WW Barb vs TR Monk?

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    Been messing around with a Tempest Rush monk but I can only really plow MP 0 with no effort while 1 shotting everything. I tried MP 2 and it was easy but Tempest Rush could no longer 1 shot everything even with 120k DPS so not as efficient. Would a WW Barb be better and faster at farming? Only reason I went with monk is because sprint only has a 3 second duration that you always have to keep spamming while my movement speed is build into my main attack so it never has to be refreshed. Im lazy so less buttons = better. I mean can a WW barb clear MP 3-4 just as easy as a TR monk doing MP0-1? If so what kind of gear would you need and is it even worth it?
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    well i went from a barb to a tr monk if that helps. tr is much more of a lazy persons spec, easy and enjoyable. in terms of gold spent you will probably get an extra mp level outta barb, but to be honest i havent noticed a difference in the amount of drops. stick with monk if you like lazy and relaxed
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    I tried both and went back to my TR monk. Sure Barb might be able to farm higher MPs but TR is so much faster and I dont see a point in doing anything other than MP0-1 anyways unless key farming or doing ubers. I never noticed better drops doig MP 4-5 compared to 0-1. Hell best drop I got since coming back was leveling through Act 1 Inferno set to MP1 and got a 950 LoH ammy with 60 average damage, 200 dex, 100 vit, 65 resist all and 65% crit damage.
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    ill put it like this, barb gear is alot more expencive than any other gear. especially the high end stuff, but a barb gets more bang for his buck.
    meaning that a barb can do alot more with less gear. and as far as ive seen, there is nothing in the game that can compete with ww barbs atm. they are just to fast and to efficient
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    when i restarted post 1.0.5, my 3m budget ww barb with 50k dps cruising mp2, white trash melts in few seconds, just extra health elites and packs takes too long for my liking (other elites is fine even with 2-3 group together). imagine if it has 100k+dps
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    I have a 245k buffed WW barb and trust me it's fast on mp 1-5 smashes everything! I only use the 3% life steal passive with that much dps after mp5 I'd change to 6% life leech to stay in tact when taking down ref mobs... I normally stick to mp3 though but it's so smooth and I get plenty of legendarys! Average 12 legs a day for me. :) never played monk just showing you what a high dps barb is capable of :)
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