Keywarden Quick Reference, Fast Gem Leveling Guide

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Keywarden Quick Reference

SparxxUI has posted an updated version of his Keywarden Quick Reference visual guide, allowing you to quickly check which monster/boss drops which material, where and how often! Very handy for those farming materials for Hellfire Amulets.


Fast Gem Leveling Guide

Are you using the Caldesann's Despair recipe to augment your items? If yes, then you might wonder what is the optimal way of upgrading those Gems.


Philosophios latest video shares a handy method and quite a few interesting tips for this end-game activity, provided you have the gear to clear the higher GR levels. Check it out!


Overwatch Beta Returns Today!

After being down for almost two months, the Overwatch Beta is returning! Our friends at OverPwn have compiled a rundown of all the awesome stuff you'll want to know for when the beta returns later today. Check it out here or click on the banner below to head on over to OverPwn.




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