Parental Control Changes, Feedback on Density is Needed, MannerCookie's Torment 6 Freeze Barb Parental Control Changes

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)

Hello folks, 

We will soon be sending out an email to those accounts that have Parent Controls enabled. This email will be received by both the Parent as well as the "child's" account. 

We wanted to let everyone know this was coming and, considering how many phishing emails are out there, that it is indeed from us. 

Obviously it is entirely possible that someone may use the opportunity to send out a phishing version of this so always be sure to check the source before clicking on anything. Or better yet, manually visit the Account Management page by entering in your browser. 

Below is a sample of the email we will be sending out.
On January 7, 2014 or shortly afterwards, we’re making a change to® Parental Controls: a new default setting will prevent in-game purchases for accounts that have Parental Controls turned on. The account will not be able to:
• Make purchases in the World of Warcraft® in-game Shop
• Make real-money purchases in Hearthstone™: Heroes of Warcraft™
• Make purchases in the Diablo® III real-money auction house (note: the auction house will be permanently closed on March 18, 2014)
We’re making this change to ensure that Parental Controls users will have more control over real-money purchases in Blizzard games. No action is needed to keep this default setting and prevent in-game purchases.
To enable in-game purchases for this account:
1. Log in to and visit the Retrieve Parental Controls page.
2. Enter your Parental Controls email address. 
3. Click the Send Parental Controls Email button.
4. Check your Parental Controls email for a message from Blizzard Entertainment.
5. Click the link under the account user’s name. This will take you to the Parental Controls setup page. 
6. Under the Purchase Settings section, check Allow in-game purchases, and click the Save Settings button.
If you’d like to remove Parental Controls from this account, visit our Adding and Removing Parental Controls support article for detailed instructions.

Blizzard Entertainment

Feedback on Density is Needed

Players have been quite confident that the density on PTR and Closed Beta could see a lot of improvements and it's time to head over to the forums and explain why this is the case. You can of course, also, write in our comment section below!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

While I've certainly seen other discussions on this particular topic (and have made sure all that feedback has been passed on to our developers), I'd like to use this one as a springboard to get some targeted opinions. 

So, highlighting Lyth's questions:
What do you think ? Do you feel there are enough packs to your satisfaction ? Isn't the land desert most of the time ? Aren't packs usually too small ? Like 6 creatures, every now and then. Sometimes eventually some fun with two large packs combined. Sometimes two packs of champions combined. I feel like the packs of champions are well distributed, but not the normal packs of monsters & normal monsters
And adding some of my own:

  • Do you feel that monster density is too high, too low, or at a good place on the PTR right now?
    • For normal monsters?
    • For Champion and Elite packs?
If you answered "too low":
  • Do you feel the density is too low for leveling a new character, playing at max level, or both?
  • Where is the lower density most noticeable for you (in terms of Acts and/or specific zones)?
  • Is there any solution outside strictly raising the density that would make your experience more fun? For example:
    • Making the monsters more difficult or giving them more health
    • Redistributing the current density in a different way
  • Have you adapted your hero's build at all on the PTR as a result of the change to monster density?
    • If so, how?
  • Why do you dislike the lower density?
    • Similarly, why did you like the higher density better?
PS - Great thread! :)
Density is too low for trash mobs pretty much everywhere. I quit playing PTR after a few days because of it.
Would you mind answering my follow up questions? It'll help me better understand why you feel the way you do. (As a supersuper basic analogy to help explain why the extra info is meaningful: "I don't like this red dress" isn't as helpful as "I don't like this red dress because it doesn't fit well and I prefer the color blue.")

Same applies to anyone else who weighs in. Thanks!

MannerCookie's Torment 6 Freeze Barb

MannerCookie has created a Freeze Barb build on the Closed Beta, that is managing to farm very high content in the game without having tremendous amounts of DPS. He does use a few very specific Legendary items though. A nice showcase of the Build-Changing effects!



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