Interviews with the Devs, Full RoS Gamescom Presentation in HD, Official Gameplay Screenshots

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Interviews with the Devs
After 'Reaper of Souls' was announced on Wednesday, the developers gave a bunch of interviews to various medias, YouTubers and streamers. Here is a small part of them, starting with Athene's 4 and a half minute talk with D3's game director Josh Mosqueira and the game's art director Christian Lichtner.

As a long-time gamer and a Blizzard fan, Athene got a few very interesting questions out of the way, making the developers give hints to the possible PVP system.

Check it out and see for yourselves, then let us know what you think and what you could make of Josh' and Christian's answers.

The German site also did a great interview, this time with Brian Kindregan, the lead writer for Diablo III, and the lead designer Kevin Martens.

If you want even more information from the source, you should definitely check's interview as well!

Summarized information of all that you see and all that you may have missed, is coming in DiabloFans' Final Expansion Recap on Sunday!

Full RoS Gamescom Presentation in HD
Instead of just looking at blurry photos from Blizzard's gamescom presentation, you should have a look at this 30-minute HD video of the RoS talk. There are a lot of details that our recap may have missed, so make sure to trust your own eyes.

Official Gameplay Screenshots
A beautiful collection of ingame screenshots was released by Blizzard today. Along with it, the official expansion site got pretty well filled up with info, screenshots, art and videos.


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