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    Outdated Thread
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    Nice ;)

    I've tried Throw Barb and Wave of Light Monk (with 2 handed, plenty of spirit-regen/sec and lifesteal) as far as crazy builds go. Looking forward to that Monk (wanna find out how Tempest Rush is against Inferno elites).

    Edit: btw, do you think you can post your stats for those builds? Yeah, I'm sure there will be the average troll bashing on how you should have "x" or that "y" is useless for you, but just ignore them, I wanna know what makes those whacky builds work (even if it's just in Act 1).
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    Like your idea to try out crazy builds! I'll do my best to watch when I can. I have tried the weapon throw build. Works like a charm in act 2. Loads of fun! I have even progressed through to most of act 3 with it. I just need a better weapon my 660 dps weapon is a bit like throwing damp tissues at mobs in act 3!
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    Excellent. I've been looking for stuff like this for a while now, my only real enjoyment in this game atm is trying weird / unconventional builds while constantly switching between all 5 classes.

    My latest builds have been Rain of Toads tanking and a ton of odd combinations centered around acid cloud (kiss of death) and locust swarm on my Witch doctor.

    I keep saying this, but I really think more people would enjoy the game if they took the time to level up all 5 classes and gear em in low budget gear to try out all the different skills and most importantly try making them all work! :P

    Good work man, keep going!
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    Checked out his stream (with the meele tank Wizard) and I gotta say the quality of the stream is pretty good, the build is fun to watch in action, and the streamer is a really cool guy that actually reads the comments and talks to viewers while playing (while still being able to be nice to know-it-all douchebags that ocasially appear).

    Still looking forward to seeing that Tempest Rush Monk in action :P
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    I'd like to see you do a fire Wizard, or a DH that uses all three of the knife throwing skills. (I know the latter is possible at least in act 1 inferno, went through the whole game like that myself). It'd be interesting to see a Wiz who drops meteors from the sky, fire bolts enemies, and drops Mammoth Hydras everywhere while running around with Sparkflint!

    Just a suggestion, lol.
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    I love the multishoot straffing build for DH. Very fun
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    Any plans on streaming that Tempest Rush Monk soon? I'm asking just in case you have a preset order that you play your characters.. or you just play them depending on your mood?

    Anyways, I probably wouldn't be able to see the stream today (even if you were going to play with him), maybe tomorrow..
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    Quote from ProzaicMuze »

    Now doing Tempest Rush Monk (Acts 1/2)

    Watching it, and it's a pretty crazy build... with all the movespeed boost this build has and the combination of Tempest Rush + Sweeping Wind (which refreshes with TR hits) and Conviction dmg aura, it almost feels like a Sprinting/WW Barb at times.

    So much mobility, pretty decent damage (probably not as much as WW Barb though).
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    very interesting indeed! Good work :)
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    I have to hand it to you, this is the only diablo stream I have pulled up that didn't loose my interest immediately. Kudoz for being very amusing and insightful.
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    Very good stream. Great builds and lots of tips!
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    This guy gives some nice tips.
    Including how to see what items you have sold.
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    The in-depth detail prozaic provides on his stream is amazing, defs worth watching
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    Missed the last giveaway, but the AH tips were beyond awesome!

    Bump for glory.
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    Looking forward to seeing that Combination Strike Monk again. The damage output is so high it's almost scary.

    For those who didn't watch it, CS alone is a 24% bonus dmg, Foresight is another 18%, Sweeping Wind increases dmg taken by mobs by 10%, and Overawe has 100% uptime, so that's another 24% extra damage (that some would have trouble keeping with Sweeping Wind/Mystic Ally spam).

    Of course the cost of that is having to drop 2 actives (Mystic Ally/7Sided-Strike and Sweeping Wind for most) and 1 passive, but it still seemed pretty viable in Act 2, and quite versatile.
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    Do you know when you intend to be streaming the combination strike Monk again?
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    Death-Ray Wizard

    There's one crazy idea that's been lingering in the back of my head for quite some time now:
    Arcane Dynamo + Ray of Frost?

    If AD has the effect I think it will, then this would result in the ultimate single-target DPS Wizard. Here's my suggested build to try it out: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UZOXQS!TgX!bZZZYb . The idea is to quickly charge up AD with Electrocute, then Teleport away a safe distance (and create a few mimics for distraction with fracture), bring up Diamond Skin with prism and unleash the death ray. With high enough crit. chance and the "Gain Arcane Power every time you hit a Critical Strike" affix, you should be able to channel RoF and Diamond Skin for ridiculous amounts of time.

    It's important to note that this is a team build, since you need someone to draw attention of elites while you kill them one at a time.
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    Do you plan to discuss how the patch changes will affect these less used builds? I'm curious to see what you think will change with all those skill changes (like Exalted Soul might be really good for that Tempest Rush Monk).
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    Why couldn't you stream on wednesday? Playing too much GW2 :P?

    You've reached a point where you have dozens of characters and builds, so it's really hard to keep up...
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