blown our minds out of the water with complexity and deep choices (specially since a lot of us were expecting good crafting AND the Mystic to help with that). I can't help but feel very disappointed with it as well.

    After thinking for a long time about why I don't usually feel like playing the game, I've come to the conclusion that it's mainly two things:

    #1 - what you describe above. The items just don't excite me, therefore I don't feel compelled to find them, therefore I don't feel compelled to play the game. The 'action' part of the game is fine, but I'm not a fan of action games without a very deep loot metagame (I don't like God of War, for example; I also don't like FPS's very much, but I LOVED Borderlands), so the idea of killing demons for no reward isn't very appealing to me.

    #2 - the lack of true character progression (as opposed to loot/gear progression). I admit it, I'm a sucker for unlocking and enhancing my own abilities. I want my (for example) Fireball to do more 'stuff' at higher levels, not (just) because I have better gear, but (mostly) because I invested in it, usually in the form of 'points' (but it doesn't have to be; Blizz's scrapped rune system excited me very much). I also love to make other characters of the same class, so I can finally use that special piece of gear that really defines a build. Who's gonna make a 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th Barbarian in D3? I really don't like this MMO mentality of playing 1 or 2 characters for hundreds or thousands of hours.
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    I love your idea of Paragon perks and the thought of raising the cap all the way to 999. I assume the expansion will include expansion of the paragon system but I figured oh probably to 200. 999 is a great end place and a perk system would be awesome. I think they should probably space out perks every 15 levels or so. And have a special one at 666.

    As far as a city hub though - do not like. As much fun as multiplayer can be I prefer solo play. I don't want people lagging me while in a "main city hub". And I don't need emote spam etc. This isn't an MMO where you show off your cool mounts and titles. I would however like the idea of a city hub that you can use for all acts.

    I'm predicting the following features:

    Raised level cap
    New Follower
    New crafter (possibly the return of the mystic)
    Expansion of the paragon system (increased level cap and perks)
    Some type of skill tree with means of character progression. People like trees. So this is going in.
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    Some type of skill tree with means of character progression. People like trees. So this is going in.

    - Excuse me for necro'n, but seeminly someone posted my thread on battle.net and got some blue attention. So I thought we could get back into a discussion! -

    The alpha version of Diablo3 had skill trees. However, they decided it would end up with cookie cutter builds, and skill with just 1 skill point to get to the next tier.
    We've seen this development in WoW as well. In my opinion, the current system for both D3 and WoW is awesome but needs improving. I don't know how though, could use some ideas here!
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