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Top 100 Class Representation on S5

Monstrous has put together a top 100 class representation for each size of party on Season 5 so far. Crusaders are quite popular at solo play, but for parties the distribution seems quite balanced. See more below!


Season 5 worldwide top 100 class representation so far. #Diablo


Support DH Guide

wudijo has published a guide for a support DH build, capable of doing speed runs and pushing higher GRs! Really neat concept and gameplay.



Here's my guide for the support DH, aimed at assuming the role of the support WD in the current 4man meta (ET Wizard + 3x Support). After my initial Tier 98 clear on nonseason from a couple days ago I have optimized the build a little bit further and tested out different options and this is the final result which I think will work best for most purposes.


From the testing so far it seems both options are about even for both speedruns and pushing, meaning this build is viable up to and beyond Tier 100, with some advantages and disadvantages on both sides. For the most part, DH provides slightly less damage buffs but makes up for it with better consistency on bad RGs (globespawn) and much better pulling due to the high mobility.


DH also has the big advantage of creating less lag than the WD (because we don't use DoT effects), so you can play 4man with a DH at prime time with much less trouble (obviously it doesn't completely fix the issue), and even use Pain Enhancer on the Wizard when playing during hours of low server load.





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